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Jennifer DeLong May 2023
I turned 50
I am still not sure
how to feel about it
I don't look it
But I have lived it
The scars the hills I have
climbed the struggles I have
It's definitely been 50 yrs
Yet I know more will come
and I will persevere
I am strong and I am still here
I have seen and experienced some beautiful things in these 50 years like my children like the birth of my grandson I've also dealt with a lot of pain and I know I got a good 20 years left and I'm going to live it I'm going to laugh I'm going to enjoy it I'm going to to do those things I want to do and I'm going to be grateful for everything because it's got me here and now I'm 50 so here we go to another 20 years
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏5/2023
ZACK GRAM Oct 2021
Rattah Tattah
Battah Bag had
Quick Lynch...

1 Trillion Ton
50 Million Trillion

Nuclear Tip Missile
Tank so Big Run-over ya crib

Take the guns? NAH!

corners sweepers
Government watching
Clock mocking
Hoes in line one a time..
Drop Em...

Cooper, Rupert, Doobie, Super, durp, Dean, Lean, Quavo, D, T, L, Wayne, Trigg, G Floyd, Stem, B.A., Cam, B, G, C, Mii, Cashish, Rah, Rob, Raheem, Jake, Rasheem, Black, Unc, Baby, Gettah, Guttah, Z, Pete, Reese, Raymond, Reggie, Will...

Ounce pound brick
Brick house pound
Cars ounce trash
Death Dismay
Hope, Prayer
Love an Trust
Faith in God
**** 1 God
Wrote a script
Paint a picture
A picture of...
Fortune, Fame, wealth and royalties
Pure loyalty

Rip off your nails...
Rip off your ears...
Rip out your teeth an tongue...
Cut off fingers toes 1by1...
Stomp your leg and arm bones,
Stab your ****...
Pour bleach on you with gas...
Choke you in an out of consciousness
You're future is tortured,
Mark My Words,
Don't Quote me ***...
Chris Slade Nov 2020
We’ve been married 50 years.
But in fact we are both still around 25!
It’s that good.

We giggle and laugh
and yet neither of us has said anything…
it’s that good.

I read your mind and you read mine…
It’s that good…
It's understood!
I had a case of the butterflies
My girl had her summer clothes
I found her inside, wearing them
While, I robbed a liquor store
The days seemed longer
The nights grew stronger as the stars
When the rain came
We went outside to the farm
I never could believe she
Left me in the summer

The morning came again
Unafraid of heat and whispers in the air
Bringing a storm, forever
I stood against the rain, half-dead
The women passed a stare
The rain comes in, so look away
The people with their papers will miss it
I can't help it, if you need to leave again
I know it's too much to ask
The cool rain fell on a spear of summer grass

I thought our paths would cross
You were just interested in the journey
I did all I could
Now, just the love drowns my mind
Our footsteps are out of reach
So, when destiny tore us away
My love pulled me in
The cool rain will hide your tears
So, come out when you’re over me
I've been waiting ever since
Just standing in the rain, talking to myself.
Riz Mack Jul 2019
People write such lyrics for me
Of my light, my face, my tranquil sea
I wonder, do they really see?

Fifty fifty this life I lead
The light I share is lent to me

My dark side hides but not from me
Left to the light
My lunar sea
It's 50 if you include the title
Byerly Apr 2019
Her bob cut was not that bad
Inspired a 50's vibe that couldnt be forgotten.
The smoke that came out of her mouth
Like a demon in a gas station.
And the two sides of light were dancing in her face
Blue and pink, and pink and blue.
You could feel the colors and see sounds.
In the streets behind a neon sign was a paparazzi
Waiting for her like a lion waits for the gazelle
To liberate the thunderbolt.
Arden Apr 2019
you sit in your pulpit all holier than thou  
claiming if it was the 50's
you would fight in the civil rights movement  
but now you are sitting back doing nothing


shut the **** up  
you don't get to watch kids being  
pulled from their parents and do nothing  
while saying you would have fought for
people of color  

you are lying there is no other way to put it  
you ******* coward  
and by the way the fight for  
people of color isn't over so
get off your *** or shut up
Emi Jay Nov 2018
you are an
coarse and fine
you scrape me raw
but in the end
your sharp cuts
hide an ointment
and my soul
thanks me for you;
for this change,
a renewal,
healing after
(out with the dead,
in with the new)
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