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He watches the moon and feels the blood rushing through his head.
It starts, an explosion of causality.
No way back on this merciless expedition.
Only the destination keeps its value.
A breeze comes up from the east, invisible tongues lick his face. It turns to night. The sand underneath his naked feet has lost all previous warmth. The chill tickles. Seconds succumb in symbiosis.
The marram grass rustles against his arms, the warning of a friend.
He feels the fire of candles burning in his bowels.
Feeling comes. No escape.
Surrender the only art.

There is light.
From inside out.
Something fluttering in earliness.
Reverberated and repeated endlessly.
The lonely game of gods.

Light. From inside out.
we share the same roots
thrive in sacred soil
unbounded by frontiers
and the countless prisons
of this lethal reasoning

in you I find the echoes
which invalidate my voice
the silence between my snares
the precious flower in my snow

sometimes I wanna escape with you
like wild luscious hounds

for you I hide in vain
the soft scars of my wounds
sparkle of light, human being
this appears to be our sharing
inventing terms like cartoonofobia
and abortion tourism
endlessly debating about the sense
of everything and eventually
having to conclude that
everything is senseless
here where corporations profile
themselves as being ethically correct
as if another alternative should exist
and we should praise them for it
here we are but wandering a bit
shoreless in the alliance of shadows
human being, grow into a fire
to consume all ignorance
and please, for a change
give yourself a long harsh glance
circles I am

getting smaller maybe

endlessly pouring in myself

the flooding of the dirt that hides the lotus

there is no sense in denying

everything worthwhile

is fragile
you exist like a pendulum
everything pushes you
- everything.
we are the footprint
of an unfathomable
supreme being
this writing a desperate scratching
with naked nails in a pressure wound
we blast breaches into time and space
happiness may be volatile
but not in vain as long as we
reflect each other’s inner light
and only today are we really alive
for only today can be taken away from us
the animals remain innocent
they are brought in front of our court
slaughter cattle guilty for not being human
this lifelasting denial
an oh so unjust silence
once we will have to finally
pay the toll for our sinister fate
the first time and the last
betrayed czar
ear cut off
free fisherman forced back ashore
prince mumbling revolution
forgotten ice age
driftwood stagnating like a forest
on the ***** of a mountain
sound of a harp slightly out of tune
carried by cello’s of cedarwood
envy of a ***** teenage girl
dreaming of love but forced
to stay with her hardworking parents
shy painter of nudes shivering
and hoping to fade himself with paint
seed carried to a new continent
by a lost bird
catching the penultimate fish

these things decide our humble history
before we perish
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