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Daisy Chain May 3
See that orange dust, being picked up by the wind
With crusts of brown catching on the edges of your shoes
Do you see the pieces of wood, dryly speckled across the pavement
while others get carried off by the ants up the side of the bench
No, you probably don't.
Because you are looking up, at the vibrant green fronds
The leaves that span their arms wide to embrace the sun
The new shoots that crawl and creep along the trees edges
Perhaps a blossom or two, breathing for the first time
And the scent that lingers in your senses and heart
And you smile at them. Yes you smile.
And offer them a caress for those closer to the ground.
Maybe pick up a freshly fallen leaf with colours
to bask in and share later with your 5 year old niece.
Or place in the middle pages of your travel diary
as you soak in the experience of the new
Then, when theres not much else to do,
you may on occasion admire the somewhat gone
The amusing and sweet pattern of the holes
that have torn through the turning yellow and brown
Maybe you'll trace around it with your fingers
Reflecting on how even death can be beautiful.
Yes, I too have seen these things. And picked them up myself.
Carried and disposed of, during a meandering thought.
Yet, very seldom. In fact, I have yet to see it.
Will anyone try and piece back together
The leaf that has become apart
translucent and scattered.
And still.
With no more of anything left to give.
The pieces now trembling with complete vulnerability
With no will and no colour.
Its disappearance will not be noticed
by anything
other than the silence.
#without #nature #leaves #silence #vulnerability #whispering #longing
Daisy Chain Apr 2017
A foolish heart knows no bounds,
falling over and over
like a gentle whimper of a child
but yet,
still looking up with a vulnerable hope
a yearning questioning
for the affection
of the averted gaze.

A foolish heart sees no truth,
staggering in a room full of thorns
only to proclaim
that the spaces between
are whispers
silent expressions of
a secret love
that they wish to see.

A foolish heart hears no rejection,
for its all a projection
of a nightmarish confusion
while the truth
no matter how sought for
at the seam,
and the foolish heart continues
on with its caramel dream.

A foolish heart does not fear pain,
for that is where it sleeps.
No, a foolish heart,
fears the end,
it fears the death
of its very own breath.
Where the illusion is broken,
and all that remains
Is a plain human being.
A foolish heart wants to stay foolish
for it’s the most alive its ever been.
Daisy Chain Mar 2017
A smile is so much more
than a curvature of the lips
Its a smell that emits
from the breath of a kiss
Its the sound of joy
behind the cryptic face
that remains perfectly still
and yet watches you with grace
Its the movement of the thumb
across the knuckles of a lover
Its the gentlest of touches
of one nose against another
Its in the stolen glances
That escape the attention of the other
As they lace up their shoes
and talk about their brother
Its everything that you embody
and everything that you miss
When you realise
that you want all of this.
Daisy Chain Mar 2017
The shower
of silken light,
caresess my face
my hands
my thighs.
The delicate warmth
of the sunshine
the sweetened steam.
The dancing giggles
all that lingers
beneath the peel.
The naked
I feel
ever blindingly,
- real.
Daisy Chain Feb 2017
Fallen angles shake their heads
as my body drums against the
all too contained
cavity of expression.
Maddeningly, utterly in disarray
the mind stumbling
over the debris
left by the racing heart.
In a way, I hate you
but mostly me
for being at the mercy
of someone else's gaze.
God ******* ******,
**** ******* christ.
I want to pull my breath out
and bottle it up for a while
so I no longer have to breathe
this fire of unrest.
Daisy Chain Jan 2017
Fill my lungs with your smile
as we walk along
the sunshine drenched road
of meandering thought.
Our hands radiate
the delight that our words cannot
laced together, they wander
looking out into
this giggling world.
You laugh at a thought,
and I smile at your eyes
Each step
Lavishing the path with colour
and leaving a scent
of two lovers in bloom.
Daisy Chain Jan 2017
My blood flows with gold
my fingers alight with fire
it propels and consumes me
to an all encompassing desire.
Completely in the wind,
utterly in the rain
A sweet abandonment
into the delightful pain.
My skin - too tight
My movements - too constrained
Even a bellow from a mountain top
leaves this feeling untamed
A power so wild
so ferocious, yet so compressed
wails at the boundaries
of the unexpressed.
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