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Gadus Jun 2019
long are the nights
for the ones who will long
for the things they don’t need
more than the prospect of
life itself
Gadus Jan 2019
Jump from a bridge into a stream
High up in view: the dark sky spinning
Cannot shake my binding roots
Fixed until they are fully torn

A shielded stranger keeps still
Indifference being the function
Minding my own as my body knots
And my torso turns to wood
wooden cabins and salty air in heaven
Gadus Jan 2019
you take a stride with effervescence
exuding an unbridled wanderlust
can you teach me to live blissful amongst strangers?

still in the moments free of derivations
as if i'm not a passenger
set in motion by accident

laugh or smile or shrug it nonchalant
brisk against us, not yet looped around us
to feel alive
Gadus Mar 2018
the past is a dream that comes back,
                                 in the waning moments
                                       in the sloping seconds
                                            taking all images with them
Gadus Feb 2018
The years impending
A belt pulled tightly
Grasping for life
Visible from the box

Reach from inside
Slips through palms
An enticing fog
Ubiquitous within
More siloliquy
than substance
Gadus Feb 2018
ride past the afterglow
then out the pasture
beige fields on both sides

shrug out of it
drift toward the crossroads
as lights provoke vigilance

halt in a metallic mess
punctured in performance
with no nirvana to speak of
Gadus Nov 2017
She said,
you're smart
and brave

So I lived as a pontificated adjective

He said,
you can be anything
do anything
make a difference

So I wrote about helping the less fortunate

They said,
you can live in the garden
bask in the infinite
taste the fruits of eternity

But i'm already bored of the sweetness

You can believe in something in the face of nothing

choose whatever
you choose
like you
know you
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