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It doesn’t have to hurt any longer.
Believing love is worth it is a choice.
Love can break spirits but hearts are stronger.
Your need for love is speaking, hear its voice.

To be in love is to tear down your walls.
You’re defenseless but don’t have to be hurt.
Don’t let pain chase love away when it calls.
Your heart and soul weren’t made to be inert.

Not everyone who says “I love you” leaves.
There’s someone who’ll do everything to stay.
Though right now it’s not what your mind believes,
You heart will die if you chase love away.

Love seems to break our hearts beyond repair.
Yet love has kept the human race alive.
If we weren’t meant to love it wouldn’t be there.
So, love! I promise you you will survive.
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Bits of me leave a trail back to heartbreak.
Shattered like a broken glass dropped from above.
No relief from my perpetual ache.
But if I get to choose I still choose love.

Lost in a place so dark no need for eyes.
Brought down so low can’t see the sky above.
Trusted my heart though all it told were lies.
But if I get to choose I still choose love.

My soul gave up and left me just a shell.
Abandoned faith and by my *** above.
Each second worse than an eternal ****.
But if I get to choose I still choose love.

Lost everything except my beating heart.
My stubbornness commanded from above.
There’s no excuse to let these feelings start.
But if I get to choose I still choose love.
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emeraldine087 Jul 2013
I can still remember the day
   you first spoke my name.
Like a prayer, like a wish,
   you whispered, you called.
I can still remember the first
   time you smiled at me.
Never, before you, have I been
   breathless. Never before
have I been frozen in one minute
   of eternity , deep in your eyes.
I can still imagine the way you
   used to kiss me. For a heartbeat,
I was someone; I was needed; I was
   blessed. For a long time, I lived
by your kisses, existed by your touch,
   carried on by your embrace.
I had never known bliss until you
   chanced upon me and fished me
out of the choppy seas. You loved
   me, simply as I loved you back.
And we once thought we were invincible
   in each other's arms. We were immortal
because of each other's love. Not even death
   could separate us. But we came
upon the end of the wonderful journey. It
   wasn't death that made us see.

It was choice.
emeraldine087 Mar 2015
I will never get tired of loving you.

When the time comes that I will wake up,
tired of loving you,
I will choose to love you still:

Because you are my illness and my cure;
my insanity and my normalcy;
my wings and my gravity;
my exhaustion and my rest.

— The End —