You both have such beautiful minds
Beautiful hearts
Beautiful souls
Sweet Eleanor and wondrous Ezra
Everytime my visitation is granted
You are lights in my world
And you open my eyes
Remember these words that I have for you

Never stop loving fearlessly
Because once you do, the world has won
Fight like the princess and prince you are
Only you can choose your kindnesses
Speaking of which,
Always always choose kindness
There is never reason not to
If I catch you being even a little bit mean
You can be assured I will be talking for hours
Please know that time is not money
Time is love
Spend your time on family and friends
The rest will fall in place eventually

But above all else
Never stop searching for the beautiful in each day

If I could turn back the hands of time
And have the ability to reclaim you
I wouldn't
Not in a million billion years
Because everything happens for a reason
And I believe there is nothing that
Could make anything better
If not for then I wouldn't be where I am now
And neither would you
I'd be okay with just friends
Because to tell the truth
I only "love" you when I'm sad these days
Back then I loved you always
But not now
Now I am better
I am stronger
If I could turn back time
I'd be weaker.

Now why the hell would I do that to myself?

She left and so did all the stress
He came back, the feelings haven't yet
     (They're probably on the way)
I'm better than ever
Stress-free (well, close enough)
Interview soon to happen
Enjoying all the little things
Because life is too damn to not search for every sparkle

She was obsessed and suicidal
what else can i say.
I could only be there so much.

When diseased with painful coughs
Or any sort of ailment
I become a small child again
Claiming the world is acting
It feels yucky in my throat and I want to cry
The uckiness is too overwhelming
And I think my childish nature
That reappears in the midst of
Germs and ickiness
Is trying to tell me that
Some people are just giant germs
Trying to get me sick

I needed to be a four year old
With a twinge of mom today
I didn't want to look at my problems
In fact, I wanted them to erase
I thought that I could be fantastic
But learned that I could be great
I convinced myself I could get away with
All this evading of my pain

I wanted to paint pictures, suck my thumb
Thinking it would be okay to love
I desire to see the world and all of its beauty
And I have decided that will be enough

Only then will I be happy
When I see a world filled with peace
I'm learning that sometimes to be a big girl
I have to think like a little one
Because being so open
Is a grand and simple solution

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