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Gadus Oct 2017
Choose the lie that you were ever in love with anyone other than yourself

Choose the lie that you were ever in love with yourself

Choose friends that you share but a skin-deep connection with

Choose loneliness in a crowd over the solitude of self improvement

Choose instant gratification over any chance of fulfillment

Choose the drink instead of realizing your potential

Choose to squander instead of coming to terms with who you are

Choose a window over a wall

Lady Ace May 2017
My thirst for love is so strong
So unquenched
It makes me forget who and where and what I am
And I want to run
Run away
From what?
Who knows
I turn up the noise
And run
As far as I dare
I don't listen to real life
I don't let it in
Reality cannot permeate my golden bubble
My crystal casing
It will protect me
Until it fades
Soon it will fade
Nothing will be left
Except for a few wisps
Of bright white hair and paper
To chase
Or not to chase
Don't let it fade!
Run to the light
Or find safety in the darkness
Drink up the love you find
Let breath rack your writhing body
You deserve a thrill
Then the fear comes
Real sound (so to speak like)
Lock them out!
You could run for miles
Keep breathing
Choose life
*Choose life
Duke Thompson Feb 2016
Cracks in the foundation -
They don't make 'em like they used to. Chipped concrete, rusted rebar
Fading facade

I make facile arguments
Excuse myself

Blame mental illness
Blame the drugs, the molly years
Blame ****** (I don't choose life)

Ian McGregor

Blame the ****** February weather
Blame the itchy sweater
That is life

If that truly is life then,
Become I conscientious objector?
Already live in Canada

Blame the city
Blame the *****
Blame yourself

They say we have agency
I grasp, I reach
But the fruits
Are bitter sweet
**** the bed honey
Like Spud lovely

Which lines do I keep?
And who to throw away?

— The End —