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craig apogee Jul 2017
the chill of the early morning
thaws within your sprawl
as you lock me tight with an angled thigh
and delicate paw

as your chest pulsates ever so slightly
in its gentle ebb and flow
i nestle in ever tightly
comfort in your refusal to let go

while my thoughts stir
a wake from hibernation
i concede to life horizontal

a stroke to your side
a moan and a sigh
one fleeting moment
as we stare, eye to eye

then your lip curls upward
and your eyes slant
as i take in the gaze
of the only girl i'll ever want
craig apogee Sep 2015
patience and desire
eyes on the prize
even though it seemed lost
true gold lies deep in the glow of those hazel eyes

a tale that threatened with tears
and the dread of heartfelt slips
veers towards the tessellation of your body
head-to-toe with my lips

overwhelmed by fears of turbo-charged love
and at which stops this train may be calling
yet trepidation is drowned by exhilaration
as this new adventure is dawning

hips on hips and longful gazes
hearts singing unheard notes
your hand in mine, side by side
we sail forth on our choice of cupid's boats
craig apogee Jul 2015
this game of to and fro
ebb and flow
come and go
yes and no

its driving me to the depths of a sea of confusion
where i drown myself in doubt
blacking out and going towards a light
that appears to be unimaginably beautiful

so much so that i can't even recall it
a reality draped in a shroud of my own creation
a potential happiness that has been empowered
before it has even taken its true form

the empowerment of a blind emotion
much like russian roulette but with a dart in the chamber
which has either come straight from cupid's bow
or its dipped with poison of a familiar cardiotoxicity
craig apogee Jul 2015
shed the care
she can bear
universal pain
while you stay sane
take care of your own
chase joyful overtone
live wild and free
be who you need to be
An old poem sitting in my drafts from a good few months back
A bit light hearted approach to the way I had to stop trying to care for someone who caused me pain. It really is something that will keep you in that dark place. A lap dog for someone who tossed you away
craig apogee Jul 2015
i have revisited the thought of revisiting thoughts of you
for our memories hold nothing
just a vast empty space that your insincerity made
emptying out anything that i held dear from each photo frame

i love the music that played, our soundtrack, so sweet
but the music reverberates far deeper, in my veins and bones
than the meaningless, shallowness and airbrushed harmony
which was a year-long facade and a full-blown emotional felony

the ability to untag, delete, block and look away
has gifted me with the modern miracle of digital amnesia
and if i wanted, i could look back and reminisce
but with such sweet beauties on the horizon, this amnesia is bliss
a reminder to myself why i have removed someone from my life
craig apogee Jul 2015
if you feed an emotion, it will grow
just as if you place a patch of herbs
legal or not
with water and nourishing soil in the sunniest spot

the problem with an emotion
is that it has the ability to explode
tick tock
and there you are picking up the pieces of your broken heart

but while its path is undeviating  
and your spirit soars in the thermals
utter bliss
is this a flight that you can afford to miss?
weighing up decisions of the heart is without doubt one of the hardest things to do. which is probably why you should just do the thing that feels right
craig apogee Jul 2015
when the sun rises and my thoughts stir
its not of past daggers nor stolen memories that arise
but its your liberating hazel eyes
accompanied by your adorable moans and endearing sighs

you raised my spirits and elevated my soul
as you rose like vapor from the dew on the ground
and as you first deflected that single follicle on the tip of my nasal path
i sensed that you and i had not merely met by chance

and as i breathed you in and your phase changed
you had entered a part of me that had been abandoned
then you condensed as our souls collided
and you and i were no longer divided
one from last week that was listed as draft. what a difference a week makes
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