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Joan Karcher May 2013
The sun's breaking the horizon,
bringing each day anew
though it's always been there
we are just moving through
to meet this sun with glittering eyes
staring at its birth
wanting more more and more
knowing this has happened
it shall come again
I am here to meet you
day after day
to learn your every crevice
your every crater and bridge
the sun is breaking the horizon
it shall be new today
Joan Karcher Apr 2013
dancing in the beam
with silver blades of grass
the cool breeze
echoing through the leaves
swaying to the melody as
Akna's descant harmonizes
the rhythm of the rain
raise up your arms
and sing
the joy of womanhood
Joan Karcher Apr 2013
I want to celebrate you

All through life,
I forgot the day until
I'm reminded by others
but now that you're gone
I remember the day each year
without any help
the day feels so empty
so meaningful yet
I want to surprise you with
something special
some bright flowers
or a pretty piece of jewelery
to visit you, or at least
give you a call
and wish you a happy birthday
to hear your voice, and give you a hug
to tell you how wonderful you are
and just how great of a mother you are
to go back to all those years
that I forgot and let the day pass
without meaning
and to make sure that you knew
just how much I appreciate you

But now to go to your place of rest
to see your name written there
the words we picked
that doesn't even begin to describe
to sit on the dirt and weep
bring some flowers that you'll
never see or smell,
that someone will clean
up in a week or two
brings me to the thought
that, that might just bring some peace
some closure
some way to show you how much I care
but I can't even do that,
being miles and miles away
though even if I was closer
would I?

I can be close to you
as close as I can get now
anywhere I am
with but a thought

Happy Birthday Mother
Joan Karcher Apr 2013
The taste is so pure
it drips with nectar
I savor each moment
remembering that it shall
be the first and the last of its kind
shedding layers like a snake
revealing more vibrant sentiments
with each sentence
whilst feeling the rain
fall on my face
each drop as unique as the last
*how precious
your words
are to me
Joan Karcher Apr 2013
aspirated voices
echoing throughout the cavern
pleadingly quiet
impossible to hear words
an unattainable plea

there's static
overcoming the silence
perpetual noise and clatter
the quiet is deafening

this tongue of yours
always speaking,
too much garbling
this tongue I hear
rhyming, intoning
all it is
is nonsense

clamorous sounds
constant words
abundant languages
infinite meanings


we try to hear
linking sensation,
experience and comprehension
but all we sense is confusion


a dialect of ages
lost in the folds of time

*all it is, is vibration
Joan Karcher Apr 2013
variegated dreams
overturning the ashened night
wake, wake
branch and twist
to the music
of the tide
escapism of this world engulfed
with itineraries and haste
leaving fragments of vivacity in its wake
like riding a comet through life
stop, stop
smell the roses
make shapes out of clouds
within the starry night
rest, rest
blooming minds
drudging through the snow
whilst in drought
turning page after page
within this infancy
of human kind
and read but a line
Joan Karcher Nov 2012
searing heat




translucent skin
within skin
to be


smoke rising ever higher
catching wisps along the way

to transform into clouds
becoming one

forever joined


double helix rainbow
droplets and dew

hope for the future
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