To know that I am worth
More than anyone can give
But also
I have suffered enough
To know that I generally
Am willing to compromise my being

No such thing as too much kissing
No such thing as too much love
No such thing as too many hours staring at each other
No such thing as too many cuddles
No such thing as too much longing
No such thing as too much love

  Aug 8 Samm Marie Moore

Its better to keep to your own
Than walk through another's doors
For an unwanted opinion
Is best kept to oneself
Than the one who never asked

"When all is said and done: don't walk, you better run. Girl, you better get out while you can. You think that this is love; you don't wanna give him up. If you stay he'll turn on you again" -Kelsey Hickman

I've realized
Abuse is abuse
No matter the format
No matter the medium
I believe it is finally
Time to move on
Time to move forward
Cut the ropes
To the bridge
Maybe even light a little fire
Or shoot off Roman candles
Either way
I must learn
To breathe
For myself

These are just thoughts that have crossed through my mind as I have listened to "When All Is Said and Done" by Kelsey Hickman religiously this last weekend. The title is also lyrics in her song

And don't return
At least not until
I truly love myself undeniably

I keep wanting to email you
But I promised myself
I wouldn't cave


Why would I want to be
anyone else?

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