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Opposites attract,
the loving dove.
Rules of magnetics,
that apply to love.

The north and the south,
are no different.
Other than their names,
which are irrelevant.

Magnets never fail,
magnets never die.
As will our love,
as will you and I.

I am finally here,
I am here to stay.
I will give you the love you deserve,
always, everyday.

Magnets can't attract,
when they're far apart.
But we're always together,
inside our hearts.

The strength of a magnet,
cannot be compared,
to our love,
for our love is rare.

Magnets never fail,
magnets never die.
As will our love,
as will you and I.

I am finally here,
I am here to stay.
I will give you the love you deserve,
always, everyday.

But unlike our love,
anything can get,
in between the connection,
of a magnet.

Forever and always,
always and forever.
When will we see the end,
never, we will never.

Magnets never fail,
magnets never die.
As will our love,
as will you and I.

I am finally here,
I am here to stay.
I will give you the love you deserve,
always, everyday.

Magnets can't attract,
when they're far apart.
But we're always together,
inside our hearts.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Memphis Mckean Apr 2012
I love to hold magnets in my hands
and feel them pull toward each other.
It is such a force of nature
that I don't really understand,
but without fail
those two magnets will always want to be together.

But what happens when there is a brick in the way
or a room
or even a tiny piece of paper.
When there is space between them
or something blocking their way,
do the magnets forget about each other?

But even if that paper is there
once it is taken away
the magnet doesn't change its desires
or listen to those who tell it not to want
what it wants.
Not like people,
not like me.

Wouldn't it be great if we all were just like magnets?
But maybe we are,
attracted to one magnet,
until another one comes along.
julianna Feb 2018
Like seeing the ghosts of the people I loved
I scan through crowds and avoid their faces
Faces as magnets attract my eyes
My vision is blurry, it's time to go
I stumble through hallways
My head hangs low,
Avoiding those faces as magnets.

The girl with the piercings
The guy with tattoos
That person whose hair is a dark grayish blue

Those people have faces as magnets.
A poem about my anxiety of running into old friends and making new ones.
Nobody Feb 2018
It’s the name of the game.
We're slaves to our secret place.
Even if we discreetly meet,
since we hate being apart.
Safe and sound with you baby,
all I need is your sweet heart.
Our secrets intertwine,
We play and tease and test.
The tension simmers up inside.
We form an explosion of emotions,
as powerful as the windiest storm;
but we only see each others eyes,
lying naked on the floor.
And when I said
“No I love you more”
you melt and slam the door.
Gently kiss my hair,
and nibble on my neck.
Caress me everywhere,
till I softly moan in your mouth;
and it drives you wild,
so you quickly go down.
Kiss my legs, then my thighs.
Now my whole body shakes,
you **** on my every curve.
I pant louder and louder,
then scream “please don’t stop”;
but you want me so bad.
Oh and you are rock hard,
so you slip right inside;
and we make passionate love in the dark
Pauper of Prose Jul 2018
Sometimes I think we’re all mere magnets
Pulling towards this, pulling away from another
Getting closer to your grandmother while fighting with your mother
Moving out to find your identity but shielded online by anonymity
I swear we’re all mere magnets
Tired of running towards our goals but happily running from boredom
Telling others we know so much but then adept to play dumb
Wanting a bigger slice of success yet unwilling to gift the beggar a crumb
Aren’t we all mere magnets?
All relationships looking for some big reward
And pulling away if our emotions become too sore
Yet, what if some weren’t really magnets but pretended to be
Could those outliers find one another and stick for eternity
So my dear, are you a magnet?
Searching Seer- like for unfathomable forms of connection
RAJ NANDY Aug 2018
Dear Friends, having introduced ‘The Enigma of Time in Verse’ in Part One, along with few selected poetic quotes, I now mention what some of the important Philosophers thought about Time down the past centuries. But while doing so, I have tried my best to simplify some of those early concepts for better understanding and appreciation of my readers. If you like it, kindly re-post the poem. Thanks,  – Raj Nandy of New Delhi.

   I commence by quoting Sonnet 60 of Shakespeare about Time,
   Hoping to seek some blessings for this Part Two composition of
“Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
  So do our minutes hasten to their end;
  Each changing place with that which goes before,
  In sequent toil all forwards do contend.
  Nativity, once in the main of light,
  Crawls to maturity, wherewith being crown’d,
  Crooked elipses ’gainst his glory fight,
  And Time that gave doth now his gift confound.
  Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth
  And delves the parallels in beauty’s brow,
  Feeds on the rarities of nature’s truth,
  And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow:
  And yet to times in hope my verse shall stand,
Praising thy worth, despite his cruel hand.”

              PHILOSOPHY OF TIME
Animals are said to live in a continuous present,
Since they have no temporal distinction of past, future,
or the present.
But our consciousness of time, becomes the most
distinguishing feature of mankind.
Though we are mostly obsessed with objective time, -
As the rotation of our Earth separates day from night.
With the swing of the pendulum and the ticking of clocks,
Which regulates our movements, while we try to beat the clock!
But the ancient theologians and philosophers of India and
Who were among the first to ponder about the true nature
of all things,
Had wondered about the subjective nature of time;
Was time linear or cyclic, was time endless or finite?

I begin with Heraclitus, the Pre-Socratic philosopher of 6th Century BC born in Ephesus.
He claimed that everything around us, is in a constant state of change and flux.
You cannot step into the same river twice Heraclitus had claimed,
Since water keeps flowing down the river all the while and never
remains the same.
This flow and change in Nature is a process which is ceaseless.
The only thing which remains permanent is impermanence!
Here is a quote from poet Shelley reflecting the same idea:
“World on world are rolling ever
  From creation to decay
  Like the bubbles on a river
  Sparkling, bursting, borne away.”

Now Heraclitus was refuted by Parmenides, born in the Greek colony of Elea,
On the western coast of Southern Italy, as his contemporary.
Parmenides said that our senses deceive us, since all changes are mere illusory!
True reality was only eternal and unchanging ‘Being’, which was both indivisible and continuous - filling up all space.
Zeno, a pupil of Parmenides, through his famous ‘Paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise’ had shown, that when the tortoise was given a head start,
Swift footed Achilles could never catch up with the tortoise,
Since the space between the two were infinitely divisible, resulting in the impossibility of movement and change in motion!
Now the Greeks were never comfortable with the Concept of Infinity.
They preferred to view the universe as continuous existing ‘Being’.  
However, unlike Heraclitus’ ‘world of change and flux’,
Both Parmenides and Zeno have presented us, with a static unchanging universe!
Thus from the above examples it becomes easy for us to derive,  
How those Ancient Greeks had viewed Time.
Time has been viewed as a forward moving changing entity;
And also as an illusory, continuous and indivisible Being!
To clarify this further I quote Bertrand Russell from his ‘History of Western Philosophy’;
“Creation out of nothing, which was taught in the Old Testament, was an idea wholly foreign to Greek philosophy. When Plato speaks of creation, he imagines a primitive matter, to which God gives form as an artificer.”

For Plato, time was created by the Creator at the same instance when he had fashioned the heavens.
But Plato was more interested to contemplate on things which lay
beyond the sway of time and remained unchangeable and eternal;
Like absolute Truth, absolute Justice, the absolute form of Good and Beauty;
Which were eternal and unchangeable like the ‘Platonic Forms’, and were beyond the realm of Time as true reality.
Plato’s pupil Aristotle was the first Greek philosophers to contemplate on reality inside time, and provide a proper definition as we get to see.
He said, “Time is the number of movement in respect to before and after” - as a part of reality.
To measure time numerically, we must have a ‘before’ and an ‘after’, and also notice the difference objectively.
Therefore, time here becomes the change which we see and experience.
Time takes on a linear motion moving from the past to the present;
And to the unknown future like a moving arrow travelling straight.
Aristotle had developed a four step process to understand everything inside of Time and within human experience:
(a) Observe the world using our senses,
(b) Apply logical rules to these observations,
(c) To go back and consult past authorities, if your logic agrees with their logic,
(d) Then only you can come to a logical conclusion.

No wonder in our modern times, experiments conducted by the LDC or the Large Hadron Collider, located 100m underground near the French-Swiss border,
By going back in time simulates the ‘Big Bang’ conditions, that moment of our universe’s first creation.
The scientists thereby, study the evolution of our universe with time, which  resulted in the  finding of the Higgs Boson !  (On 4thJuly 2012)

NOTES :  All elementary particles interacting with the Higg's Field & obtain Mass, excepting for photons & gluons which do not interact with this field. Mass-less photons can travel at the
speed of light with a mind boggling 186,000 miles per second! Now this LDC is a Particle Accelerator 27 kms long ring-shaped tunnel, made mostly of superconducting magnets, inside which two high-energy particle beams are made to travel close to the speed of light in opposite directions, and the shower of particles resulting from the collision is closely examined, presuming that these similar shower of particles must have been produced at the time of the ‘Big Bang’ some 13.8 million years ago, at the time of Creation! Sound like fiction? Well, Prof. Peter Higgs got the Noble Prize for Physics, for locating the particle called ‘Higgs Boson’ among those shower of particles, on 10th Dec. 2013.



‘Time is a great Teacher, but unfortunately it kills its Pupils!’ – HL Berlioz

“Lost , yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two
   golden hours,
   Each set with sixty diamond minutes.
   No reward is offered, for they are gone forever!” – Horace Mann

Now getting back to our Philosophy of Time, there was Plotinus of the 3rd Century AD,
The founder of the mystical Neo-Platonic School of Philosophy.
He had followed Plato’s basic concept of Time as “the moving image of eternity.”
Mystic Plotinus tried to synthesize both Aristotle and Plato by saying that the entire process of cosmic creation,
Flows out of the ONE  through a series of emanation!
This ONE gave rise to the ‘Divine Mind’ which he called the ‘Realm of Intelligence’ and is an aspect of reality,
When everything is understood in terms of Platonic Forms of Truth, Justice, the Good, and Beauty.
However, the later Christian theologians had interpreted this ONE of Plotinus, -
As the Christian God, the Divine Creator of the Universe.
For God is eternal, in the sense of being timeless, in God there is no before or after, but only a timeless present.

Now this lead St. Augustine, to formulate a very admirable relativistic theory of Time!
St. Augustine, the greatest constructive teacher of the Early Christian Church, had written in Book XI of his ‘Confessions’ during  5th century AD, -
His thoughts about the enigma of Time which had perplexed the Greek philosophers of earlier centuries.
To simplify St. Augustine’s thoughts, I now paraphrase for the sake of clarity.
Time can only be measured while it is passing, yet there is time past, and time future in reality.
To avoid these contradictions he says that past and future can only be thought of as present: ‘past’ must be identified with memory, and ‘future’ with expectation.
Since memory and expectation being both present facts, there is no contradiction.  
“The present of things past is memory, the present of things present is sight; and the present of things future is expectation,” - wrote St. Augustine.

This subjective notion of time led St. Augustine to anticipate Rene Descartes the French philosopher the 17th Century,
Who proclaimed “Cogito, ergo sum” in Latin, meaning “I think, therefore I am”, and is regarded as the Father of Modern Philosophy.

Now cutting a long story short I come to Sir Isaac Newton, well known for his Laws of Motion and Gravity.
Newton speaks of ‘Absolute Time’ which exists independently, flowing at a consistent pace throughout the universe, which can only be understood mathematically.
Newton’s ‘Absolute Time’ had remained as the dominant concept till the  early years of the 20th Century.
When Albert Einstein formulated ‘Theory of Space-time’ along with his Special and General Theory of Relativity.

Now the German philosopher Leibniz during 17th century, had challenged Newton with his anti-realist theory of time.
Leibniz claimed that time was only a convenient intellectual concept, that enables to sequence and compare happening of events.
There must be objects with which time can interact or relate to as ‘Relational Time’ he had felt.
Ernst Mach, like Leibniz towards the end of 19th Century, said that even if it was not obvious what time and space was relative to,
Then they were still relative to the ‘fixed stars’ i.e. the bulk of matter in the universe.

During late 19th century, Robert Kelley introduced the concept of ‘spacious present’, which was the most recent part of the past.
Psychologist and philosopher William James developed this idea further by describing it as ‘’the short duration of which we are immediately and incessantly sensible’’
William James also introduced the term “stream of consciousness” into literature as a method of narration,
That described happenings in the flow of thought in the mind of the characters, - likened to an internal monologue!
This literary technique was later used by James Joyce in his famous novel ‘Ulysses’.

Next I come to one of my favourite philosopher the French born Henri Bergson.
The Nobel Laureate and author of ‘Time and Free Will’ and ‘Creative Evolution’.
Will Durant in his ‘Story of Philosophy’ says Bergson was ‘the David destined to slay the Goliath of materialism.’
It was Bergson’s ‘Elan Vital’ that life force and impelling urge, Which makes us grow and transforms this wandering planet into a theatre of unending creation.
For Bergson, time is as fundamental as space; and it is time that holds the essence of life, and perhaps of all reality.
Time is an accumulation, a growth, a duration, where “duration is the continuous progress of the past which gnaws into the future and which swells as it advances.
The past in its entirety is prolonged into the present and abides there actual and acting.
Duration means that the past endures, that nothing is lost.
Though we think with only a small part of our past; but it is with our entire past that we desire, will, and act.”
“Since time is an accumulation, the future can never be the same as the past, -
For a new accumulation arises at every step, and change is far more radical than we suppose…the geometric predictability of all things, Which is the goal of a mechanistic science, is only a delusion and a dream!”  
Bergson goes on in his compelling lyrical style:            
“For a conscious being, to exist is to change, to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on creating one’s self endlessly. Perhaps all reality is time and duration, becoming and change.”
Bergson differed with Darwin's theory of adaptation to environment, and stated;
“Man is no passively adaptive machine, he is a focus of redirected force, a centre of creative evolution.”

Martin Heidegger, the German thinker in his ‘Being and Time’ of 1927, had said:
“We do not exist within time, but in a very real way we are time!”
Time is inseparable from human experience, since we can allow the past to exist in the present through memory;
And even allow a potential future occurrence to exist in the present due to our human ability to care, and be concerned about things.
Therefore we are not stuck in simple sequential or linear time, but can step out of it almost at will!

In this part I have tried to convey what the Ancient Greek Philosophers had felt about Time in a simplified way.
Also some thoughts of Medieval and Early Modern philosophers and what they had to say.
Where Sir Isaac Newton stands like a colossus with his Concept of Time, Laws of Motion, and Gravity.
Not forgetting Henri Bergson, one of my favourite philosopher, of the mid-19th and the mid-20th Century.
All through my narration I had tried to hold the interest of my readers, and also educated myself as a true knowledge seeker.
In my concluding Part Three I will cover few Modern Philosophers along with the relativistic concept of time.
Certainly not forgetting the space-time theory of our famous Albert Einstein!
Thanks for reading patiently, from Raj Nandy of New Delhi.
Mikaila Aug 2013
If someone ever gets me a box of those little word magnets you can put on your fridge
I'll be gone for hours whenever I go to get a snack.
I love words.
I love the challenge of saying something meaningful
With a jumbled stack of them all scrambled up.
I love words.
Having them there to swirl around and make strings of
Like a child makes popcorn garlands for the Christmas tree
Comforts me
In a way that pulling them from thin air can't.
It marries my two soothing balms- expression and mindless motion.
If I see them in a friend's house or a store,
I disappear for... sometimes hours, to be frank.
My English teacher had them on the board.
I made myself late for the following class every day
Because I couldn't keep my fingers off those words.
Finding purchase, somehow,
It satisfies a wild craving in my heart
That mere thinking and typing just can't satiate.
It's really absurd.
Once I visited my friend,
And I wandered into her kitchen to get sodas for us both
And she found me there an hour later
Sliding little black and white type words
Along her stainless steal freezer compartment.
She said, "What are you doing?"
And I jumped, pulled back from some focused, faraway place,
And guiltily realized the sodas were warm.
I love words.
I love touching the things I love,
Feeling their existence.
I love limits on words,
I love figuring them out,
Because even with the tiniest amount of them
You CAN say what you need to say,
If only you distill the meaning to its essence.
I just... I really
If I ever get my hands on those silly little magnets,
I honestly don't think I'll ever make it past the refrigerator door again.
That's why I don't buy them myself.
Verdant Quo Nov 2018
like water
I poured myself into her until she was overflowing at the brim

like reinforced steel
I bridged my heart to hers and welded myself to her soul

like the sun
I filled myself with light to cover her darkness

like a blanket
I shielded her from the harsh world underneath the covers

like magnets
I orbited her aura until we inevitably collided

like a seed
I felt myself growing up from her

Then, like an idiot
I could tell she felt nothing.
Keloquial Sep 2012
naked were we,
naked in the water, in the moonlight, in our minds.
stuck together, so far apart.
drifting, we are drifting, we are sailing,
human bodies, sails,
floating, reaching, preaching, screeching.
morning souls,
flailing, wailing, ailing.

i wish we were magnets, so id never be lost outside of you
Đaviđ Jan 2020
as you
   brush by me,

we attract-

   pull to one
   like magnets.

our gravitational
has me
as we....


unintentionally/ intentionally
one another.

  and like

once joined

it will
    to pull
K Mae Oct 2014
wary of sharp edges
magnets north to north
        and south to south
              our weariness abides
           long the view through loves lens
               seduced by wisping innuendo
               cunningly untrue
                                         stubbornly we here remain
                                                           the spark to see us through
thelemonpolice Sep 2018
I have to stop placing people higher than me
In how I see how they are
In importance, see
I haven't got it through
my head that everyone
Is just bones and fluids
And thoughts and fun

All these ideas I have
About who I think you were
Are actually untrue
you are just a person

And this anxiety I have
That seems to wash over me
Is only here because deep down I think
You're better than me

There is no better or worse
Everybody just is
There isn't popular or outcast
Unless you start to think

they're just opinions and thoughts
And I just think too much
But I am sick to the core
I'm done giving a ****

I don't care how many likes
You got on Facebook today
I don't care how high your grades are
We both passed, ok!

I don't care who you are friends with
And who they're dating this week
I don't care what you did this summer
if it makes me feel weak

I want to know how you feel
I want to hear your passions
I want to feel your fear
And talk about the old fashioned

Ways that people would talk
And act so elegantly
Without these interactive
Mind magnets
changing our speech

I want to be confused
And vulnerable
I want that to be ok
And acceptable

I want to be myself
And care about other people
Not these manufactured movie screen
making bad sequels

Where's originality
I want passion and art
I want intelligence fuelled by
Love and not darkness

I want to feel ok
I want to talk to you
I want to feel as if I'm involved
And not trapped in a zoo
Tatiana Cody Oct 2011
Strategically I situated myself
So my like end would repel you,
Like magnets, I move when you do.

Whirling about in a silly little waltz,
Every step you take towards me
Leaves no change in our proximity.

Until one day I will let myself go,
Allow our poles to situate themselves out,
Resulting in my North to your South.

There is nothing more that we
Can possibly do
This force something ingrained in me, and in you.

It can't be controlled.
It's a scientific fact.
Just something that happens: Opposites attract.
Lyra Brown Sep 2013
it started with me wanting you
to love me
which lead me to wanting you
to save me
which lead me to wanting you
to leave me
which lead me to wanting you
to touch me
which lead me to wanting you
to use me
which lead me to wanting you
to comfort me
which lead me to wanting you
to stop
loving, saving, leaving, touching, using, comforting
which lead me to wanting you
to never contact me again.

these desires repeated themselves
more times than i can count
and in the end,
i ran in circles knowing full well
you would never kick the habit
of chasing my tail.

we were silly magnets with each other.
there will always be a place for you in my heart
but some things just have to stop,
for good.
kris evans Jun 2014
Poles apart attract each other......
Just like you and me.......
Caitlin May 2014
I love you.
Not like a child loves ice cream,
or like a child loves a new puppy.
I love you like the magnetic pull of opposite ends of magnets.
I love you like that deep seated feeling of satisfaction.
Loving you doesn't feel like some childish whim.
It doesn't feel like the short lived euphoria of enjoying ice cream.
It doesn't feel like the love that fades as the puppy grows up.
It doesn't feel like the unintentional fleeting love that children posses.
Loving you feels like the most natural, basic process my cells can do.
Richelle Leigh Jun 2012
i must tell you of this curse
that's intertwined in every verse
magnets compel, repel, and foretell
it doesn't matter if you are well

you'll always be attracted
***-yd, divided, and subtracted
resisting an instinctual urge
to give your everything, to splurge

call it north, call it south
but the words slip out of your mouth
your heart will be drawn-in
hopeless, head over heels spin

laced, maced, even some space
you can't resist that face
heaven, hell, or whatever you believe
it's stronger than we can possibly conceive

time out... time in!
how did this begin?
a chemical reaction
a little bit of passion
that just rushed in...
Marge Redelicia Dec 2013
I pull open the door
And hunt for food in the dim orange light.
"There's nothing inside"
Well, actually,
There is something:
Months old cream cheeses precariously stacked atop each other,
Several mysterious bottles of brown sauces,
Dried out leafy vegetables,
But nothing
This lazy *** can eat without preparing.

I push close the door,
Leaving my stomach rumbling and empty,
But filling my mind with

Three-fourths of the dull gray door is covered
With colorful ceramic magnets
From my dad’s corporate adventures
To Batangas, Bohol, Bacolod, Davao,
Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau,
Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China,
Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia,
Canada, Greece, and Australia.

I examine each magnet’s contour and shine,
Letting its foreign dust seep into my fingers.
I dream that soon
I will return all those dusts to their lands
And bring home more magnets of my own.
I wrote this when I was in the 9th grade. And she would be really happy now because her dreams are starting to get fulfilled. I've added several cities in the States now to the family collection.
eatmorewords Dec 2012
The surgeons listened to jaunty be
bop while they cut through his cranium.

A metal plate was inserted,
dissecting memories and thoughts,
causing confusion between
his now and then.

He left hospital with a funny taste in his mouth
which he could not name
or shake.

During the period of convalescence
his children tried to cheer him up
by attaching fridge magnets to his head.

a cow, a banana, the Tower of London,
a badge reminding them to Give Blood.

One fridge magnet secured in place a drawing,
reminding him of childhood pictures which were
seventy five percent blue sky
and twenty five percent thick
bands of green grass

and all the family stood outside
where sunflowers were bigger than houses.
Valerie Csorba Dec 2014
You had absolutely no obligation to touch me with those perfect hands of yours
but yet,
as you grasped my sides and pulled me towards you
I couldn't help but feel you wanting me
in the way we have been wanting each other for what could only resemble decades.  

I could feel your breath before it even touched me
because our connection did not just linger in our touch but also within the energy radiating between our bodies.
As we pushed closer and closer to one another,
our bodies began magnetizing in the most romantic way possible.
The push and pull of our souls,
and the frantic,
beating of our hearts
could be heard so loudly in our ears
that we became deaf to the ecstasy being shared against the walls of this empty room
save you and I.
Hold me closer,
touch me more.
Please invite me in again where I was welcomed so many times before,
I can't let this be the last time the friction between you and I
ensured we were not frozen from outside forces one can only call loneliness.
I won't let you be alone again.
Poetic T May 2014
We were like magnets, we had attraction
but when we got close we would always
push each other apart.

We would be so near, but the distance was
no where near. If you had been my south pole
and me your north, I could be with you always
nothing would ever pull us apart.

But we are one and the same,
different but this would always push us apart.

A love that is seen but we can not touch,
I wish were more different,
but we are like the same poles and this
means we will always be apart.
Garrett Glenn Feb 2010
though skys manipulate woman
white winter wind drives ships beneath the gorgeous sun
lazy and smooth spring floods shine partly in luscious gardens
worshiping the Goddess is a dream
black forests spray weak frantic pictures on the moon
less delicate symphony's of whispers scream you and i together
delirious we smear your chocolate hair and honey skin
mad & drunk with love they beat time in a still summer
their music like rainstorms chain life & death in a shadowy eternity
what I want is to swim your void of sweet milk
leave you running atop mist and water sleeping by me
we sing chants by tongue painting a vision of true love
moan this essential language
in our bed sweat away all aching and sadness
cool light soars from blue petal to pink rose
these raw elaborate moments crush & shake most
up boy
go girl
under bare feet power beauty
As the title stats...I crafted this using a collection of fridge magnets over the course of four drunken nights visiting a Navy friend in Virgina Beach, VA with my twin brother.
We are magnetic
But you put out fires
While I attract them
Yet somehow
I can never
Petra De Belen Mar 2014
Minds like magnets, they just attract.

When you run into someone & you look 'em in the eyes, don't hide.
It's better to face the unknown with a right state of mind.
But keep focus of what's in sight.

   Never forget that no-one is perfect.
People will hurt you & some aren't worth it.
But keep a smile on your face & remember skies aren't always gray.
That silver lining will soon fade away.
Tyler Sep 2018
I promised myself never to give in
Never to be the hostage of my emotions
Never to let my knees turn to jelly
Never to lust and never to hope
Never to trust nor elope
But your fingertips are magnets
And every piece of my body that you touch
My skin follows, giving in to your warmth
Begging for more, begging for you
I'm letting you take over and control for me
Feverishly, I watch you handle my life
Piecing things together, tearing some apart
And as if you were magic
I sit back and think:
"I am so glad you have my heart".
Bree Dec 2018
I’m addicted to the feel of cold metal sliding across bare flesh
Addicted to the instant
when nothing marks smooth skin
immediately before
red rivers rapidly rise
painting a once white canvas
with a flood of emotion,
tears on my cheeks,
sobs caught in my throat,
numbness replaced by pain & sadness.
Addicted to the imperfection
of red welts and dotted scabs that follow,
fingers drawn like magnets
to the texture of healing skin,
tracing over and over and over now fading ridges
Amazed that I am strong enough
to heal myself over and over and over.
Convincing myself that I am strong enough.
I find strength in my weakness.
6 months self harm free! Writing about it helps fight the urge
Juliana Longo Mar 2015
skin skidding
lips breathe as one
novels fill with the mystery,
the language
we create
magnets and mirrors,
our hearts race in harmony
in love.
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2016
given the study of benzene, you get the inner electron dynamic, which later expanded into a non-conformity with electron orbits of atoms, benzene gave us the clue as to how electrons behaved, nothing on the atomic scale would ever be given planetary scales of orbiting a nucleus, benzene encapsulating a ring of electrons, gave way to an atomic cloud of electrons, meaning that beside the Higg's Boson, what's more important is not finding the mass-universal, but gravity on an atomic scale, not the sort of Newtonian gravity of Voltaire's anecdote-metaphor... unlike philosophers who with a framework of methodology use a constricted vocabulary, i'm bashing a single word... metaphor... which evolved into benzene, and subsequently into benzene attachments, in the respective ortho- para- and meta- positioning... hence metaphor revised with unfashionable variations of orthophor and paraphor... i don't have the time and space (patience) to invent meanings for these yet-to-exist words, but they're there... i want to understand gravity on an atomic scale, another form of gravity must exist here, not the gravity of apples, trees and autumn harvests for cider... i mean quantum gravity, it must... and this wouldn't be a universal gravity as that of apples falling from trees at g = 9.80665 m/s2, i'm guessing it would have to be cubic, i.e. metres per cubic second... also known as an existential stasis - on the atomic level, where the eyes are futile another form of gravity has to exist, a lot of will have to do with the relativity dip / parabola where time and space create space-time - but as the study of benzene showed in comparison with the atom: electrons do not have orbits, they're like clouds of people and morality, the most famous trick of them all: now you see me... now you don't... the study of benzene taught us that electrons behave in a cloudy formation and not in a Simpsons' logo of a nuclear factory... if i had the money and the equipment i'd be looking for atomic gravity / glue, given the already stated gravity of bigger things... fair enough to Higgs for proposing a constant of mass universal in all things... i want to differentiate the gravity of large things from the gravity of small things... given the proton + essence and the electron - essence, there's still the neutron ÷: the dividing / non-differential equator of debate, where both sparring partners of those favouring + and those favouring - are given dot-revisions as starting platforms, because, after all, magnets do not exist on an atomic scale, and saying that protons are north and electrons are south will not explain very much... in neutral territory we will debate the point of the second form of gravity, without the idea of magnets and the over-simplification of plus and minus on the atomic scale behaving like due opposites; another explanation of gravity must exist on the atomic level, given the ridiculous notion of Copernican north and Copernican south or east or west, i.e. on the atomic scale we're talking spiders in a spider-web and flies caught in it; the notion of Copernican north is funny given the preservation of nautical language.*

for every rational secular noun,
there's an irrational religious metaphor:
a compound noun-verb sort of speak,
a noun that does irrational things
with our minds when the tongue is applied,
(metaphors are complex grammatical
vectors, nouns are simple grammatical
vectors, so to avoid confusion):
for every rational secular noun,
there's an irrational religious metaphor.
Samuel Jul 2011
I was right. All composed of circles, but
Not a bad thing
Relations make life worth living and
Knowledge of them dispels any notion that
It is not

So deeply intertwined the little glimpses
Matter, carry
Explosive realizations in their handbags

It is hot, we are more than
Excited molecules and yet not
Really, excitement is relative
And we enjoy being excited

Heat transforms into a manifestation of
Interrelation awareness

Our world is largely cold and digital
Not to say we need to be

Neutrality is too often stifled by
Polar hands
Derrick Feinman Feb 2015
You are the guy with the unkempt room and a cluttered used car. You have many things in your head, from ideas to plans to the latest book you’ve read. You are a dreamer, and that means that if the girl you date isn’t like you, it’s unlikely to work out.

Don’t date a girl who doesn’t travel. She is the girl who wants to travel in theory, but has never made the time. She is the girl with the medicine cabinet filled with cosmetics, hair products, and perfume, but a passport filled with blank pages. She does her hair in memorized strokes every morning as she has been doing this for years now. She is a creature of habit. She is impressed by wealth, nice cars, and titles, but she knows nothing about the world.

Don’t date a girl who doesn’t travel because she will drive you crazy at how she tries to “tame” you. She will regard your life as chaotic and will not be able to understand your many nuances. She will try to make you feel like you need her. With good intentions, she will cling to you and manipulate your life into becoming like hers. You see, she will look at you and treat you as though you are a lost puppy, and regard herself as the kind-hearted woman that will put you in the right path. She will talk to you about security, and you will wonder at her ignorance.

She won’t go to any of the adventures you planned out, because she thinks they are bereft of value and a waste of time. While you have a plethora of foreign currencies in your wallet, she’ll only desire to go to those “foreign” resorts that accept US Dollar. She will not take chances. Her whole life has been inside her comfort zone. Her childhood revolved around a home-to-school-to-home routine. She might never have been allowed to play outside, or she might never have wanted to. She thinks she is better than you because of her stable, 9 to 5 job, which makes you want to gag because you will never want a life like that.

Don’t date a girl who doesn’t travel. Her world is nothing to envy. Her world where the only people he knows are her co-workers and high school classmates who she drinks with at the clubs on the weekends. In her world, net worth is the metric of success. There is no room for making a difference, changing the world, and working for ideals that are bigger than her. Don’t even try to have a conversation about the environment or social issues, she couldn’t care less. Her adventures are about the argument with the co-worker she hates and the other driver that almost hit her when he failed to give way to her SUV on her commute.

She will want to eat in overrated chain restaurants with you, and will frown at you when you ask to try out that food truck down the street. She will cringe at the thought of eating at food stalls at a busy Southeast Asian market or elote from a street cart in Mexico. She will try to lure you into her world, but you are not even tempted by such a dull and dreary alternative. She is oblivious to how unappealing the bait she offers is.

That girl who doesn’t travel has chosen the unexamined and robotic life. You can only watch in despair as she runs on the rat-wheel of her mental cage. She will never understand that, while her wealth is measured by the number of zero’s in her bank account, your wealth is measured on the places you’ve been to and the people you’ve met and whose lives you’ve touched.

She will never understand why you have so many random keepsakes from your travels, like a small soiled napkin from a Moroccan café or the train tickets that you use as bookmarks. She will never opt for the slower and more scenic route. She will not be content to see the world through a window or television. While you are watching the sunset, she is checking her phone.

When you do travel, she will want to rent a car, when in fact you would rather take public transport and meet people with amazing stories. She will get jealous and insecure when you talk to strangers, even those you meet at the bus. You see, she doesn’t talk to anyone she doesn’t know and frequently ignores those she does.

She will ask you not to travel anymore, to settle down. And you consider it. Then you realize that your passion and dreams will end the moment you give in. You have always wanted to travel around the world, to meet people from all walks of life, and to life live to the fullest. There is still so much to be done! There are so many things to see and experience! You imagine yourself two decades from now and you see yourself happy; passport filled with stamps and a refrigerator filled with magnets from different countries. A woman is there with you in that dream, reminiscing about the adventures y’all had.

Unless the girl you’re dating is like you; a free-spirited, adventurous traveler, you don’t deserve each other. Whether by fear or complacency, she is going nowhere. She can keep that dream of a suburban house and a manicured front yard, not let her weigh you down!
This is a variation of a response to the tongue in cheek  Don't Date a Girl Who Travels. I read several responses, both good and bad, online. The problem is that there were none addressed to the men out there who travel. Indeed, a non-traveling partner can be just as burdensome and trapping for us.

I borrowed from and tracked "TO THE GIRLS WHO TRAVEL: DON’T DATE A GUY WHO DOESN’T TRAVEL" from the Bronzed Backpacker blog at Her version was one of my favourites.
Jorge Echevarria Sep 2013
All of us are magnets attracted and repelled in all different directions
Sticking to what ever metal foundation we can surface, hold on tight ; gravity
Nicole M Grubbs Dec 2011
The sidewalks then blend
When each thought of you begin
10 Word Poem
Sacrelicious Mar 2012
High school nightmares
being everybody's spit catcher.
A real life
that attracts
If you've ever felt like everything good repels away from you
& that you can only attract the bad.
Welcome to The Love Cult.

We are:
The kids that ate
their brown-bag
in one stall
in the next.
Cause we were afraid of being labeled with bad brand names.

If you were the
kid in gym class,
no one wanted on
their team.
If you have ever felt
and abandoned.

When the only thing you can
suppress those suicide dreams
to use your body
as a make shift
punching bag.
Just remember,
There is a
big *** & beautiful
that will hug you
& love you.
No matter
what anybody has said
about you.
We know that
you're something special.
I believe you're going to be okay,
someday sooner
than you think.
It's a nice thought you need to
Dig it, deep into your brain.

I'm Bandit & I'd like to invite you to
my family of passionate & loving friends.
We go by
Ruth Lopez Dec 2011
Your Silk Laden World
Quake Lost Sense
Make Eloquence Understand
Moments That You Enjoy
Matt Jursin Feb 2010
I want to lick your tender lips...
Kiss the spot where you whisper.
Touch me forever...
Cuddle all night and dream.


Yes...I sometimes stand aimlessly in front of my fridge "writing poetry".lol
AlienneilA Jan 2013
Slithering above
But gurgling below
Behind evil
Remember me
Between disgust & never

— The End —