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Ring of white rope bound to my soul
A glimpse of a life drowning away
My heart lingering on the edge of no tomorrow
Soaring cliff above all the rushing water

Let me lay this rope down
Unburden this weary soul
Never shrinking from what drags underneath the water
Grasping at unseen air to breath

Just take me down the river,
Don’t  fight the undertow
Just take me down the river
The sadness you don’t want to know
Just take me down the river
Don’t fight the undertow
Let this weary soul flow away now

No use fighting against the current
Sorrow and heartache is not the solution
Let go of the rope and all the pain it holds
Float on and take the hits

Raging rapids drives your rage
The drop off kills you bit by bit
Up to the last big drop
Into the deep, into the deep

Just take me down the river,
Don’t fight the undertow
Just take me down the river
The sadness you don’t want to know
Just take me down the river
Don’t fight the undertow
Let this weary soul flow away now
I want to point something out to everyone out there.
You are all in love or are not
Remember this,
There are lot other people that loves you
Give them a hug, smile, and say I love you
Either if it’s a neighbor, your co worker, family, or a lonely friend
They are in your life for a reason, so cherish them
Love them for who they are and what they bring to your life
St. Valentine is a saint who died for his cause
He was whipped, ******, and beheaded
All in name for love
So today’s a ****** reminder that
Love is about what your heart feels inside.
Be blessed to love other, whoever they are!

Steven B Craig
let’s sit down and have a talk
i want you to know i took a walk
alongside the river

i looked upon the moonlight
reflecting off the lake that night
thinking about this issue

i think it’s time i’m going to say no
to myself and let this go
because i’m so tired

tired of how i’m getting hurt
seeing you being a flirt
what am a man to do

stand by and do nothing?
this feeling i have is so disgusting
i just want to walk away from all this

i cherish the friendship
but i can’t stand the tension
the love that burns in my heart

the pain, i can’t take any more
in this darkness, the love i’m groping for
it’s not going to be there when i fall

this my dear, i bid you adieu
good bye is what i will wish you
and all the love you will find
do you ever get that kind of feeling
where you’re constantly losing
at this fight you’re trying to win

just take a step back and look
at this big picture
you’re not gonna win

it’s more deeper than what you’d think
the way the world works
you’re the underdog and already you can’t win

fight and you’d probably lose
stand up for what you really want
but in the end, you simply won’t win

yeah it’s strange how you see life play out
when you’re on your way out
god will not grant you the win

yeah, it’s beautiful
the way we all lose
it’s the art of losing…..

where’s the win
when there’s only one victor
think about how many ways you can lose

pride in what you want to do
face the defeat with your best face
and accept the song of blues

standing at the bar
fightin’ w/ the bartender
trying to get more *****

the con you pulled
just a little act
all for a ruse

trying to get that love
you truly wanted
but no you had to blow your fuse

yeah, it’s beautiful
the way we all lose
it’s the art of losing…..

Steven B Craig 1/26/2014
Came crashing into this world
Born deem unworthy of being alive
Cursed to be cursed for all the time
No way one can be loved with this over
One's head like a raining cloud

Out in this cruel world full of hate
Walking in search of something
Unreachable to the common man
Like oneself to be hurt

On a journey of unimaginable pain
Dealing with formidable opponents worthy of defeating for honor amongst common men
In search for a treasure that One holds dearly

suicidal thoughts murders the inner soul
Disturbed as it may be, only this can cures what it ails
Love, yes love is what holds One's spirit up
Steady holding off from falling down upon weary knees

On my dying breath, I pray for the one to hear my wish as it escapes my lips
the sound of death rattles my soul amd my world shall fade to black
And Mr Reaper at the door tells me I'm not worthy to enter the world of living dead
Then I'm regurgiated back to reality with a disillusion for what truth lies for one

What is love, and why does it hurt?
What makes it make me feel so lonely?
Red river runs from my veins
Pouring out my heart for one to hear my cry
That kiss I once remembered
Now lost forever
Locked the memories of you away
In a jeweled box full of photographs
Tossed over the board
Into the sea of misery
Dry tears full of sorrow

I'm gonna sail away
Sail on to a new tomorrow
On to the next great adventure
Into the unknown my darling
It's a sad, sad goodbye

It's hard
To undo
my skeleton hands
Letting go from what we once had
Great treasures
The wealth of our memories
I once held upon my broken heart

Sail on.....
Sail on.....
Sail on......*

By Steven B. Craig Oct 2012
blank pages staring back at me
i don’t know what to write down
what i can do is spill my heart out
just for you all to see
what i’m all about
come on, write something now....

By Steven Craig
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