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DM Pierce Jun 2017
I don't think about you, except when I do
Like an aching tooth that only throbs when my tongue moves
And generally, I'm a pretty talkative dude
But lately I feel like I'm talking for two,
Reviewing reruns of us like I'm sifting for truth
Amidst the ******* and deceit, I don't know what hurts the most;
The love that's left, or me being left to argue with a ghost
Chained to a boat with no hope for a coast,
I'm inclined to float, or maybe learn from you and sail out

It was nice seeing you darling, hope you're doing well now
love relationship breakup ex ****'em
DM Pierce Jun 2017
She shines like breathing bone
   Cut or beat or twisted
Out of forgettable flesh
  Aching, truth-white
A heart-skip jump to the pit of the gut
   Devil-cold water on a sticky hot day
She consumes all at once,
   Surrounding 'til there never was
      A 'you'

As if
   there was ever yourself to lose
DM Pierce Nov 2013
Before anything,
Let me say I love you
And that my body burns
With thirst for you--
Dehydrated in the desert
Of your absence, wishful eyes
Spy mirages of you
Masquerading as people.
But, when I lean in closer
I see they're just shadows
Of your laugh, your eyes--
There are pieces of you
everywhere in my life,
Like shattered glass in a carpet.
DM Pierce Nov 2013
Some days I can feel
My skin melt to dust,
Taste the bitter ash of
Burned bridges and rust
As everything revolves away
From me and stops at her feet.
Though, most days I just feel like
A unobserved wave at sea,
Fading quietly into the breeze.

So yeah, I'm good, too.
It was nice to see you.
DM Pierce Nov 2013
I scrawl ****** love notes
On grease-stained napkins
To women and visions,
But mainly the latter.
DM Pierce Nov 2013
I'm 6' 2" and six feet under,
I love like ice and sob like thunder.
All of these canyons in my mind
Will echo with your name for all time
Love a poet? No, love a storm
See your name carved in the landscapes I've torn.
These hands are for making breaks and bruises
With a love like mine everybody loses
DM Pierce Nov 2013
i miss you, you know.
not as urgent or as painful
as i used to, but i do
i do, i do
i used to burn, now i ache
my soul’s scarred with
an image of your face
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