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Jun 2016
he feels the silence between them
becoming heavier, pregnant almost
and he knows that it cannot take much
longer in the way an embryo knows
that nine months will be over soon

she feels him drawing near unnoticably
or maybe it is his aura which proceeds
him like a premonition and somewhere
between the stars a constellation
twists itself in their direction

he tries to think of the right words
but knows that letters fall short
to convey what he wants to
share with her like a child

kiss her mind and
her body will follow
written for Sergej, who has a fascinating blog Thesensitiveintrovert about introversion, high sensitivity and a lot of interconnected subjects
Dimitri Hillewaert
Written by
Dimitri Hillewaert  Belgium
       cgembry, The Dedpoet, ---, Ma Cherie, katie and 4 others
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