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Abby Nov 2020
I can hear your message
But it’s not loud and clear
It’s whispered in pockets of silence
In soft leaves rustling
Clinging on the trees branches
Ready to move on

I can hear your message
It’s spoken in the stillness
The tiny moments in between
The fast pace, loud world

I can hear your message
If I stop and notice
If I listen to the beat of my heart
Its almost as though
I hear the beat of yours in between

Gently, relentlessly
Whispering confidently

You can do it
You can do it
Abby Aug 2020
Of all the places in the house you could be
You’re sitting on me
Sharing a moment in time
Oh, isn’t this divine

And then you're gone.
The honour of having your cat choose your lap. Soothing but usually fleeting.
Abby Jul 2020
The rain surrounds me
With whispers of empathy
Abby Jul 2020
Here I am
Sat on the opposite side
A different perspective
Light and dark
How easy it would be to walk over there
That angle
That viewpoint
But I choose here
I choose this angle today
I choose light
Birds singing

I have made anchors here
I have made roots
I have planted seeds and
Spent years watering them

So I’m not afraid of over there
I know I’ll pass by again at some point
But I think I can come back

I can come back
I have roots here
And I see that
In the sunshine
I was thinking about looking at the same thing from different perspectives and the different experiences that happen depending on where you’re looking at ‘it’ from.
Abby Jun 2020
My eyes sting
From searching for answers
My head aches
From the noise of my thoughts
A torturous dripping-tap of anxiety
Thought after thought
Like the piles of papers surrounding me
Fact, fiction, dates, past, future
The absence of now
All ******* up
Into a weighty ball of
Rolling around
With no direction
It makes
No sense
Abby Jun 2020
Is closer to the truth
My skin feels heavy on my body
Heavy around my eyes
Hanging off my jaw

My brain feels thick
Eyes unfocused
And not trying

Hot furrowed brow
Heart beat quick
And pained
Hidden under a shallow movement of chest
I don’t even know if I’m breathing

Hot pools lurk behind my tired eyes
The word ‘sad’ is too small and simple for such a feeling.
Abby Jun 2020
Every time I say
“I love you”
It feels so insignificant
Compared to the way
I feel about you
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