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Bo Tansky May 14
Wars and rumors of wars

Trials and tribulations

Soldiers dying on a battlefield of

Glory and gore and jubilation

The tanks are entering Gaza

False flags are everywhere

Death is not a PR failure

Are anons the only ones who care

Taking our money

Taking our weapons

Taking our children

Was the last straw

Ritter says

Russia does not bluff

Nuclear war is on the horizon

Commander Thor says that will never happen

And well

He’s the light worker’s captain.

Waves of panic in DC

If you can believe the alternative media

Soldiers trained to ****


Sold out to the highest bidder.

God have mercy

On all the sinners

Open border wreaking havoc

Anti-semitisim on the rise

Humiliate the president

To save your hide

Derelicts everywhere you look

The fractured population

on the hook.

Solar flares taking out the grid


Don’t believe the narrative

EMPs are  a strong possibility

Civil war is what they’re aiming for

Liars, liars,  

Is the truth for hire?

While Maui burns

From a ferocious fire

Game on

Wise guy

Veteran’s all over

fighting for your vote

when the lights go out


don’t lose hope.

Merlin waved his magic wand

Druidic symbols all over the town

Humanoids that fly

Weird phenomenon in the sky

Assassination attempts that fail

Why is nobody going to jail?
Bo Tansky May 13
Thugs in a tie
Feeding you lies
On a golden platter
Heaps and heaps of
Propaganda n chatter
Eat up
Eat up
They cried
The more you digest
The more they lied

Some logo
Said go
it must be true, no
Believe what you must though
To keep you alive
Sometimes I think
“ Get me outta this dive”

what broke the camels’ back
Lack of trust
Not having your back
More n more
Crys of war
People flood the streets
Looking for justice
They seek
Their hands red
With the blood of the dead

Infidels they said
Is this part of God's plan?
Maybe we’re all
Living in hell
Nowhere to go
Nothing to tell

Does anyone know what time it is?
Does anyone care?
Where are the peacemakers
Who used to be there?
Hasn’t kept you safe-
Neither has that armor plate
You wear.

No use to hate
It won’t get you far
Neither has love worked
At least
Not so far.

I would cry me a river.
With all the cliches
I deliver.
But. That’s not the point.
Pass me a joint.

I could end it here.
Call it a rap!
Will it ever be over?
Not until we get back.
To Love

Ah, Love

Today O.J.  passed away.
Bo Tansky May 13
The greater mind
Speaks in a whisper
What she had to say
Sister, sister, sister
You had better listen
Excuse my summations!
Your histrionic rages
Are getting old
Maybe you should read the Sages
Learn to disconnect.
From all that you think you own
Read between the lines of life
All that you think you know
Maybe a small part
Of a larger picture
Learn to let go
From all that you think you are
You can rage on
Till the bitter end
Don’t ask for a happy ending
That’s all depending
On how much you learn to love
Ah, love

Only she gave you life
Bo Tansky Apr 2023
When did you lose your innocence?
When did you learn to not trust
Throwing intuition
Out the window
When you learned
to see the difference
in us

But Darlings
You must learn to trust
or it will be
The End
of Us.
Once again.
Bo Tansky Apr 2023
Someday you'll fall down on your knees
and say a Hail Mary to she.
For all the beliefs
To which you wed
The prison bars
That kept you fed
But you're dead
Like the force-fed lies
you cannot shed
like the frozen fish
you refuse to eat
Maybe it's the meat of a ferocious tiger
You need the heat
Exposing the atrocities
devouring the monstrosities

Say hail to Mary
Hail to the chief
Hail to those the shed
the imaginary bars that bind
Hail to those
Left behind
Hail to those
That hitch a ride
on a star.
for just a while
Just idle.

While all the while
the ridgosities abound
And there's no way around
The mounds and mounds of
That cling on
Like Clingon
To all
the inside
Bo Tansky Feb 2023
Do you, Dear Sam
At times goes so far inside of you
That the landscape appears as magical
Carved of Imagination
Against the angst of uncertainty
And consternation
It has to be this way, Sam
For a song
A poem
A painting
To choose, to create

The multiverse cast
A *** pourri past
With a mind so vast

From my seat
On the coach, Sam
Where I imagined
That you liked me
And it was magical
We talked
What a strange conversation we had
I know
You said what you really believe.
Stranger still
I know.
I answered with unpracticed honesty.
Can this be so?
Or is it
Only imagination
I know.
Bo Tansky Jan 2023
Never mind, never mind
I’ve forgotten to think
Maybe I never knew how
What kind of thought is that
Can one take a thought back?
Oh never mind
But since I’m very kind
Take it back
I said to no one there
Sure hope it’s a white rabbit hole I went down
And not black
Don’t think I can deal with that
Take me back
To home on the range
For the insane
Where I learned to survive
In order to stay alive
Now I’m only looking for kind
So never mind, never mind
Nostalgia is maudlin
You felt like a pawn in
A game of chess
Let me guess
Your greatest fear come true
Someone who understands you
So many pens
Don’t get hung up on the words
And none of them work
You’re such a ****
But I still like you
Oh, never mind, never mind
I like who I am
So Play it Again Sam.
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