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Apple cinnamon, ice cream pie
tasty pastries land on my thighs;

Tell me, which side will you like? crumbling crust out layer
Or cinnamon squeezed with nutmeg apple inner?

Secret sour flavour waves off  ice-cream. Sweet tasty apples,
Hot pie with
Cold ice cream
Fresh and yum yum..

~~@ Magda and family
Many thanks to share with us
A homemade Apple Pie 🥧😋
Enjoy a homemade  Appel Pie with friend and her family
Memories soar, those cheerful moments,
Soon turn to scars, they are all swords.

You experienced the talons of desire,
Who never is brave never comes of age,
Upon a windy breeze, a silk-road distance,
Day dreamers shift to day travellers.

Hey, our ancestors,
Don't we preserve the same genes?
Scars from swords. Wars, wars and wars,
They all soaked into a blood
ancient book.
Hey, our childhood mates,
Haven’t you healed that patch of rotten wound?
The time has sealed its luminous web,
The remnants remain still.

You who stand firm

like a hidden door receding into eternity!

Your feet are bleeding thresholds,
We find comfort in sorrow,

fulfilment in what’s hollow.
Our aimless time travel continues
and we follow.
To dedicate the memories and histories of Uyghur region in China

Don’t throw bouquets at me

Don’t please my folks too much

Don’t laugh at my jokes too much

People will say we’re in love


At the corner leans
His guitar. Six strings covered
A pair of blue eyes.


Taste of Sour, she forced herself
to bleed the sweet instead.
A set of invisible wonders.


Was everything the same?
Was everything there?
The winds came, who is playing?


Melody is an unframed mirror
Together, those were
Our breathes.
Our duet together. A nonstop
orchestrated love song


He holds a torch in her direction,

attempted to pierce through the empty veil

to remembrance of shadows.


Unfiltered, unedited, surreal, raw
and authentic. She is not under human spirits, 

She is whole. She is more than fragmented.


His Guitar moves without fingers

to the thoughts in the dance you bring to it.


Below, flows, winds, unidentified bowl of
Greens, a glimpse of recognition;

The melody they used to keep.


Melody leads to a path that dances with shadows;

the footsteps that burn the heart deep.


Hot red, voice of D. No tune can be
Determined. He sings and plays over her body
Again and again, high and low, tranquil to whispers.


At the top of her body
He was searching,  light yellow
spirals of tunings.


Crystals, candles, prayer
Cat meditates a burst of screaming
Decomposing secret of notes.


Painting, poetry, science, the occult,
Philosophy, and psychology
melody our hearts sing


Heard only by our ears

none other knows the tune


He felt the need to discover himself  in the crystal mirror
it lights to guitar and that split mirror in two;
Melody auditioned by two

Created harmony for one


“People will say We’re In Love”
Her Guitar lightly tuned
Each silent kiss recreates a note

Every sigh completes the lilt
Each embrace plays a chord


Do we know where we came from or where we went?

Is the life we live worth the way its been spent?


Over a giant D, vibrancy of transparency music sheet
a song forevermore.
“People will say We’re In Love”
Her guitar lightly tuned


Together, we are in living, dying
and reincarnation.
Last week Friday, the Queen is facing life without her ‘strength and stay’:
She will carry on
But it will be a lonelier path.
Knock Knock (Yet Not TickTock)
Maybe or Mightily. Where shall we start?

Feeding up with our own ego.
Fearless knight ready for a battle
Stand on your own! Is there a path
lead to solitude? Look down
where those dropped
Stars squeezed echo.
They all reunified at valley bottom.

Fearless knight dawn your Armor
Who will be prepared to a cosplay night
Angel or Devil? Hold on tight
True heart's desires 
Fearless Knight.
Stand your ground.
Due time for battle.
Maybe, Mightily No fearless.
Together, not alone.

#Dedicated to an official from Aung San Suu Kyi's party has died in custody in Myanmar.
The blue cat sits over the moon
beside the vase of gun and fire flaker.
under the wanting desires 
Invisible Dragons Eyes are cruising

Waves come in and out, crash
Switch on and off and then recede again
Is the parasympathetic nervous system activated?

Roar…  Miao...!
The white lion stands in the wind of a deep violet night

Ancient PaPa flies through the clouds 
He cried for his blue cat: No more
crimes. No need for detention
May everyone is happy. No more
thoughts of confusions
Everyone can be comfortable with their own reflection

Roar…  Miao...
Yet it counts, this one  cat
filling our courage of days


One cat at a time.
Dedicate to Aung San Suu Kyi’ who under detention 16 times since 1989.
Also dedicate it to all who has democratic spirits and soul.
Salad and veggies squeezed
in a bow, no space to dance.

Spring blossom whispers
Is it time to skateboard?

Tick tock, French onion soup say cheese
Who is that lady who lives
in her homeless shoes ?
# Chinese Spring Festival # Skateboard sports.
Dance, no stop. The pigment of the ancient,
it past. Frozen in time upon the wall

She left to gaze upon the world
as the clock chimes across the hall

Wings covered in blue dust
An inner golden flakes spread thin within,
shadows portrayed the life held,
A bird lost in forest, as the black hues

Combine with the blues,
bones of a painting poignant yet pure
Will temperatures be preserved in a warming lure?
By | Angel.XJ 22/01/2021
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