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Jamie Jun 13
He was a
Will only
Get in the way
So why do I miss him?

He will ruin
My dreams
Put a block
In the road to
So why am I craving his caresses?

He is far
Too needy
And doesnt
Care for you
So why am I willing to take a bullet for him?

You had to
do it
He was becoming
Too real
So why do I regret it?

He has no
No ambitions
So why am I completely infatuated by him?

He is toxic
And he promises
A world full of
So why do I want to accept his offer?

I pushed him away and no I hate myself for it
Jiya Apr 28
i dream about your lips...

...they look nice

pleasantly pink and supple
delectable even
i’m sure they’ll feel so wonderful
placed delicately upon mine

i indulge in the thought of your touch

(warm and safe)

curled up at your side
breathing you in
your scent unknown to me

something i’m eager to decipher

once i am released from this cage
i promise to devour you
every inch of your body
no secrets between our skin

and if you so choose clothes either...

just pure ecstasy
produced by the entanglement
of unveiled bodies

and teen angst

i fantasise about love
and how we might make it
time and time again
beside the purest of touch

(a soft embrace)

never forgetting it began with a song
and grew with isolation
cultivating longing
strengthening our bond...


        ­                                                                 ­       ...good enough...

...until the day i can hold your hand
i haven't been very active on this site for a while until my emails started blowing up due to a poem I wrote way back in 2018 when i was 14! i hope now that i'm mere days away from 16 my poetry has improved and matured. i'm sure 14 year old me is giddy with excitement over the traction that poem has gotten over the past day or two.
Hosea Harry Apr 24
I dare not tell you the truth, that I'm still searching for my affection towards you.....
perhaps I still believe in the myth, the fact that love is always there.

we're in the lost and found, but you always manage to drown me with your love, I no longer want to be a slave to you affections,
days have passed and we're still together, as you slowly drift to the back of my mind, day by day.

is there such a thing as endless love?

I no longer want to prove such a theory, there is no need for us to endure this much longer,
let us just say goodbye and break apart,
we'll keep the good things, and throw the bad things,
we'll remember the good moments and the bad memories for that's how we understand each other.

I dare not tell you the truth that the further we apart the less our heart bleeds
'No bleeding hearts'
nabi 나비 Apr 6
i can openly say that i'm deeply terrified
because i know
deep down
that you are the one i want to spend my forever with
and i've never said that before about anyone
when i think about who i want my kids to call their parents i want it to be us
every night i fall asleep waiting for the day where i can fall asleep next to you
when i say that i want to fall asleep to your laugh for the rest of my life
that's the truest statement i could ever speak to you
i know this is the scariest thing because we are so young
we have so much time and future left in our lives
but i know that i want you by my side for all of it
knowing you want me by yours is the biggest comfort i've ever experienced
here's to our forever ***
When I'm near my heart smiles
She lightens my mood
Controls my world
That's why I love her.

She's phenomenal
My one true love
I can't do without her
I gave her the keys to my heart
And she gave me hers.

Can I leave?
No, no, I can't
She owns me,
I own her.
Love is such a wonderful thing. Even my crush is not all that interested, she knows that they'll always be a place in my heart for her. Inspired by my crush.
Litzy Oct 2019
is it crazy?
to think
that if you fall in love with me
it would totally be too early
but we could totally still last forever
Where was my lover?
I cried myself to sleep, ricocheting the echo of his absent voice on the walls of my interior.

The broken record finally fixed itself.

I laid my head upon his soul and absorbed the warmth of companionship.
My arteries plucked one by one,
He loves me
He loves me not
He loves m—
Effort flowed effectively from the standing petals and then he came along.
We combined together to make a beautiful flower. Shades of happiness and love.
It was our heart, not his, not mine, ours.
JaxDillon Jun 2019
The way you speak, brings joy to my head
Heals all the bad memories I witnessed
For you, I must love
You are the one
My only
Without you
I couldn't do a single thing
You and me being apart
Is like separating
Buttons from your cloak
Makes no sense
Which is why
We should never be apart
For you
O I ask for your hand
For your heart, you may be careful
As it had already dropped and shattered
O may you not do the same and be very careful
It is fragile you see
I love you my darling
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