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Cameron Alix Mar 2019
You, you are a
******* like the
that takes and takes
Strong energy,
mild energy
Inhales the organically-grown
of all flowers, regardless
Good intentions.
that sure is nice
What humility,
too thoughtfully acted by
But I see it.
You have
not landed.
The world needs your
footprint but
it does not need your self-indulged
Be humble.
Your success is not
marked if
You are not humble.
Keep your tentacles
in your depths and
Poised you seem to be and success is your process but
Humility is my truth.
We float on
neighboring clouds of
public service
that have not the same hue.
Take a step back.
I see you mean
No harm
like a dinosaur with no arms
Good intentions.
Take a step back.
You desire to envelop others yet
You do so
I see it.
Let your brain rest from the throne.
the world does not serve you
It serves nothing
and no one as
We are all lucky.
You say that you’re lucky
For all
to hear
just to endear
And that is the problem
My dear, be poised.
Publicize your life for
Take a step back.
We need your
not fake.
Transform this and
Good intentions.
The world is not yours
You walk on its leaf
and repeated, recycled
Take a step back.
The world is not yours.

Cameron Bell, Copyright © 2019
This poem is conflicted, a mix of both misplaced judgment and overpowering values. Please let me know if you have any feedback! It also sounds powerful when read out loud. Trying to fine-tune my voice.
Kelsey Feb 2019
How can one believe
That there is no other life
In the universe?
Ellis Holden Feb 2019
I shut my bedroom door
now engulfed by the bindings of paper and pen
and I roll my chair to grey desk
stacked high with Dickinson, Bronte's three, and Alvarez
I pull out my writing tools and begin to contemplate
ideas that dare not be discussed in the public of society
Why is it that God must be a man and
What make the human taught ideal of modesty such a binding force
flow through my brain and I breath again
without measure or discernment I am free
in my freedom i think
back to the conversation my mother and I held this morning
A girl had stood in our line of view her hemline resting mid-thigh
My mother had turned to me
"Ellis look at that girl! I can see her ******!" face aghast
I nodded
"It is disgusting that girls these days dress so provocatively!
Thank God I have a modest girl!"
I nodded again
and I thanked God.
     -Modesty Is A Human Construct
Alok K Panda Jan 2019
I see your golden gown,
forming second skin,
enslavement to its master;

I see your bejeweled crown,
displaying majestic sheen,
thousand eyes from your suitors;

But do I see you naked down,
draped only in sunshine,
the modesty of your creator?
Danielle Oct 2018
Modesty diminishing.
Difficulty at the beginning.
Independence, confining
Taking apart stagnation.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
She was the epitome of simplicity,
A key to elegance.
It was her style,
Her signature on what she wore.
Her own style she picked from fashion,
Cause fashion fades quickly,
Style remains forever,
It represents quality.
The colours she wore were those that looked good on her.
She dressed not to be noticed,
But, she dressed to be remembered.
It gave her confidence,
Boosted  her personality.
Promoted modesty, beauty,
And above all elegance.
He who rides his horse
through the mountains of love
while spitting down on those
in the valley of seething hate
should be struck from his horse,
and cast down among them,
for he is no different.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Arlene Corwin Mar 2018
Coming Down To Earth

If you’re famous,
There will always be a someone
Who has never heard or seen a picture
Of the likes of you;
Not seen your picture,
Doesn’t have the least idea
Who, what you are
Or what you stand for.

Doesn’t that scoot little you right down
To terra firma?
Started this in two fourteen.
Found it on a teeny hidden-somewhere-scrap.
It’s two eighteen: I feel the same as.
(rhymes with famous – see line 1)
Poet’s freedom once again,’’’
I can’t resist.
Might have been comedienne,
But then,
It’s not my calling.)

It does become one
(rhymes with someone -see line 2)
To come down to planet earth
And stick to anonymity.

Do your job,
Stick to your your day.
Things are working out your way
Without you knowing
What they’re doing.
Let the winds of fate and karma
Make the lack of show your army.

Coming Down To Earth 3.1.2018 Circling Round Reality; Definitely Didactic: Arlene Corwin
Fame and name are so transient.  A bit of a nothing.
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