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  Feb 2022 Ovi-Odiete
Valsa George
With a stroke of the brush,
A dab of paint,
A portrait, I drew.
Blew into it the breath of life,
Lo! There it stays my Masterpiece!
  Jul 2021 Ovi-Odiete
Valsa George
It was past midnight
The moon, a sphere of luminosity!
But she saw the frozen grimace of death
And the nocturnal bats in gyrating motion
Meteors of shame and repugnance
Flashed past her darkened sky,
Cockroaches scurried in her brain,
All the nerves taut and about to break
Her heart bleeding in silence
And her body burning, burning

Agony once subsided, surged back
Stronger than ever before

Unable to bear the burden anymore
Finding no water to wash away her guilt,
With no contrition enough to ease
The twinge of her conscience,

She drew out a piece of paper
From her locked up cupboard
That she would never open again

Hastily scribbled something

Without qualms
Without frills

Never waiting for another day
Of impotent remorse,
She set out to a destination unknown
Where Past, Present and Future
Merge and coalesce
The muted whispers of stillness !
This is a sad story..... ! She was beautiful and belonged to a well to do family. But her husband was a drunkard. He used to bring his friends to the house, sit very late and have their drinking spree.
She started an affair with one of them. In a drunken bout, when her husband slept away to glory, she and her friend had a physical relationship with her consent. Somehow later she felt sorry for her action. But under threat, she had to yield again.This began to tell upon her psyche and she fell into self reproach and depression.
One day she left her home and ended her life.

This happened ina place not far from my place.
  Jul 2021 Ovi-Odiete
Valsa George
Against the hazy sky
Mountains, seen grotesque
Frightening monsters, poking out
Here, there and all around
In the glinting darkness
The ravine, like a mythical snake
Gapes its mouth
Mist hovers,
Spider webs hang
As dew spangled veils
The leaves are tears stained
By the Night’s frozen grief

In stealthy steps,
With the jingle of anklets,
The wind comes to shake off the drops
And down they drip one by one
As the grass below shiver
At the sudden shock.
The leaves, rid of the load, flutter-
Faint stir of life!

From a distant habitation
The rooster in sharp notes
Sounds the siren
The East bleeds
As shafts of gold cuts through her breast
Darkness recedes,
Birds begin to chirp.

Slowly, parting curtains
The day emerges
Like a lazy boy
Disinclined to be roused from sleep
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