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Give me some light, my love
In a new morning, in the sunshine
I will put it on
And will sale from door to door-

Give me some free air, my dear
It's been a long time, I couldn't take a breath
As if in the middle of the chest,
I will shake my heart in that free air
And I will say back,
Come, all, to this open door—

Give me some rain, my precious
so that I can hide my crying,
The house is tied to any passion
Today it is broken.
So I will try again this monsoon
Again in the old tune-

Give me some relief, my beloved
I could not sleep for a long time, because of the pain of loss
Passed the sleepless dew, for long long,
If you get it, mixing the autumn clouds,
With the starry sky
Will go to sleep
To see memorable dreams.
Seeing the light of the elf-fire
Did not lit in my house
the evening lamp,
Although it burns dimly,
Darkness does not cut it.

With great hope,
I thought it would be like this
Life without a light..

I think hopelessly
Where did it go?
floating in the boat of oblivion
flowing forever
till the eternity.
Child, opens her eyes
Looks around smooth earth,
Abounding with many rivers and fruits,
Full of grain and greenaries
It is self sufficient.

Someone said in a desperate voice
O mother of the world,
Will you remain so pure?
Oh my planet.

Looking around the world, sighing
Says, oh my dear
I am helpless because of you
As, erosion is taking place at the source.
And in the playhouse of the stone-hewn palace
Blocked without being restrained,
I will go back to the hut thatched with tree-leaves of that village
Where the sweet air flows pure.

In the colored lights of the play house, sometimes
I can't recognize myself anymore
Oh the Mother earth, why hesitate, open it
Open the chained door of my heart.

Give me back, that forest
Where lie my childish days,
I want to shout and say, I am forever happy
My footsteps are there.

I don't need the lion door
I don't need this vain fame,
Being on the dewy grass
Lying down, looking at the blueness of the sky,
And will sing, day and night in the joy of life.
Yet, there could be
another path, or
another time, or
another life-

Like a butterfly,
evolved from an ugly cocoon,
retrospective to the mother nature-

Life, as it would be,
as it would be...
The whole world stopped suddenly.
In some unknown fear-
The hullabaloo has stopped,
Movement has stopped
Exuberance has stopped.

or of it’s own accord,
In a familiar yet unfamiliar world
Limited stroll -
Towards the wearied sky
Back to casual looking.

Where are you, family?
Because the mind is very uncluttered,
A little conversation with relatives,
Or a bit of looking, whether it floats in the ether.
Even if only for a moment
All activities have stopped.

All will begin again,
The commotion will begin again,
Movement will begin again.
Exuberance will begin again.
But what does it indicate,
Is this the end of the beginning?
Or the beginning of the end?
Written during the Covid19 pandemic.
Showed the index finger that day,
The one-
For which the country became independent.

He said, to the
Seven and a half crores Bengalis
To take arms:

Said more,
To liberate the country with all the capabilities.

That call was
Sublime, Lucid, Melodious-
And that was this country’s
The epic of Independence.

Let it fill the hearts of all Bengalis
With words of wisdom,
Remain in the form of radiance
By becoming witness of the eternity.
Dedicated to the Father of the Nation of Bangladesh.
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