"Insanity, disease"

Does it have shape?
Or is it colored
like black and white
deformation of the mind
Lost, aggravation
Indubitably torment
Difficulty, madness
All screwed up into one
Wandering about
Hopelessness, confusion
Demean comprehension
Of one’s own existence
Insanity, disease
Infection of the soul
Is it the end?
Or is it oblivion
Slowly consuming
the mind.

"you are all combinations insanity could mix."
Baphomae Cyntheri 

Decrepit creature, in the cellar you dwell,
to be at the side of the "angel" that fell.
The door was cast open, my words - yours to slur,
the glimpse of your face, forever a blur.

Consumed in smoke, to linger at demand,
you were given to me, you're mine to command.
A desolate figure, with the number of six,
you are all combinations insanity could mix.

As a nothingness to live, to be as a whole,
to exist like a human, but to feed from a soul.
You are every hate but love I can acquire,
the sadistics of fantasy, the perversions of desire.

The purity of innocence, all knowledge to contain,
The hatred to breed, the murder to refrain.
The being to devour, the being to let be,
to know, to dare, to will, to remain silent is to see.

Fear not he is there, fear so that he is,
to feed from the source you've convinced him is his.
He knows not what you are, but he knows it too well,
to exist in your life, he knows not where you dwell.

You know who you are, but he feels of himself not,
you are all that he craves, he is all that you sought.
He is the sanity to forever keep you mundane,
he is the power to forever keep you insane.

He is the understanding, the logic to be told,
the agony to breathe, the death you hold.
He is yours for the taking, but so are you,
The connection to what you can't have,
but the connection to what you do.

"That insanity houses within"
Anon C 

Lost in a sea of darkness for years
A rotting corpse, eternally still
Sea of darkness born from tears
Drowning in silence so shrill

Mind gone, never ending chasm
Reach out, naught will be found
Sanity merely a phantasm
What is real, illusions abound

Wrath filled hands reaching in
Threatening to disrupt the balance
That insanity houses within
Forever feeding on malice

Look now into cold, empty eyes
Eyes of a corpse you despise

"he ability to avoid all this that is my insanity riddled with debris"
Anon C 

Housing thoughts that so often incite
a sick sort of darkness, that may cause one to shy away
so all these thoughts are for you that I write
so you can walk amongst my dreams and view the decay
feeling the need for you to see every corner of my mind
and were you to decide to turn and run far from me
you can before it is too late, lest to my darkness be confined
this allows the ability to avoid all this that is my insanity riddled with debris

There is of course a light within my darkness as well
for every Yin there is a Yang or so I hear
therefore on darkness I will not always dwell
hopefully this can alleviate any fear
and reassure that there also lies hope and love within my soul
a lot of which by you is often times inspired
basking in so much light, releasing me from despair's control
it is these things about you I have always admired

So please, take a stroll down the many paths my mind holds
I will hope they are not too overwhelming as they begin to unfold

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