Taylor Kennerly Oct 2017
Your desire fuels me
I dance around your flames
Feeding you passion
Your inner most desires
Those that you did and did not know
I revel in your chemical reactions
The colors that you turn
And soon your flames leak out
Of the circle I’ve built around you
Warming my toes
Biting my heels
Bringing comfort
And fear
Yet not enough of either
So I don’t run
But I keep my eyes trained on you
Ready for whatever you may have in store
Weary of all that I know you will bring
Oct 18. 2017
  Oct 2017 Taylor Kennerly
I am the moon

I unleash
the lone wolf in you
I bring out
the madness in you

When the night
sneaks in
and the darkness
consume you
you would look up to me
and you would smile
knowing I am
the only one
who could set
your true self
call me luna
  Oct 2017 Taylor Kennerly
You called her beautiful, but that’s not what she was.

She was fire and flood. her words pounded against the sand like waves.

Her hands created art from pain, each stroke a painful stitch.

Her thoughts were flames from a wildfire, taking the world by smoke and ash.

She was not beautiful, and anyone who called her that felt her wrath.
To be edited :)
Taylor Kennerly Oct 2017
Until you do right by me
Everything you think about will fall
Your flowers will wilt
And karma will call
The price will paid in sacrifice
And blood
For the lies that you’ve told
And your betrayal of love
Oct 18. 2017
Taylor Kennerly Oct 2017
For every time you looked at me
And asked me how bad you were
I held my words at the tip of my tongue
And let them slide like glass
To back of my throat
Even now
The words are like vomit
Scraping my lungs
Cutting free at my chest
Desperate to be heard
I swallow gulps of prayers
Afraid that if anything except love
And flowers erupt
I will be cursed for what seems like another eternity
So I write
And I dream
And I wait
For the shards to emerge
And pierce skin again
Hopeful that this time it is your skin
Instead of mine.
Oct 18. 2017
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