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Heather Moon May 4
I'll meet you here
In the heart of silence,
When Dusk has drunk his last sip of day
And nights slips in like a silken whisper,
A single flame to light the way.
When the frantic running catches up,
may you succumb.
When all is left
are desperate prayers
Sent to brazen skies,
may you listen.
I'll meet you here,
In the heart of silence.
We hold these bodies,
Unsure of what is us
Or what is the universe around us,
Dancing stardust.
And what do the ocean waves take
and what do they leave?
What is ours to hold
or to grieve?
To let go of,
or to retrieve?
Surrendered unto the
Wisdom of this Earth.
I'll meet you here
in the heart of silence,
The place where life
rests her wary bones,
And truth reveals her gentle song,
Where wisdom and knowing slowly
wrap themselves around you to stay,
their pulse flows soft and strong,
And all else falls away.
Heather Moon May 4
A letter to my inner child:
I speak
to your heart, to the longing within you,
to the Earth that rings through you.
Dearest child,
With eyes wide and innocent,
With palms held open unto this world,
Please trust
in this love.
You will find many distractions
in this lifetime.
You will find
Many pretty faces with false pretenses,
Tainted colors flashing,
Promises with no roots,
Fake smiles and sweaty palms
All lead you into blindness.
You will find
Tangled arms reaching for you,
Pulling you into the swarm,
Tugging from wars within,
begging you
to join the confusion.
You will find
A shell of a world
Loud noises, greedy oil,
and zipping cars
Disguised as redemption.
Do not lose your way,
This labyrthm may swim around you
but your heart is the mountain,
Steadfast and strong.
The moon is your guardian,
May she guide you.
Your soul is the lion,
May she Roar.
Do not fall in love dear one,
Do not lose your way dear child,
There is beauty
In listening,
There is beauty
in honour,
There is truth
in the silent path.
You will find racing speeds and excitement, enjoy these fleeting moments
As warm gifts of
But do not disregard
the wisdom
that beats and blossoms
from your heart.
For the voice that
walks with you,
that wakes with you,
will lead you
To exactly
where you are meant to be,
So listen.
It will lead you back home
To the glowing alter
of your
own sacred light.
It will lead you back home,
To the vast mighty
you are
were born to be.
Heather Moon Mar 7
Allow the heaviness to sink in around you.
Allow the dust in the room to settle, fall calmly to the Earth.
Let go of the thousands of words unspoken.
Allow yourself to surrender.
Feel this sinking upon your shoulders,
this lifetime of burden is your own voice singing out.
You are the lotus amidst murky waters.
This weight is yourself calling to yourself.
Allow the throbbing of your heart to receive your prayers.
Allow yourself to come home to this body,
longing to receive you.
Patiently waiting.
Place your palm upon your chest.
Allow this intimacy to run from you
back to you.
To return these chords of familiarity to where they belong.
Allow the dust to settle.
And remember to Be proud
of the river that flows
through you
and your beating heart.
Heather Moon Feb 16
I know better
yet I fall too easily.
Something about the way you reminded me of someone I once knew
in a story written long before.
The time before I grew into this skin,
the time when I was seeking myself in novels with big words which I didn't understand.
How did I trust you
to hold my heart
when I saw how you held yours.
Heather Moon Feb 7
Love is Fire
entrancing, free, wild and courageous.
Eyes of magnificence beam brightly.
Love is Fire
but not just the flame,
Love is the logs,
burning pillars,
devoting themselves as walls to the holy temple,
steadfast and strong.
Love is Fire,
but not just the burning,
Love is the glow of the embers.
When time has faded like a setting sun and
wrinkles mark themselves boldly upon this face,
what is left of us but the comforting glow of embers,
deep within our hearts?
Love is Fire,
but not just the flame,
not just the fuel which feeds the fire,
not just the embers glowing,
Love is the ashes.
Ashes immemorial, ashes which speak to the very same stardust of which our bones are comprised.
Love is Fire,
but not just the flame, nor the fuel, nor the remnant coals, nor is it the ashes,
Love is the dust.
The dust from which the ashes transform into.
This dust scatters freely to the wind,
ageless yet imbued with memories.
This ancient dust carries song of the heart in the wind,
Love is Fire, but not just the flame.
Heather Moon Sep 2017
We dove into the wide deep Ocean,
And our bodies we smothered with blue,
For its what we were told
we had to do.

So we bathed in an endless bathtub of pigmented royal blue,
For its what we were told we had to do.
What we had to do.

We stood like mighty mountains of granite and stone,
We bowed in acceptance,
letting Blue Sink in further,
Further she gripped to our bone.

We listened as this indigo mystery whispered tales told in ancient tongues,
And we breathed her in like the crisp night sky as she slowly filled the hollowness of our lungs.

Diligently we dressed in her black velvet,
Worn smoothly upon our skin.
She brought us the love we longed for,
And So we let her in.

She wrapped all around us,
Gently rocking from side to side.
She showed us the big white moon,
And how to use the darkest forest as our guide.

And we fell ever more into her waters
And we fell ever more unto her song.
The Salty Ocean pulled us into her waves, and oh how we rode along.

Blue danced from our souls,
She danced from our fingertips,
She howled in growls,
And kissed the echoing prayers
Dripping from our lips.

Blue left us in madness clawing at whitened walls,
seeking her truth beyond the rises and far beyond the falls.

We crashed and we cried
How tightly she had tied,
Her laced clutches pried,
To escape; we tried,
But the Ocean goddess follows her own flow
And it is up to us to grow.

Please, says the cries,
Reveal hope in our eyes,
Rain blessings from the skies,
Lift us from the lies.

So staggering footstep by footstep
We learned how to walk on water,
And we churned with the deepest secret dance of the Earth and
Oceans daughter.


Tides may change and years, they pass,
yet the silver shadows may still glimmer within the glass.

And I wear this cloaks chill
of blue still,
maybe I always will,
For it is one which I'll never know how to untie.

Though blue taught me not
to untie;
She taught me how
even on Winters frozen winds
we may catch with capes the icy breeze and set out to fly!~
Heather Moon Jul 2017
This is not a time to celebrate,
although do reverberate
in the goodness of mother all around.
But this is not a time to celebrate for nothing,
so lost child find your feet upon the ground.

This is not a time for drop in and drop out
or a “yes please maam” to that sugar coat
worn upon the folds of this bittersweet reality.

This is not a time to deny the divinity
or to choose not to see
where our prayers and actions are called and needing.

This is...
a time
to listen to the ones who are bleeding,
who are pleading,
Their prayers out into the open,
like water from a vessel which has broken.

This is the time
to listen to the windy songs of spirit,
and the voices bare-***** howling,
and the belly's growling.

This is a time to know.

To know how to grow!

No more justifications or hesitancy
when the truth is blatantly
crying for us to hear!

This is not a time to laugh at or mock the greater flock!

This is a time to stand in unity,
to stand in solidarity.

This is a time to follow the pulse of our beating heart...

….....Stop to listen.......

This is a time to feel the earth
just like how she feels us.

This is a time to honor and respect.
This is a time to accept
the salt of our tears
and the strength in our rage.

This is the time,
So may we kneel with our knees upon her forest floor,

And in silence may we pray,
may we say
a final goodbye to this rotting cage.~~~~
Wrote this on public transit the other day.. sometimes being so woven into society gives me inspiration for writing.. unedited journal style classic...
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