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a daydreamer Oct 2018
I asked to him, "What are we?"
And then he only smiled and brushed my hair,
"What do you want in us?"
I looked him in the eyes, and saw gleaming stars,
You, I wanted to say, It's you that I want.
But the words that came was,
"I don't know."

He leaned closer to me,
brushing his lips across my cheek,
"Well, but I do," he said,
"I want you."
Leigh Oct 2018
I wish you were here
so I could hold you close
I wish I could hug you when my soul is crying out for someone
and that I could be there for you if you are to ever need me
I wish that soon one of us could get a car so we could have a magical day
and many more that follow
I wish I could see you and your smile each and every morning
and that I could wake up and see you next to me through the change of the seasons
I wish that in the mornings I could greet you with the cup of the perfect temperature tea or coffee
and the occasional breakfast in bed
I wish that every night after collage we could make dinner together
and talk about how are days are and what funny thing the birds did
I wish that we could travel the world together
and make beautiful adventures together
I wish that one day I could call you mine
even though commitment can sometimes be scary
it would be scary up in till the point where my brain would realize that it would be with you and how happy that would make me  
but for right now we are on earth together
as love hungry teens
fighting to stay alive and do school  
and be the perfect person
hoping that one day our wishes would come true
for them and the wonders that they work in my life
a daydreamer Jul 2018
“I'm a mess”, he said, eyes so hollow
that I barely recognize him at all. “I'm the most pathetic human, aren't I?”

I wanted to say, no, you're not.
You've got the most alluring soul
that most angels would walk on earth
only to see you.

No, you're not a shack of mess,
for your heart is built of beautiful memories
and delicate love, for your smile
is worth to go war for, for your heart
is all I want to protect for.

I wanted to say—

“C'mon, don't be too sad,” I said while
elbowing his shoulder. “You're cool,
you know that?”

When he kept quiet, I continued,
“Well, she's not the only person
on earth after all.”
I hope you notice me
a daydreamer Jul 2018
Hi, hello? Is that you?
Yeah, I've been looking for you—
A ten year-old girl who's got a crush
On the most beautiful boy in class,
But he's got a new girlfriend now
And you cry with your friends on
The middle of school field
Wishing it could've been you one day.

Hey, hello! Yeah it's me.
I've been looking for you too—
A nineteen-year-old woman who now
Lives by her own, being free and all,
Wbo can buy clothes and all you want
By yourself without having your mother
To worry about.

Oh, no, no. Maybe that's me,
Or maybe it's all just
In your imagination, dear.
I want to send a message—
Live and love and cry all you want,
You can repeat it again and again.
Promise me?

Why? I don't want to cry—
I don't want to feel heartbroken
By another ****** boys or another
****** school assignments again—

Oh, my dear.
It is much and much better,
Than having your heart cold as stone—
Unable to feel anything,
Even love.
A conversation I wish I could make—
To my much, younger person.
a daydreamer Jul 2018
Your name is all I pray on dawn worship,
Wishing you all well is all I need,
Hoping you to be in peaceful state,
Praying that you will get through your obstacles.

Sometimes I dream,
Of holding your hand,
Of laughing beside you
When the sun rises,
Or seeing your smile
On your cool face.

But when I see you,
I can't help but be quiet,
Passing through without
Saying hi,
'cause you're just too cool
To be mine.
a daydreamer Jun 2018
How is it that you're so far, but
Yet so close? I want to be seen
As the girl who catches flies, not
The girl who runs for the moon.

How is it that you haven't noticed
My soul? Even though I've been dancing and singing ahead you,
Dressing silly like most girls, with heavy make-up on?

How is it that you never put a glance
On my face? As if I were a fly passing
Through, or something you disgust

I want to be seen as the girl
In the magazines, or the girl
Who's got thousand dollar shoes, or the girl everyone loves.

But I'm just a debris to you.
Ezis Mar 2018
What would it be like
to have someone
who is your everything?
What would it feel like
to be someone’s

People talk about
finding this person
who they love forever
but why can’t everyone
have that?
Why can’t I
have that?

They say
one day you will find
the person you will
love forever
but right now
I have a hard time
finding anyone
besides the warm bodies
I find in the dark
on a dance floor
who I never see again

My person
I fear
is lost
gone from ever being found
He took the wrong exit
on his way to me
Mel Nov 2017
So there's this guy

I find peace in his vibes
I find true love for him even through my disguise

My several failed attempts to hid my love for him
Show me just how much I truly love him

He makes me feel like the sky's the limit
when I get down and limit myself to my surroundings

He has taken over my mind
24/7 my Thoughts and dreams are now filled with my 75 and 8

If only he could see my thought
If only he could read my mind
My 75 and 8 why are you so blind

We say were just "bestfriends"
He is my bestfriend
Maybe one day we can be more than "bestfriends"
but I do not know my fate
so I'll just sit and wait on my blind 75 and 8
Johndre Feb 2018
Love is complicated. Love can make you feel giddy and woozy until you feel like your heart is gonna explode from happiness, and yet love can make you feel so weak and lonely that you want to stop the world from revolving. Love can destroy you so bad that you would change, but love can also make you forget about all of your problems and make you feel like you're in Cloud 9. Love can either make us feel empty and fragile or make us feel complete that all of the pieces fit in our lives just like a puzzle. But love and true love are different things. True love wouldn't come at times when you want it to come, but it'll be there when you least expect it.  The right person wouldn't come at a wrong time or place, because the right person is timeless.
This is an essay we made today. Just wanted to post it because I haven't posted anything in a while. Please enjoy it.
Grace Spellman Jan 2018
and i guess i am selfish. because i really, really want you to be happy, always. i wanna see that smile that made me fall so hard for you. but i dont wanna see you happy if its with another person. i dont want you happy holding someone elses hand. i dont want you happy celebrating an anniversary with someone else. and i definitely, definitely dont want you to be happy, in love with someone else. because i want to be enough for you, i want you to feel your most excitement and wholeness and inner peace with me. i want you to be in love with me. i cant just be all poetic and beautifully tragic about it. i cant just think "i want you to be happy, even if thats not with me," because its not true. i want you to be happy, and i want to be the person that makes you happy. its as simple and frustrating as that.
love is confusing.
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