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Heather Moon Feb 2020
Feathered skin
Soft heart
Hold my hand
Just like
We are children
Running freely
I wish to kiss your lips
Cup your face in my palms
And pull you closer
like nothing stands in the way
Of such temptation
Inspired to be the wind
Every wildflower
Singing to this
open road
Of freedom
Heather Moon Sep 2019
The morning sun rises
Bussing onward to some delicious mountain surprises
Beaming Orange skyline
Pink clouds so fine

I surrender to the longing in my heart
To wrap itself around you
An insurmountable
expression of love and gratitude
You bring forth a magnificent magnitude
A force that flows through me
Golden waters
Honey nectar dripping from my body
Calling to you
Reaching this delicious peak of love
Heather Moon Sep 2019
Where did that forgotten time go
She asks, curious
Staring deep like water
into my life of photos

And I wonder
How once I was just like her
Curious and free
Now a domesticated rose that rests still within a vase
Dust gathering in the petals,
She looks upon the marred photograph,

Time slips like a crescent moon upon the horizon,

Where did the wildflower of my heart go I wonder
She looks at me and sees herself,
I look into her and
I see myself.
Heather Moon Sep 2019
There is an drum we all carry
The pulse of our hearts
A sacred dance
A rhythmic journey
The preciousness
Of this thump

I want your body in my body

To feel you
As we envelop ourselves in ecstacy
Golden honey dripping from my thighs
Your flesh a feast for my soul
Heather Moon Sep 2019
Tonight drums beat in the after world
As my ancestors sing loudly for the ones coming home.

Tonight the sky painted herself the deepest blue I have ever seen,
Winged creatures cry out to this spreading landscape.
Stars shoot brightly upon mothers canvas.

Tonight my breath is heavy
So steadily I fill my lungs and watch the vapor freeze into the night air.

I am melting between realities,
dripping slowly into the unknown.
Tonight I am anxious and alive,
I am swallowing myself whole.
Awaiting calm to let her voice be heard through the silence.

I can feel the world shaking,
The moon turning her tides,
As ancient oceans lap against shorelines...
As ancestorial songs
Pulse in my heart.

Tonight I can feel the drums beating in the afterworld...
My blood carries their song.
Heather Moon Sep 2019
I'll meet you here
In the heart of silence,

When Dusk has drunk his last sip of day
And nights slips in like a silken whisper,
A single flame to light the way.

When the frantic running catches up,
may you succumb.
When all is left
are desperate prayers
Sent to brazen skies,
may you listen.

I'll meet you here,
In the heart of silence.

We hold these bodies,
Unsure of what is us
Or what is the universe around us,
Dancing stardust.

And what do the ocean waves take
and what do they leave?
What is ours to hold
or to grieve?
To let go of,
or to retrieve?

Surrendered unto the
Wisdom of this Earth.

I'll meet you here in
the heart of silence,
The place
Where life rests her wary bones,
And truth reveals her gentle song,
Where wisdom and knowing slowly
wrap themselves around you,
the pulse flows soft and strong,

And all else falls away.
Heather Moon Sep 2019
A Late night saxophone wizard has set up shop on the lonely streets. A night rider, he travels by bike. Composed of Mysterious magic with a red velvety soul.
He exudes juicy music like milky ways swirling into this wilted night. Reviving the hearts of parched souls of these desolate streets. He calls to flaming spirits long after the midnight hour.
The Bellows of smooth jazz catch my ear and I'm sparked alive.
Mischievously young
and free
with nowhere to be.
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