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Poetic T Sep 22

     Is an imperfection.

An imperfection is

        A unique beauty.

We are all beautiful

      With are uniqness.
Quinn Adaire Jul 2
Everyone is pretty rare
In their own special way.

You will find NO ONE
exactly like me
And I will find NO ONE
like you either.

Our personalities
cannot be copied
and pasted.
God didn’t make it that way.

Why do some people still try
To be like another?

We all have our faults
No one is perfect
But that does not mean
We must shape ourselves to be like others.

We must shape ourselves to be BETTER
not perfect
not someone else

A tree still grows
Without being another tree.
We can be better
Without being someone else.

Because it’s ok
To be a better person
In your own way.

It’s ok to be rare.
A M Ryder Jun 15
You know, it's funny
We never anticipate the ways
We're gonna isolate ourselves
From the ones we care about
Baazi-chan Jun 11
The things we do,
For people we love.
But wat about "you",
Don't we love ourselfs.
Cause we,
Keep on putting,
Our needs one side,
To help others...
Take care of yourself first
Nathalie May 28
Love is the way
But sometimes we
Choose fear;
And there is where
We find ourselves
At the impasse

Nathalie Apr 17
Cords of energy
binding us from
here to there
We don't always
realize the strands
we form with others
Unspoken agreements
of the heart and
residual feelings
can linger long
after events are
Awareness is the
key to healthy
living, it is
a gift we give

John Seth Apr 12
We hate when we are lied to
by people we trusted most
But how often do we lie
These are the lies
that hurt the most
Amanda Feb 15
When we met everything was incredible
Nothing ever stays the same
Loved ones always change over time
We have only ourselves to blame

It is never easy to move on
Never simple to let go
It is hard to give you up because
You are the only guy I really know

It hurts so bad I cannot even explain
How worthlessly empty you make me feel
I want to wake up tomorrow
And find out none of this is real
I read this and can now see the subtle hints that this was not true love at least now how I've come to know it six years after writing this.
Jack R Fehlmann Oct 2018
I am accepting an unwanted truth
But the truth, though the better
When compared next to kin
Such so notorious as deception
Or one infamous cousin
Known by and called upon
Across throat and lips and tongue
Whispered and known as Lies
Branch out from one shared limb
Of the tree of life, we are in
Ripening, trying to hold on
Growing too heavy
For such is our position
Too far out, at the very ends
The day that closes in
To fall off, wrapped in uncaring wind
The ground will welcome
Cold and hard to a rotten end
Some carried off to be tasted
And taken in, for the goodness they will give
The rest then witness the ruin
Of the form they have become  
As sweet turns bitter
Decay seeps in, spreads itself within
as this truth has done to me it seems
To ever be the one,
She loves, says she needs,
Puts effort towards keeping
In the life we once believed we wanted
Truth is it was simply, completely
My own, alone
My dream, my own self deception
My acquaintance with her sister Lies
That sold myself my own denial
Made me choose the view to fit
The dream i never get
And now i see things the way they are
Truth can be a difficult one
Abrasive and brutal, Unflinchingly effective
At lessons when forced to be taught
But Truth will never leave
Emptiness such as the pit my Lies wrought
Work in progress.  Lesson I'm learning within. Or trying to by any means.
Amy Duckworth Sep 2018
We're so obsessed with
finding someone to love us
Because we need to feel like we matter to someone
When we can't
matter to ourselves
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