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I am accepting an unwanted truth
But the truth, though the better
When compared next to kin
Such so notorious as deception
Or one infamous cousin
Known by and called upon
Across throat and lips and tongue
Whispered and known as Lies
Branch out from one shared limb
Of the tree of life, we are in
Ripening, trying to hold on
Growing too heavy
For such is our position
Too far out, at the very ends
The day that closes in
To fall off, wrapped in uncaring wind
The ground will welcome
Cold and hard to a rotten end
Some carried off to be tasted
And taken in, for the goodness they will give
The rest then witness the ruin
Of the form they have become  
As sweet turns bitter
Decay seeps in, spreads itself within
as this truth has done to me it seems
To ever be the one,
She loves, says she needs,
Puts effort towards keeping
In the life we once believed we wanted
Truth is it was simply, completely
My own, alone
My dream, my own self deception
My acquaintance with her sister Lies
That sold myself my own denial
Made me choose the view to fit
The dream i never get
And now i see things the way they are
Truth can be a difficult one
Abrasive and brutal, Unflinchingly effective
At lessons when forced to be taught
But Truth will never leave
Emptiness such as the pit my Lies wrought
Work in progress.  Lesson I'm learning within. Or trying to by any means.
Riptide Sep 29
We're so obsessed with
finding someone to love us
Because we need to feel like we matter to someone
When we can't
matter to ourselves
A M Ryder Aug 29
They say you can't love others if you can't love yourself
But some of us love others so much
That we have no love left for ourselves
And that's the thing about people who mean everything they say
They think everyone else does too
These are the words,
I etched upon my skin.
And these are the things,
That cannot stay.

Beauty, grace and all things commonplace.

So hold on to what we are,
Just in case we lose sight of it,
Because that's how life is,
And we are prone to omit,
These parts of ourselves,
into our own dark abyss.
HTR Stevens Apr 19
I cannot boast about worldly wealth
Nor can I boast about physical health
But what I have none can take away
I prefer my freedom any day.

I am no King with a worldly crown
With both my feet firmly on the ground
I know that life is an illusion
So nought over me has dominion.

Around me people fight for riches
The chinking sound of gold bewitches
Content does not come from worldly gain
It comes when no desires remain.

I want nothing, so my heart is free
Unattached and just content to be
Very gently with nature I blend
All is my brother, sister and friend.

Together everything makes a whole
We are units of a single soul
We have all been made blind by the “fall”
There is but one *** and *** is all.

Open our inner eye…we will see
Our past, present and future to be
*** is not an outside entity
It is the spark within you and me.

When every ego its job has done
Then the universal prize is won
Like a picture the artist has drawn
The ultimate masterpiece is born.

All the things the world has ever known
As a child into the adult grown
Lives need to be lived and then depart
All is made perfect and becomes art.
Poetic T Apr 7
My verses are sorrows
       of what I collect
       within my refection's.

But I will only tell the truth
                  of what is sunken
                  in the sockets of my sight.

"We only haunt ourselves with what we see"
Jeff Gaines Apr 6
“ … And I dress this way just to keep them at bay,              
                     'cause Halloween is every day!”                          
                                      -Al Jourgenson                                          
     From the 1984 Ministry Title: “Everyday (is Halloween)”

Masks are good sometimes.

We're taught to wear them since childhood.

One for our parents …

One for our teacher …

One for our friends …

Even one for our Preacher!

It's when we can't be without one …
that something is wrong.

When we can't take them off …
that our identity is gone.

Fear can make us want to leave them on …
and sometimes it can be shame.

But …
if you ask the person behind the mask …

I'd bet …
they blame the pain.
I was chatting online with a girl I'd met there, her online handle was "Ethereal", about how we all wear masks for different reasons and how that can sometimes be problematic or even damaging to ourselves and those
around us.

I read what I had just typed and couldn't believe it, I cut and pasted it into MS WORD and made it into this piece, ver batum. Oddly, that happened again in another online chat. I will post that piece here too, eventually.
Poetic T Apr 1
Impressions of self,
        show us the depth
        of our inner strength.

And no matter how
          faded we may be,  
          we'll never forget ourselves.
LaNae Hughes Mar 14
We all want to be enough,
for the people around us,
for the ones we rarely see,

We want to feel accepted,
by the ones we love,
by the people we see,

We never stop to question,
that maybe we should be,
enough to ourselves,

We should be proud of ourselves,
unafraid to say that we know we got it,
tearing each other down should be something we hate,
yet we all do it anyway

Why not choose to love ourselves first,
then love someone else?
We're all looking like blinded fools,
and the Devil treats us like tools.
I don't really know
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