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Rachel Gosby Aug 29
How smart you are.
what you're capable of doing.
who's in complete control.
no response is a response.
you were born to stand out.
that taking a risk can change your life.
to see rejection as redirection.
your working for your future.
growth can be uncomfortable.
to fight for you, and what you want.
to learn to be disciplined.
you have a success story to tell.
understanding is silver, and wisdom is gold.
success is a decision.
all glory comes from daring to begin.
your boundaries are important and deserve to be honored.
if opportunity doesn't knock then build a door.

just don't forget
Rachel Gosby Feb 5
Just Remember
The person you've become
The queen and phenomenal woman you are
All the struggles you've won over the years
Not worrying over things you can't change
To raise your words, but not your voice
How strong you are each day
To always put yourself first
That opinions don't define who you are
A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles
It's ok to step out of your comfort zone sometimes
To continue to stand tall like the queen you are
A negative mind will never give you a positive life
To always give God  thanks for what you have
What's been broken, can always be healed
Never regret a day in your life
You have the power to push past your darkest days
Not all storms comes to disrupt your life
You were born to tell a story, so tell it
Some storms comes to clear a path for a breakthrough
It's not the load that weighs you down, it's the way you carry it
Each day will never end as the as the day before
Better days are coming, and the hard times will end
To always smile no matter what comes your way
Live each day different than the day before
Truthing in yourself first will take you a long way in life
The pain, heartaches, and obstacles, was just for a season
To always follow your heart, and to never give up
You have the power to slow down the spread of your life, not others

So remember To keep the focus on your future ahead of you, and not what's been done in the past, Just truth, and remember that better days are coming
Rachel Gosby Feb 2
Stand up
Look him in the eyes
Make him bow down
Don't be afraid to fight back
He can't handle the power of God
Crush all of his plans
Beat him down
Let the sunshine above his head
Lost the battle, but win the war
walk away, and don't look back
The devil can't stand to be mocked
Don't distance yourself from what's yours
Show him who you are, Gods Child
Beat him down
Take back your peace of mind
Show him who's stronger
Make him disappear, so you can be found
The stones his throwing, throw them back
Climb over all struggles Queen
You’re a fighter, so fight back
Beat him down
Use your strength to rebuild what's been broken
Start praying, and releasing the worries
Do something he hates, start praising the lord
Make him cry, make him feel pain
Rest queen, and let God take over
He wants you to regret your choices, don't
Beat him down
You have a purpose, so don’t quiet
When he claps, you clap-back
Take a stand, and realize who got your back
Make a hole so that he can fall in it
Tell him who team you're on
**** him with your confessions

Rachel Gosby Jan 26
You can do it, Queen, stand up
It's important to continue to stand.
It's worth it at the end
The pain will end soon
All the pieces are coming together
Don't cry, wipe your tears away
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Focused on the positivity
The storms are disappearing
Continue to make them moves
Release the negative
It's time to rest your mind
The battles are not yours
One step at a time Queen
Stand up Queen, you can do it
Put your faith in God
The sun is rising
Hold on, don’t give up
Let go, and step out on faith
Learn and live your life as a Queen that you are  
There's always room for a second chance
Stay strong, end continue to be you
Pray, and let it go
You can do it, Queen, stand
Your future is ahead of you
Hold your head up, don’t let your crown fall
Be a savage not average
It's time to be a beast
Be stronger than your excuses
Act like a lady, but think like a boss
Know your powerful Queen
Don't be a lady, be a legend
Step out on faith
leave a little sparkle wherever you go
stand up, and slay
stand up Queen, you can do to

Stand up Queen, you can do it. Unleash the Dragon and let the world have it. You’re a Phenomenal Queen, so show it, Stand up Queen, you can do too.....
  Dec 2020 Rachel Gosby
Your soul
is a bookmark
just open
to the page
True Love
no matter
our age..
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
Finding my way back to myself
Knowing how to smile once again
Standing my own ground
Learning from my mistakes
Taking back control of what's mines
Not listening for a tick or a tock
Believing in myself once again
Knowing what words to finally  use
Learning to walk again
My reflection becoming clearer
Rejoicing once again
Feeling comfortable in my own skin
Transformation into a better woman
Regaining my voice to speak
Things opening up for me
Standing steel for once in life
Rushing no longer an option
Taking new risks
Grabbing hold to life
Living for tomorrow
Passing throw without regrets
No longer floating away
Opportunities coming my way
The whispers are no longer there
Seeing to believe
Knowing what to do at last
Working harder for new results
Standing on my own
No longer afraid to be happy

I'm finally Pushing Through
Rachel Gosby Dec 2020
Breathing becoming harder
You may not be ready to move on
Someone heart is broken
The weight of life is becoming heavier
Best friends are breaking always
The river is losing water
People are losing their life's
Homelessness is growing every day
Things are becoming more challenging
The time on the clocks are moving fast
Virus is taking over
Everyone is stopping  believing in their elf
No one is taking back control
Negativity is in the air
The devil is very busy
Running away is becoming popular
No one is willing to correct their mistakes
Emergency alert system is going off
Danger is approaching
Motivation is leaving the world
People are crying out for help
No one is facing their fears
Opportunities are being overlooked

Warning watch out and change for the better…
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