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Osiria Melody Aug 17
All bundled up in autumn weather
Birdsong echoes through the trees
Sitting alone on a ratty bench
Listening to the crunch of fallen leaves
Sipping on dark coffee in hand
Embracing the well-tempered air

You come up to me decked out in leather
Birds leave their post momentarily
Sitting with me on this ratty bench
Staring at me with no words to say
Sipping on dark coffee in hand
Embracing the unsettling air

I speak my mind, no icebreaker
I say that leather don't look fine
You giggle sarcasm, which stings a lot
Grinning from ear to ear, you say,
"I can't believe that I'm speaking to a thrift shop."

Finally, I level my gaze with your creepy kind
And say, "Knock it off, it ain't cool."
You blush rose red, which makes me giggle
Head hanging low in embarrassment, you say,
"Sorry, but you're so beautiful."

Feeling at ease, I tease a little,
"Bet that you say that to ev'ry girl you meet."
Unfazed, you shoot another glance like a dart,
A target to my heart, you say,
"You're the only one that I've said that to."
I dispose of my coffee cup, now empty

Crunch of fallen leaves dimimish
My surroundings slow like fading light
Embracing each other, our hearts beat together
Gently like birdsong, now echoing through
the trees
We share a kiss, tenderly

This marvelous scene played out in my head.
Birds sing in chorus
Early morning orchestra
Sunbird leads the band
Ky Feb 14
I dream of waltzing in the snow,
but not dancing alone.
There is another by my side
for every snowball thrown.

Another pair of dusted brows,
and cloudy breath combined.
Another set of icy lips
that choose to meet with mine.

I whisper gently in his ear
"I wish that I could stay.  
Our time is short, I know, but we
will meet again one day."

The world begins to fade and I
know just where I must head.
I'm pulled awake, and spread across
the usual crumpled bed.

The chorus of the dawn begins -
the robin, right on cue!
I don't know who he's chirping for,
but my song's just for you.
4 A.M., winter–
stirred from sleep, I can't hold on
to the blackbird's song.
A bird sings
the lullaby
of the winter sun.
Yaya Dec 2018
I want to wake with you each day,
until I rise no more,
with every sunrise shared,
more beautiful than the one before.

I want to wake with you each day,
so you’re the first thing that I see,
and hear the first sweet birdsong
with you laying right next to me.

I want to wake with you each day,
with our bodies intertwined,
so that you will know I’m yours,
and I, that you are mine.
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