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Keiya Tasire Jun 2019
Great Grandma said it.
Grandma said it.
Dad Said it.
Mom said it.
Teachers said it.
Bosses said it.
Husband said it.
Children said it.
I said, Hell, no!
There comes a time that we realized that somethings are just traditional patterns and other times it is used for control. When it is used for control I have a response!
Keiya Tasire Mar 2019
Until There Was Only Light
I looked at the darkness within
Two eyes of Light
Gave me a blink.
I smiled.
Watching expanding light
Dancing and whirling
Embracing the darkness
Until there was only Light.
Embracing the darkness
Dancing and whirling
Watching expanding light
I smiled.
Give me a blink
Two eyes of light
I looked at the darkness within
Until there was only Light.
Today I meditated to process and clear some heavy emotions.
Astral Dec 2018
I hate being held down,
Or someone thinking they have control over me.
It makes my knuckles twinge,
And my face burn.

Why would someone else control me,
Want to tell me what to do,
I don't even control me.
So who, in fact, are you?

You aren't my mother,
You aren't my father,
You're merely a friend.
But don't get me wrong, I don't want our friendship to end.

But it feels like you're smothering me,
Trying to chain me down,
Rip off my wings,
Or ****** down my crown.

But I won't let that happen,
So I'll cut the chains you've tried to use,
And I'll keep my wings above your reach,
And I will hold my head high,
And I will guard my crown.
Always try to remember to do the last two lines, hold your head high and gaurd your crown.
ffn Oct 2018
With heavy eyes
And stiff bones
I say goodbye
To what was once
A home
I am afraid
I have to go
A brand new road
To be travelled alone
I won't forgot
All those good times
We had on late nights
And cheap moonshine
In my heart
I'll forever hold
As I say goodbye
To who was once a home
Your freckle placements are forever etched into my mind
Twinkle Rawat Oct 2018
As free as a a cage
She trapped herself,
Into that flamboyant frame,
Trying to veil
Those dewy eyes.

She trapped herself,
Within that tailored smile
she was accustomed to
Her milieu was accustomed to,
Trying to conceal that usual heartache.

She trapped herself,
Inside that veil of sophistication,
Smothering that naiveness,
That unconsciously shoved her lips to expand into that charming curve,
Even at trivial affairs.

She trapped herself,
Defeated by that burden of expectations,
And unwillingly
Blocked that flame that always ignited her.

She trapped herself,
Deserted her reason for living...
Not just existing,
And existed, lost.


Even that mere existence refused to welcome that defeat.

Her individuality dissuaded her from that suffocation,
And promptly removed that veil.

She was a fighter,
A militia fighting her demons
Annihilating those fears,
Those self doubts
That hindered her conquests
To establish her purely sovereign empire.

She accepted gracefully
Her naiveness.
She embraced elegantly
Her gawkiness.

The lill flame ignited,
Metamorphosed into inferno.
She wore that invisible Crown,
All by herself.
She vehemently chased those dreams,
Those dreams, which once got her trembling,
Were now waiting,
To be seized by the Queen.

She emancipated that bird, from her lill cage,
And allowed her to measure the sky,
Unleasheing her rage.
Unleash that rage...
Measure the sky, emancipate yourself from your own cage.
mica Jan 2018
You acted as if you were dumb
Just so you could be numb
Of all the hate that’s been thrown
Don’t you worry, soon you’ll be home

A long journey awaits you
The afterlife starts to knock
As if your life were already due
And towards it, you blindly walk

You start to collect anything sharp
As it made contact with the surface
Then you caress the wounded part
And thought “it’s the end of the race”

You hopelessly look around
With no hint of content
You sigh and look to the ground
Feeling like an awful accident

Even if you think
That you don’t deserve to see another sunrise
And even if you feel like you’re on a brink
Please don’t fill your head with lies

Don’t ever say that you’re not enough
Just because you feel alone
Deep inside, I know you’re tough
And you could survive this on your own

Yes, the world may bring you down
And turn your smile into a frown
but never let it get your way
And eat you up like a prey

I’ll willingly help you to put out the ember
And detach from the past
So you’ll never remember
What it’s like being an outcast
Samm Marie Moore Nov 2017
You kind of have this weird hate-love relationship with life and humanity.
Why don’t you just choose love?
Choose kindness.
Choose optimism.
Choose to do the work now.
Choose to jump in head first.
Choose to “Braveheart it”.
Choose to be prepared.
Choose to smile.
Choose happy.
It’s so crazy how just making a choice can change your life.
It is just as easy to be kind and happy as it is to be a total ******* filled with regret.
One could argue that it’s actually easier.
So make the choice.
Make the choice to change.
Make the choice to believe in the 21/90 rule!
Make the choice to be habitually content with yourself.
You are just as important as the people you take care of.
You are just as important!
Let that sink in.
You are important.
Everything will be okay in the end.
If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
Remember that.
So let’s make that leap together:
let’s choose happy;
*let’s choose self-love
Samm Marie Moore Aug 2017
"When all is said and done: don't walk, you better run. Girl, you better get out while you can. You think that this is love; you don't wanna give him up. If you stay he'll turn on you again" -Kelsey Hickman*

I've realized
Abuse is abuse
No matter the format
No matter the medium
I believe it is finally
Time to move on
Time to move forward
Cut the ropes
To the bridge
Maybe even light a little fire
Or shoot off Roman candles
Either way
I must learn
To breathe
For myself
These are just thoughts that have crossed through my mind as I have listened to "When All Is Said and Done" by Kelsey Hickman religiously this last weekend. The title is also lyrics in her song
Samm Marie Moore Aug 2017
5AM Wake Up grab the workout clothes, ***, drink water
505AM Meditate inhale...2...3...exhale...2...3...repeat
520AM Run like you've never run before like you're getting away from him
540AM Shower the colder the better inhale...4...5...exhale...4...5...
6AM Breakfast gotta eat something anorexia won't fix anything
615AM Read inhale...6...7...exhale...6...7...repeat
625AM Leave it's only school you like school
730AM School just a few hours of bliss inhale...8...9...exhale...8...9...
230PM Homework 20 minutes a subject, a day minimum
3PM Snack remember to drink more water don't throw it up
430PM Run run harder remember to breathe
5PM Shower it's okay to be a little warm tears can fall here
630PM Dinner you know the time shifts eat up
7PM America's Favorite Hour work your mind give your heart a pause
8PM Bedtime ***, brush teeth, more water
10PM Fall asleep the insomnia is hard *the depression is worse
I know that there are a lot of good habits in here, I also know that the italicized is also a bit worrisome and bad. This is my current state of being. I'm working on becoming better
Samm Marie Moore Feb 2017
I can hope and I can dream
That you might still love me
If you swear that you'll be true
I will always love you
You had my heart
Once before
I never got it back after
Our war
You 've fooled me once
Now fooled me twice
There are tears burning my eyes

Here is the tale of an ordinary girl
She met a boy thinking he could be her world
She thought it was love at very first sight
He took her home and made her his queen that night
When she awoke too soon the next day
The place beside her was occupied by sun rays
The boy had left her all alone
Her heart was broke just like her throne
And she sang:

I can hope and I can dream
That you might still love me
If you swear that you'll be true
I will always love you

He lived his life out on the road
A different girl each night to forget his home
The girl he left behind in the dust
Shouldn't have left such an impact, but
He packed his bags of wandering
Closed his eyes and prayed that she
Might still be waiting
As he roamed:

He would hope and he would wish
That she still would love him
He left her heart all alone
But he hoped she'd still be home

He returned a week later
Saw on the door a note that hurt
She had moved on with her life
But she wished she could have been his wife
He called her to come back home
And she trusted with blind love
He lost his temper late one night
And she thought she lost her sight
He dropped to his knees and cried
Begging attempts and apologizing
She forgave him once again
It was in the morning when she left him

With her head held high
She whispered her cry:

I have hoped and I have dreamed
But you don't still love me
I know now you'll never be true
Yet I'll always love you
You had my heart
Once before
I'll never get it back, not after that war
You fooled me once
Now fooled me thrice
I still have tears staining my eyes

I can hope and I can dream
That I might love me
I swear to myself that I'll be true
One day I might not love you
This is a song that is set to a semi-Irish tune. As soon as I record it I will post the link
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