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Edward Feb 2021
My neck is feeling better than it has in at least a year .
Love you I am back in Iowa now.
I will try to come back here again tomorrow night.
Edward Feb 2021
Love is a verb, that needs to be shown.

Love is a verb, that needs to be seen also.

Love is a verb, that really needs to be pure.

Love is a verb, that needs to be showered.

Over others for Love is a verb, an action.

Love is a verb, that was already shown us.

Love is a verb,while Christ hung on that cross.

Love is a verb, Christ use action to reveal to us.

Love is a verb, for he died for us then rising back to life again.
  Feb 2021 Edward
Imran Islam
Ah, this spring-
Your sweet scent touches
my little heart
and I wanna hear more
sounds of your feet.
Your shyness
and silent love
make my soul fly.

I dance,
and smile inside me
with your humming song.
Why do you look at me
with your smiling face?
After seeing your lovely eyes
I also draw a dream
on my mind.

Do you chuckle like this?
Or do you love me, miss?
Could you tell me, please!
The shine of your beauty
will make me mad at you;
So, will you talk to me?
Will you walk with me-
rest of your life?
My latest book "Love Falls With Tears" is live on amazon.
  Feb 2021 Edward
ranveer joshua
                                          from                ­                          
                                      ­            us
                                                                ­    the                                                  
       ­                              love
                        ­             cherish.
                     ­                          that
       ­           l
  Feb 2021 Edward
ranveer joshua
damp concrete sidewalks
dewy grass
dim streetlights
dark nights
it's oddly comforting
  Feb 2021 Edward
ranveer joshua
my ego stops me from acknowledging that good music exists outside of indie/rock.
i try too hard to be different
when in reality i'm jammin' out to american top 40
  Feb 2021 Edward
Anitha Panicker
Will you be my Valentine?
Corona😷 asked Corona 🍺
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