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M Sep 2023
Have we all become mere automata
guided by the ring of pings and notifs?
The spray of lather from a sea of data
carrying with it wrung celebrity whiffs
have stung us with a certain aphasia...

The written thought was a lifetime ago
long abandoned by the times and all--
where once there was soundness to follow
nonsense amassed like a rising cymbal
whose crash sent reason to the gallows.

The news of the day presents a delectable entree
of a hodgepodge of this, that, and nothing much.
Wherefore we find our tongues compelled to say
something about the aftertaste or to prejudge
as if we were connoisseurs--it must've hid faraway.

Are we perhaps amusing ourselves to death?
I am by no means a Luddite to such a degree,
but I believe we have bombarded and blessed
ourselves a little too much to see...
only time will tell us reason's final breath.
Inspiration from "Amusing Ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman
A M Ryder Aug 2023
Nothing to prove
Or disprove
About yourself
Or to yourself

None of us
Have to
"Go to" anyone
And the idea
That we do is
A mental illness

We can't keep
Going to
Each other
Until we learn
To go to

Stop making
Our hatred of
Someone else's
Daniel Pokorny Jul 2023
And yet despite the reciprocities of man, we are still at war.
Not at war with other nations,
Not at war with our governments,
Not at war with our neighbors,
But at war with ourselves.
The war that never ends is the war that is fought inside ourselves.
We all know that this is something that exists,
We all know that this is something that shouldn’t change,
We all know that sometimes war is too great for ourselves and we seek help.
But the war is something that we all agree should remain.
Why I ask of you,
Why must this war remain?  
Is it so that we can constantly better ourselves through repeated questioning?
Is it so we can work to create turmoil in our minds in which we must struggle through?
Or is it so we have a reason to perpetually push ourselves to improve so that we may reach a certain goal?
This is an answer that will forever remain for it is different for the individual.
But it is my belief that thanks to these inner wars, we may improve as a society, no, more so improve as a species.
Through self improvement, through self turmoil, through self questioning, we may force ourselves to change, to become the person or entity in which we wish to become,
And if everyone was able to achieve this goal,
Either it be through our own desires, or the desires of our circumstance,
We can improve others, thanks to the experience one gains, and due to the natural human desire for social contact.
But not all inner wars lead to this outcome,
Many of them lead to selfishness, entitlement, or even apathy for their fellow people.
Saying that we should leave behind our earthly values, or a physical addiction is not what I’m implying here.
I believe that we are all allowed to have some selfishness, some amount of self entitlement, and even a small amount of apathy for people.
We do not need to feel empathy for the people who have wronged us, but we shouldn’t ignore the reasoning for them doing so, we can learn from their mistakes and teach it to others.
Being too selfless leads to self destruction due to giving too much of yourself away for the sake of others, this leads to a mind that will sooner than later crumble under the stress of pleasing those around them, and even sooner a body that will start to fall apart from beneath them.
A small amount of self entitlement leads to knowing one's self worth, if you have no entitlement then you lead to being too selfless, and leads you to become used by those around you.
By allowing yourself to do the tasks or the jobs that nobody else wishes to do, yes it's good that someone does those things, but letting someone do it for too long and their mind too will lower itself to the trash tasks and will become trash itself due to repeated exposure.
The inner war that we all face, that we all have, and that we can all see,
It should be discussed,
It should be allowed to be seen by others,
It should be a way for self improvement.
It should always remain.
Just started typing whatever came to mind, apologies if it seems like a jumbled mess.
The more we practice, the effort we put in,
The better we get over time, then at some point,
We shape how old we are, in our life, and mind.
Keep putting the thought in the air, repeat it,
Convince yourself, your old, you will soon be there.
Age a number no attachment, connection to our body,
Many in their sixties, can outwork, and think many,
Half their age in years, that refuse to lay down the remote,
And stop adding to their mind, excuses and fears.
If you always think you need that extra couple snacks a day,
It becomes a daily routine, if you eat and believe you need,
Less at each meal, more time to get up move around,
It’s convincing yourself when you make the deal.
Many professional excuse-makers, around every day,
Convincing themselves they are fading away.
Most people you ask, say they do not want to die,
We are the only ones, that can motivate ourselves,
To think positive, keep active, eat right, be healthy,
For the few short years, we are alive.
                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/12/2020 AD
                                                                                                11:45 am
John McCafferty May 2021
Infinity curls on and in itself,
opposing motions continue to spin.
We're drawn upon to observe
the urges of others in ourselves.

Waves unseen through idle eyes,
stillness mounts to moments of uttering.
When the sirens sing amongst us
translucent strings pull from within.

Propelled through unified switches,
laws of enchanted lure are felt.
Reflected thoughts enforce or repel,
concluded no ends over again.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
Do you ever think its all gotta
How can this continue ?
The madness of it all
Why will we let it continue
How can we be so ignorant
Wheres the fight in us
How did we become weak
We used to fight
We used to care
We gathered for peace
Now we are just ignorant sheep
Think about that for while
Will it change
Will we just let it be
Stand by watch it destroy
Sit there with no thought
Its just madness after all
© Jennifer L DeLong 10/31/2020
Anna Postrero Oct 2020
No one can save us
but ourselves.
No one can
and no one may.
We ourselves
must walk the path.
Peter Rogers Aug 2020
I play songs that make me happy
I play songs to keep me down
I play songs to keep me laughing
like you’re here
But who’ll hear me laughing out loud?

I had friends I could speak my mind to
I had friends that couldn’t care
I had friends that I did wrong to
in high school
And college, boy was I even there?

We had fun, you and I did
We had fun apart from ourselves
We had fun when we were younger and tighter      
together, so why
Did we run from our wealth?

We were silly, inside and outside
We were silly simply for a laugh
We were silly to think you’d get over it
and were silly
To think it would last

You’re still here and so am I, friend
You’re still here only in a different town
You’re still here and time is your friend
let’s end this and
Make amends while we’re still around

You’re afraid, how do you think I feel?
You’re afraid and I’m nervous myself
You’re afraid of the future
and past hurts
We can heal after we forgive ourselves
Oh yes, we can heal after we forgive ourselves
song from the EP - Apart from Ourselves
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