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slay Sep 2018
Green tea chillin
Coolin like some villains
Feet on your dash
Hit a dab and we’re trippin
Ridin round bumpin “I pull up with a lemon”
And not cause he. Ain’t livin
But it’s a lowkey type feelin
And I might just catch feelings
Cause I’m in love with myself Nd
U have my image

***** dancing in the mirror
With my jewel toned lover
Wanna please you in the summer
Hot like the Bahamas
Fenty glowin in this heat
Sipping on guava
Don’t get me goin in this heat
Cause imma need a breather

Said lemme hit the ******
Ex flame wildin out
I knew he’d never keep her
Ex flame, cross his heart
I cut that Eddie scissors
Cuz I’m the Queen *****
The big b *****
The big bag wolf got his tail between his knees, *****
Go hard in the paint
Michelangelo his dreams, *****
And my chapel’s pristine
Don’t know who the **** Sistine is

But we’re green tea chillin
It’s a vibe, it’s a feelin
It’s a whole new way of livin
And we always make a killin
Got the summer stacks flowin
Bitty ***** always glowin
All my girls are wing-hoein
Some try to copy what I’m after

Don’t know who you tryna front always talkin louder
I got all my ******* tasting sweet and never sour
Eat it like Chiquita open her up like a flower
When I’m with Nikita we go rounds by the hour
I caresss her in the shower
She’s the smartest ***** I know, her tongue got superpowers
She don’t hit me all that frequent
But she knows that I mean it
When I tell her imma get it she gon feed when I’m eatin
She don’t give a **** if I slide for the weekend
Can I pick you up and take you out this evening?

Next time I see you gimme sugar
It’s proven therapeutic when you’re too nice with it and you look good in it
But better without it, so keep it unbuttoned
Only thing under wraps is our sensual lovin

Wait, did you cop wraps?
nottttr finisheddddd *sampled*
We are magnetic
But you put out fires
While I attract them
Yet somehow
I can never
Being found is not a concern
spirited truth bring wonderous burn
Not asking much in satisfaction
To walkabout break down my load of doubt
Long before it made you blue
I was born in love with you
I was born in love with you
I was magnetized by you
jcl Jan 28
i would look into your blue eyes looking up at me
kiss your lips still wet with wine
pull you near, against me, feel your body
taste your sweat along your neck
smell your scent, arousing, calming, reassuring
the animal inside of you
despite it all
we effortlessly end up
drawn together again
your soul pulling me in
my bones still remembering
how your touch felt
on those velvet nights
you light up my existence
and swim beneath my skin
my blood is yours.
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
They say that there's a mathematical equation that explains everything in life.

But I say that not even physics bears an explanation for...the guidelines of attraction.
Our primal reactions are multiplied by...the highlights of passion.

These laws of love that linger like a lanterns lost illumination...
Like the campfire light on a clear night, leaves coals of culmination.

Sweat beads lead to bare threads and bare bodies.
And oh my, how bare bodies lead to imaginations running wild.

Cold winds inspire warm kisses and close skin.
Sincere actions aren't sins.

Bodies wound in union, formed by light and tightly bound.
Together, these twisted vines penetrate the hardest ground...
Together, harmonic souls produce passionate sounds.
Yet, still somehow, love gets lost more than love gets found.

This equation is numbers off lips that kiss the air.
Body language spoken...Our physical bonds equal eternity and pi squared.
And you know that every moment that we share is nothing short of...molecular love for the masses...
Now held captive by gravity and magnetism...

See, the last full moon marked retrograde...and if the moon affects the tide of the ocean...and our bodies are roughly 75% water...can we assume that this is the only body powerful enough to keep ours apart?

This gravity...
This pull...
It's pulling me let me pull you closer, stop pushing me away!
Hold on tight, dont let these planets drift away into a dark rift of decay.

Let your love lap upon this solid stone like a river riffles smooth sandbars into hills of higher ground.

Because baby, without your water on my beach...
I'm nothing but a desert, dry and deserted.
Love, the drug.
Helena Sep 2018
it's not easy being just friends
when this summer you kissed
me with the passion of the sun
that scorched our backs by the
beach and it's so hard when
you catch my gaze and I can
literally feel the magnetism
between us even when we don't
touch but oh when we do my body
is helpless just like your board
in the ocean sloshing around
in the crashing surf but our
relationship was a bit like a
wave because it came and went
and left nothing behind but it
never really crashed against
the shore it was more just like
the moon slowly pulling the tide
in as the sun goes down in the late
afternoon and I can remember you
asking me if it was waxing or waning
and which constellations I could see
and I never knew the answer but now
I know that I really really do miss you
Aseh Sep 2018
I was never looking into you
I was only pouring an image of myself onto your canvas
Of course I didn’t know
it was me looking into me
this was the mirage of my desire
always in the shape of a question mark
and you
a sweeping mystery
oozing something toeing the peculiar line between *** and titanium (cold, edgy, sharp - trembling
between pain and principle
like blazer and tie
or more like halfway-unbuttoned-shirt-and-slacks on-with-no-tie
(it was like you were making an effort!))

It was ***
but it also wasn’t ***
(I am empty
I am full)

I keep building up and up and up
all these images in my Mind
(which never shuts up)
(a never-ending narrative
She spins and spins and succumbs
only in those rare and passing circumstances)
constructing people like buildings
only the scaffolding is imaginary and when
the architecture folds in on itself
and my beloved figurines come toppling down on me
why do I still get so surprised
so stung
so lonely in that
hollow and distant way
(like your Mind is echoing
in on

My Mind is like quicksand
devouring streams of memory with ease
forever unsatisfied and craving more of the same
sharp edges and all
praying for a satiation in some distant future
She knows will never come

Only here
in this tiny universe
can I spell out anything resembling rationality
from the mess and junk and tangled tendrils of my Mind
Only here
can I extract bits and pieces of thoughts
and try to puzzle them together
until they make sense
until I can separate “Me” from “Reality"

And what doesn’t make sense
what I need to understand
is why I feel so beset
with this heavy magnetism that
overpowers me to the point of
(with little to no room for breathing)
and why it was you
who pushed me into this feeling
and you
who is still pulling me along
far past the threshold of my resistance
and I am done
and it stings
Matt Shaw Jun 2017

that's how i rationalize the heavy whirls i feel in my heart

it feels like little storms of plasma
are playing on its strings

i remember how it felt to be in love

i am in the gray and brown,
in the dust, with the shadows
i am... a failure.

i searched his name on Facebook
wanted deep inside to see
if you were still together

i got my answer, cut the tethers
now i sit in my parents house and remember
how it felt to be in love

and it hurts,
because i don't like how it tastes
the lonely sky hangs like
the ceiling of a warehouse.

i miss the girl's embrace.

the heavy whorls pulsing my internal organs,
it cannot... cannot be the gulps of hell
it has to be the reason
i fell in love with someone else.
Nadia Apr 22
I love you, my sweet, little bug
We lazed this morning, cuddly snug
Hiding from a drizzly day
Warm and giggling as we lay
Hearting art, space and cats
Asking questions, having chats
Watching mag lev trains on screen
Learning magnetism for the keen
A picture couldn’t hold this bliss
Nor any words fully reminisce
The two of us, affectionately enspooned
Love, peace, curiousity, cocooned

NCL April 2019
magnetism, gravity and motion
spells worthy of our devotion
the concrete attraction of electrons
and particle accelerators
these ideas are past their due date
is a phrase (most often)
spoken by no one clever
Ace of Swords Jan 15
The window is frosty from the chilly winter night.
A heater is pushed to its limits in the corner and the room has the feeling of  a sweltering summer morning.
The loud beat of my heart is drowning out all sounds and thoughts.

So soft is your hair that I'm truly feeling for the first time.
Pale and smooth is your skin as we lay together for the first time.

We lay so close your breath enters my nostrils and breathes life into my soul. So close are we that the magnetism I feel with you in the room is now the force of a giant star that sends its rays into the dark eternity.

Ever closer we lean into each other. Each moment spans into another and into another then into another. Time stops and looks at us.

Our lips touch and in that moment you breathe life into my empty soul.
This was the night we first kissed. The beginning of a beautiful love that grows stronger every day.
Jamesb Apr 22
We have seen the might
And the power of a saturn 5 rocket as it
Claws its way skywards
On a plume of noise and flame and fury
And this is the image we conjure when we
Are presented the concept of rocket,
Or flight,
Or heavenward high attainment,

Yet I know one who flies just as high,
Whose glance,
Let alone whose direct look,
Has the power of a thouand thousand suns
And the intense draw
Or magnetism even of a dozen
Deep black holes
In their wells

Yet she is truly petite,
One may almsot say too tiny,
She makes those of us of barn door
Frame feel truly lumpsome and
Gross by comparison,
Yet she whizzes and fizzes and
Percolates and pops,
Her path is as of rainbows

I am sure I felt the touch of
An Angel wing when she passed
Close by and yet
I see also deep naughtiness
Held firm in check,
Perhaps indeed there are horns
Beneath her dark dark hair

But it is those wings
Which explain the rocket
And the petite and the horns in balance with the good
That quicken the heart of all that
Meet her
Leaving us all just a little exhausted
Yet wearing a great
Natalie Jan 15
all was calm
the air was still, undisturbed
but there came your voice
disrupting the peace
your scent, detonating
a mysterious magnetism
drew me closer and closer to you
yet pushed you farther and farther from me
I further fall, deep
like my pain, buried inside this broken soul
to hide the woes and heartache
while your fuse gets shorter
as time burns
impatience seizes your mind
I tried to preserve, and make it last
but the bomb has set off
and there I lay on the shattered floor
trying to revive cold corpses
knowing they're dead
but still, hopelessly
looking for that one person
who I can call "home"
anton Sep 15
talking to withered trees they respond with a wink
a consumerist nightmare we buy more to buy more
in a dimension endlessly attempting to find doors
flying soaring nine spores lifeless gore intertwined through pores
in a mandelbrot sequence and ennui plagues me
talk of girlfriends and boyfriends, idle speech in my make-dreams
i hope the author will erase me, no one could ever trace me
another hymn of the soul composed and automatically written
a man solely composed of a holographic vision
the donut and the hourglass, such a contrasting image
the dielectric as it pertains to the yang of magnetism
another guru rambles in incessant aphorisms
every intimation at wisdom only collapses my system,
makes me feel trapped in prison
this hell is ******* hot and im in lack of a sweater
i look in the mirror and feel shallow how i abandon my brethren
love always leaves and your despair of despair too
an ontological death awaits us all but where to?
a location of nonbeing and im prepared too
dont forget to farewell and make a prayer too
i walk along the golden paved roads of vedic india
just another useless exercise in poetic idiom.
i am nobody, son of nobody, sitting weary and alone
locked on this planet of material stone
trying to return to a mysterious home
from the one to the one, the world a wearisome clone
the demiurgos unfurls hope within an ignorant bliss
it whispers like a ghost and gives you an interested kiss
you, unaware of identity or difference
all matters of importance leave you relatively indifferent
political spectrums, entire civilization crumbles
conformity to poles is a piece of the puzzle
the echoes in the trunk supppressed with the clearest of muffles
i see the north star and then i disappear through a tunnel
slave to this flesh, bugs crawl all over my skin
anxious all the time, i canf eel them deep from within
i can see the snakes and all of the teachers of sin
i depart it all simply from the teachings im in
clouds of tears fill my iris
bound with fear instilled in silence
life is seasonal and winter is coming :)
youll be fed to the wolvse and the pits of the hungry ...
alley of the soul sullen lit by the dim of the lovely
working and clerking with a biologist
the mystery history of life

patterns and information
forming amidst all strife

a double helix magnetism
80 million light years long

deep in the Milky Way
attracting my little song

Nature is indeed a stranger
we welcome but do not know

she hides a Secret Garden
only those she loves she shows

what she does behind closed doors
when she lets her hair hang down

The light from stars illumine
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Hunter Green Mar 10
I don’t think the possibility of the emptiness of unfulfilled passions changes the magnetism that radiates from the same possibility of the joy in their fruition.

Is the confidence foolish,
Is the necessity folly?
But no, all the incantations of my past have yet to ruin me.
And despite all of the pain, it doesn’t ruin the lover’s prophecy.

So take my hand,
Even if it’s just to examine.
So take my eyes,
Even if they’re deceived
So take my heart,
Because I rather have you crush it, then to never see it bend or fold.

But I don’t see your heart the same,
No, I want you to be protected with the utmost security,
To be free of heart ache even if ruining my name.
But I know this doesn’t make sense.
The fullness of your heart would experience pain to find the greatest love beyond our game.
And the fact that I helped you get there,
Well I hope I can find joy through that.
Cause all I feel now is an undeserved shame fueled by you...
A reoccurring theme
Rox Jul 2018
Below the surfaceless
looking above
under the furls of wavering clouds
all you'd see is that untouched stare
an absence of warmth disclosed
elapsing over,
collapsing over

Shallows edges so elusive,
as obscure as a serpents nest
anonymous as the rest,
intrusive like these dated feelings

and yet those eyes like minds wander
wonder as if it's ever been to lie beyond
those gated passages to Edens flowers
a pocket of hours been laid before you,


And the continuance to roam
inside of these channels
left empty and vacuous

so out of depth,
with filtering essence of memory
faltering lights of ambiguity,
letting the pieces drip upwards

you’re alone together with what ties are to be had
you speak as through the pith
of this insecurity,
the plight of this immaturity

a footstep in the waters
spilling from your tongue.

Venture from the beginning
a start to finish
as though time bounded in ripples
your tinted sight lines
undesigned and impalpable
even through strategy

under the palms, your hands,
the happens mind of another kind,
settling not in stones but
in sands
a habitual mess of ingraining
always draining and seeping

never enclosing,
fostered only by a feint solace
in the flooded catacombs of yours.

A participance of midnights moons
in these swimming conversations,
cycled discussions
the rising tides of snake eyes
with one onerous touch
submerging your voice

into a fragmented drowse

burning notes left from pictures
choking out all that swirls
the delirious magnetism of weight that pulls to you
creating an astringent terrain,
as your blood is spilling down

a pipeless drain.

A manifestation of ego's brain bubbling down
under the masque of self-worth and integrity
into a thick mud
painted with entitlement

across a dotted line

the deeds of your fascinations
possessions to another
inclinations unbeknownst to you,
against the black skies
opposing truths of deflection

you find yourself with silkless ink
writing what you think it to be
beyond your skin

and the closer the pen drips
the tighter the bolts become
on the grips over your perception
a darker rainstorm

straining out

Pressure slowly eased
into soothful washing
though cliffs eroded from memory

cresting the hall
that remains beneath

as a little boy
with glassless eyes
and a mouth full
of rose thorns,

Greeting you

To the welcomes of goodbyes,
until the shrill whispers
of the sirens of deception call you

once more

threading over your faces
elapsing the rims of reality,
overgrowing its garden
into a shipwrecked valley

warped by tainted reveries.
Al Oct 2018
Lovers entwined, like venomous snakes poised to strike.  

The fascination draws them in, the magnetism enthralls.  Her blue eyes, his laughter... together they are separate in their dreams of becoming one.

A lost gem he seeks,
she watches as the
flowers bloom.

The brown brogues shine once again, his suit expertly pressed, aftershave's applied... Steven is no longer just a Friday man; his time has arrived.

Old memories are tossed aside as the color of life reappears.

Passion strikes like Cupids arrow.... tomorrow is forgotten, yet their future is crystal clear.
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