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Will you glance with silent eyes
No more talking,
There was a lot to say
But, they remained as it is.

The hand holding the sword,
The same hand holding the pen-
Enlightens the consciousness
The silence was broken.

Back in the womb of tomorrow,
On the banks of the river Kunur-
Oh Dukhu Mia came
Freedom of conscience awakens.

There was a dark night,
You were a passenger with us-
By showing light to the unfortunate Bengalis
Pave way the path to humanity.

Being radiant forever
We remain wake up in that fascination-
The scope of the light of knowledge increased
By those narrations of yours.

You came during the storm of Jaistha,
Took farewell in Bhadro-
Twenty-three years of creativity
Brought all the novelty in the planet.
Our beloved poet Kazi Nazrul Islam used to be known by the name, Dukhu Mia; An unknown disease made him deaf; Jaistha and Bhadro are two months of the Greater Bengal.
Leaving the tribe, away from the ally
On the abstract ground
Creating the separation, leaving addiction
In the fence of consciousness.

Hearing irony, taking all the blame
In a three-way pain
Measuring on what scale, in pressed utterance
In the past grief.

Whom to tell, which way to go
Can't find direction
In the lap of darkness, the day fell
Covered in the darkest night.

Tried to liberate, making the statement
But keep on running
Among the appraisal, remain waiting
On the muddy shores of the river.
Half curved moon rose in the sky
Countless stars awoke,
Light spreads the game of darkness
Flowed eternal stream of the Ganges.

A gentle breeze blows in the air
The soul began to swing,
Heart is in the courtyard of some unknown arena
That cannot be forgotten.

Compact touch of southern breeze continued
Inserted within the heart,
Fireflies in the shade of bamboo gardens
Just opened their eyes
Half curved moon smiles in a sigh……
The sky was full of stars
Gentle flowing breeze,
Fireflies glow in the dark
Excited mind and heart.

Hoping for the moon
In what tone do I need to call,
In the sweet fragrance of Cestrum nocturnum
The window is widely open.

The sun lean to the west
The game of light and darkness goes on,
The game of clouds is going on in the sky
Time passes by chasing them.

The day covers within the night
Calls across the border,
Swinging in the thirsty soul
A newer appeal.
Sadness cried back,
Standing in the courtyard of the heart,
Could not understand her indistinct cry,
When consciousness returned, it was too late.

The cart slammed to the side, the last whistle blew.
I was not able to hear that,
So, I remained in the unsurpassed desert,
It seems to be waiting for the eternity.

Have you seen anyone?
The little invincible flower that blossomed!
It was neglected as long as it was in the open.
A beautiful butterfly,
Sometimes sitting on it,
I could not hear what was said between them.

The female swallow, looks in the sky,
By singing says "Some sparkled water!".
No more heartbreak now,
Because I'm stuck
In the priesthood of prolonged memory,
There is a layer of dust in the negligence.
I appeal in the blue of pain
In the water of floating eyes,
Whom will speak from the heart
Everything failed.

When the shackles are broken
I didn't understand before,
Playhouse tied to the shore of the wreck
Looks a big helpless.

The flowers of backyard are falling
There is no one to lift,
Memories evoke all
So can't be forgotten.

Birds are flying in the blue of the sky
Go to any border, known, not-known
The shady tree is covered in darkness
Call by a gesture.
Let us avoid inferiority complex
Purify the mind,
Let be engaged in human service
Let's go the way given by the Creator.

Obstacles as far as from the front and back
Or Beyond,
We can sing like a song of equality
With no exception.

Travel with a dedicated mind
In the realm of life,
Inspire the message of unity
In this momentary earth.

Refrain from creating confusion
Heart remains strong,
Keep up the mentality for human service
Let there be an end to discrimination.
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