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Samm Marie Mar 5
I said platonic
He said try again
Samm Marie Mar 2
In my dreams I am single
Building wealth and surrounded by friends
The desert sun kisses me awake
And continues making love to my soul all through the day
In my dreams I am limitless and free
My ambition is unchallenged and naysayers are ******
I move in authenticity
Which only arouses me more
In my dreams I am alive
Dancing through every gifted moment
Flames of passion rush through my veins
And my every cell vibrates with excitement
But when I wake up it all crashes
And I am deafened by the silence
I am compressed by the limitations of the one next to me
But it isn't his fault; it's my own
Samm Marie Feb 28
I'm reading your favorite book
The one I saw you reading months ago
With the broken spine
And worn thin pages
Discovering more and more pieces of you
In every tumbling line
Every word takes my breath away
Reminding me how in love I am with your soul
I look up from the print as you do a little dance
Everything you make is perfect and the lemon drops have my head a little spinny
Even in our spats we fall deeper in love
Our apartment overlooks the city
Each and every night is so romantic
Our love is passionate and deep and real
We go on the greatest adventures
No two days are the same
And I finally feel alive and supported in my drive
But none if it's real because for all I know
That book was bought used for a class assignment due the next day
I'll never know because I never got up the courage to ask
Samm Marie Feb 28
I think it's finally time to file the papers
My love is infinite but it's turned platonic
Samm Marie Feb 19
Speckled concrete jitters
Sweaty knees knocking
Three seconds of brave
And she leaps
She's flying and confidence rises
Risk is what she craves
Knowing even three weeks ago
She never would have
Said yes to adventure
To life
But now she refuses to say no
Even when she's terrified
And has one second of "oh ****"
Samm Marie Feb 7
Italian shores sparkling like champagne
New York streets bustling, humming my name
Sedona palms and eternal light
Lou'siana grandeur, twinkling nights
Samm Marie Feb 6
I mourn the life I'll never live
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