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Shaurya Pal Jan 2014
Once bitten,the poison intensifies.
Once fallen,the angel cries.
Once corrupted,a nation dies.
Once betrayed,Revenge survives.

Look at you,
your aggravated agony,
it flows through you,
the lust for indemnity.
You no longer hide,
the pain,it outlives you.
The humiliation inside,
Revenge,it seeks you.
Regain the selfish pride,
else suffering,it awaits you.
At long last you must decide,
if not,
this sense of shame,
it'll **** you.

You couldn't hurt a fly,
now you must dispose off the swarm,
it would only be fair to try,
and cause a bit of harm,
to those who hurt you,
to those who deceived you.
Time for bitter coldness is nigh,
enough hiding in the warm,
it won't help you.

No friend or foe,
shall follow your quest,
alone you are now,
do what you are at best.
Think not,follow instincts,
for all that thinking has slowed you down.
Your conscience is your enemy,
for all that morality,
has made you look like a clown.

Its the very code of life,
do unto others,
what they did to you.
Mustn't you suffer,
for such brave men are few.

Follow your heart,
finish what they started.
Crush those cretins,
for the vile they crafted.

Go out there,
show them what you're made of,
with all that scheming and plotting,
there's nothing to be scared of
so unshroud your fears,
abandon your courtesy,
put the fear in them,show no mercy
Shaurya Pal Jan 2014
Wake up!
You suicidal imbecile,
Before you close your eyes forever.
The Lord questions your existence,
You answer cowardly.

Throw away,
The poison you concocted,
Miseries don't end in a gulp.
The World where change is a desire,
You welcome disappointment.

Give up,
Your pretentious love,
You fancy everything carnal.
Spifflicate the make-believe world,
You're no artist.

For friends lost, love forgotten,
Identity stolen, families abandoned.
The Universe harbors treachery,
You're no survivor.

Don't run,
From which you cannot hide,
Ignorance is not always bliss.
Bury your head in the sand,
You're in denial.

Be fair,
To those who cared,
Whether you're with them or not.
Humanity has no bias,
You're no monster.

Your strength for the days to come,
You'll need it to thwart the negativity.
Always a reward for the early bird.
You're no opportunist.

Shove it,
The logic that you impugn,
This inhuman trait of yours.
For someone as rational as you,
You don't make sense.

And when you accept what is real,
Don't forget to tender exact change.
For the Fare share of your sins,
You are solely responsible.

Don't go by my words,
It's just me and my thoughts abound.
For I seek the truth and nothing more.
Where The World relies on seers and oracles,
I'm no soothsayer.
Shaurya Pal Jan 2014
Seasoned melancholia,
The wrath of life.
Levelled free will,
A dangerous strife.
Kissing this poison,
Drinking my pain.
Swallowing vermin,
Throwing up in vain.
It ends with you,
Take this to your grave.
My story for you,
Isn’t the hunger you crave.

In the dark,
There lay a corpse,
Dead as dead could be.
Covered in blood,
The body decayed.
The screaming had veered,
An eerie silence prevailed.
I was alone with him.
I bore witness to the event,
It unfolded when he had stretched out his hand,
Toward, stupefied by the beauty,
Pulled in by the magnanimity.
I saw it all, up, close and personal.
I felt nothing, no remorse no conscience,
It was strange, the man had no relevance.

But I cried nonetheless,
Wept at his foolishness,
The fatal attraction lead to his end.
His stubborn belief to relieve all,
To save a soul he himself would fall.
In the hands of a stranger,
The devil all along.

Mesmerized by the set of eyes,
He walked himself to a surprise,
Before I could even blink my eye,
A wave of thunder swept the sky.

I panicked, hid myself tight,
The stranger helpless, got struck by the light.
Ecstatic, in shock he imbibed a misconception,
The eyes being admired were of awry intention.

As I took refuge in the darkness,
Gawking at the scenery speechless.
The stranger losing his cool, nigh suicidal,
Gave up, and terminated his life cycle.

I came close to the cadaver,
And squeezed out his soul.
It couldn’t have lasted forever,
Ending up as the Devil’s finger bowl.

And I dragged, dragged it all along,
To a refuge safe from the devil’s own.
I brought him to my humble abode,
A cage small enough for one or two whole.
I placed the weightless spirit on the floor,
He woke up and saw me leaving through the door.
Shouted at the top of his mettle, “You! I know you!”.
“Hush” I proclaimed. “You need not worry,
There’s another soul I seek and need to carry,
And bring it here before it’s too late.
Till then you relax here, in your undead state.”

The Ethereal now confused and dumbfounded,
Quietened himself, feeling astounded.
One last time he gathered courage,
“You can’t leave me here, I have done nothing wrong!
This place scares me, I’m not that strong.”
“Oh but you have no choice,
You were brought here by your actions,
This IS where you belong.”

And with that I left him hopeless,
Opened the door and locked it with firmness.
The outside air smelled bitter,
The rusty surrounding was no better.
With disgust I set my path precise,
Avoiding the stranger’s delinquent cries.
Blasted myself off the ground,
Towards a place which reeks with chaotic freedom,
A hermitage, sane man’s Elysium.
Magnolia, the mental asylum.
There committed was a man,
Who had dared to escape with a sound plan.
His inner demons tortured and pestered him,
With psychological pain, detaching limb from limb.
I was his guide, his guardian angel.
As I approached the tortured male,
A creature so weak, color yellowish pale.
Locked in a room, a chance to unveil.
I woke him up with my sweet dreary voice,
“Rise, awaken my soul.”
And I opened the door with a loud crack,
“Hurry up, lest the guard will be back.”

With that it was enough for the man,
To take the hint in the small span.
He fled with the meagre chance he got,
He wouldn’t stand another day in this rot.
Believing in my words, he opened the door,
Only to get caught again, as before.

The doctor tied him to a work bench,
The man writhing away, repulsed by the stench.
“Don’t resist, the society cannot accept you,
You killed your wife and children, their ******’s on you.”
At this point I knew I had to step in, else I’d never acquire,
His soul, the sweet nectar, which I dearly desire.

I stood beside him, so that only he could hear my whisper,
“You’re no killer, don’t pay heed,
Your whole life was laden with good deeds.
Rebel, Cause chaos, never give a ****.”
And he obeyed, like a good little lamb.
They held him, prepared the equipment,
He moaned and groaned a denial indignant.
The stage for lobotomy was set,
For his beliefs stood virtually *****.
I placed my hand on his shoulders,
My unwavering touch, aiding his composure.
The doctor struck and I took his grace.
That was all, the seraphim now intact,
My purpose was served.

The stranger’s soul on the other hand,
Grew impatient in the demoniac land.
Bright light engulfed his thoughts and blinded him,
Shattered his notions, faltered his whim.
Appeared a man in straightjacket with bloodshot eyes,
A fierce expression adorned his face.
Was this my savior? Or was he the reaper’s prize?
Will I vanish from the face of the earth?
Or shall I die again tonight?
I was tired now, exhausted.
So I sat in front of them,
Both looking at each other,
Then at me.
The stranger cried,
“It was You! They were Your eyes!
The eyes that deceived me,
Lured me closer then tricked me!!
Either you’re the devil himself,
Or someone completely insane!”
“He’s not insane….” Said the crazy
“It’s a ‘She’ and a spirit so pure,
My good shepherd, an avenging angel,
Who saved me from my cure.
He’s the reason why I’m free now.”
I smiled, amused and amazed at the contrast,
I shall hold back a little and see how long it would last.

“You are to be blamed for my condition,
You brought me here to devour me,
It was your scheming leading to my damnation.”
“So untrue, she’s my path to redemption,
It was she, who believed me and cared for me,
When nobody in the world would help so easily.”
“You don’t realize, he took advantage of the darkness and stabbed me,
He broke my trust and attacked fiercely.”
The stranger had retrieved his long lost will,
Thought it was a battle he couldn’t sit still.
The man in the straightjacket too was fed up,
Hearing allegations about his angel, he stood up.
“You lie, she cannot be so cruel, it was God himself who had sent her
To aid me and put me out of my misery.”

It is the very nature of human so judging,
Faith in their instincts was far more than recurring.
How will mankind evolve?
If it cannot see beyond its own self,
How will mankind survive?
If we keep fighting amongst ourselves.

With a huge sigh I pitched in,
Else this would be a debate never finishing.
“Fools of darkness and insanity,
I speak for you and you only,
I am the result of your delusions,
I am what you want me to be.
I am your savior and your killer,
The factor you avoid so carelessly.
Do not blame me for your doings,
I never attacked you in the darkness,
Nor I opened the door for you,
My eyes were never that captivating,
My soft voice was never comforting.
I am your imagination,
Your brainchild.
Yet you mold me in the worst way possible.
True I was there when you were dying,
But you summoned me and begged for an answer,
All I am is fire to your fuel.

In front of you there is a choice,
Only one of you qualifies,
To get out of this purgatory.
One in heaven one in hell,
Decide amongst yourselves,
I’ll be ready when you choose to tell.”

Both now baffled and flummoxed,
The choice they had was a paradox.
The deserving shall win the argument,
The other shall be caged and boxed.
For me neither mattered,
I act as a silent observer,
From what I know they’d **** each other,
My faith in humanity can never be restored.

Strange however, they didn’t utter a word.
They were just silent, staring at each other,
Interesting, humans always amaze me.
But my job wasn’t done just yet,
I reached out my hand and prepared a pyre,
A hell for both if they choose to retire.
“Decide and push your friend in the fire,
The other shall inherit the Pearly Gates.”

They now were just struck dumb,
The fire in front had made them numb.
I stood amused smacking my tongue,
Waiting for the serenade to be sung.
For when the instincts kick in,
Only one would survive, the other will burn.
I stood anxiously, anticipating their turn.

Together now they held hands,
Approached the fire and stopped.
What a surprise! They both decided to off themselves,
Foolish again, the outcome had flopped.
The Stranger and the Crazy, looked straight at me,
“If you’re our imagination, you don’t decide our fate,
If you’re our creation, our lives you cannot dictate.
Foolish we were, not recognizing you,
Cowards we’re not, we now construe.
You lived many lives, the lives we give,
We don’t permit you to outlive
Beyond our hopes and imagination.
We’ve had enough, time to end this fantasy,
We no longer bow down to your indecency.”

And in a flash before I could cerebrate,
They pushed me hard, their spirits elate.
I fell into the flames, of the everlasting fire,
Who knew my own design would be my funeral pyre?

The basket case neared as I was torn asunder,
“Even though I believed you tried to help,
I knew somewhere I was to be blamed,
I was no longer the innocent whelp,
You had intended to be tamed.
Die now in peace as I choose to forget,
This is your punishment, bear no regret.”

The stranger too, had something to say,
“Listen to me before you decay,
I lived as a fool, blindly trusting you,
In the light of darkness, I believed you to be true.
I now realize, after my demise,
You’re just pathetic fragment of my life,
An actor, who played his part all along,
There’s no happy ending for you,
You must pay for what you did wrong.
Die in pain as I won’t forget,
This is your penalty, you corrupted silhouette.”
With these last words, I faded into oblivion,
Hell awaited me,
This is what I get, for being their progeny.
All this time I believed they were fools,
Honing their servility.
The calmness before the storm,
The levelling of free will,
No freedom of choice, no survival.
They are no fools, they just play dumb,
Nobody’s innocent, see what they’ve become.
They create demons and monsters,
And then take pride in slaying them.
A tiresome feat,
They enjoy mayhem.
With my end, others will rise,
Till they are done playing with lives.
Part 3 of The 'Karma' Trilogy
Shaurya Pal Jan 2014
As I scarpered away, I could hear the voices,
echoing through the steel walls.
The cries, the vociferations, catching up to me,
couldn't fathom the escape, with a plan full of flaws.

Turning left, bending right,
running in circles, an endless plight.
The drug they induced,
pumping through my veins,
blocking my vision, severing the mains.
Don't know for how long,
I can put up this fight.

The sentinels advanced,
as fast and agile as they ever could be.
The alarm had rung more than once,
red lights poured all over the scene.

Needle in hand, dipped in ataractic,
who were they fooling, with that mild sedative?
I raced with every semblance of life I had,
couldn't survive this hell-hole.
Another day here would've driven me mad.

As the unexpected turn came,
I banged the door with the unknown name.
Fell face first, the momentum it carried me,
Scraped through the floor, stomach felt queasy.
Warm liquid oozed out of my nose,
dripping tardily as I rose,
the environment all but blurry.

Insanity Prevailed

As I blacked out,
I recalled how I came to be,
this house of horrors, delivered to me.
'Magnolia', home of the mentally challenged,
avowed 'care for the community'.

The head-shrink had advised,
you be safe, a feeling I imbibed.
A wry smile and that was it,
'Magnolia' She exclaimed,' would deem you fit.'

Believing in every word of hers,
I opened the door, welcomed
by the smell of fresh carcass,
the shabby floor with spots of dirt,
and people, oh lord the great unwashed,
like walking zombies, feelings inert.
They looked at me, some smiled and some laughed,
others cried, rest merely coughed.
So this is it, the house of the harebrained,
this was going to be my life,
Living among the insane.

I harbored no ill will,
But I couldn't absolve,
this feeling, inside me,
no friends no family, nothing normal.
Lasting with the un-dead,
my new destiny.

They filed me,
Gave a number, names were difficult to process,
66 it was, perfect, contributed  distress.
Admitted to my room, solitary for the neophyte,
'Morning' they said,' begins a new life.'

With a wicked smile they left me alone,
I was meek enough to cry, stiff enough to moan.
I wailed the whole night, the walls resonated,
the shrill of metal, the demons it encouraged.
The lights polished off, staring at the darkness,
all the monsters , the behemoth, dancing around me,
an invitation to their everlasting music.

Insanity Persisted

A specter bobbed up from the tiled floor,
gazed at me and pointed to the door.
'Rise, Awaken, my soul',
and the door opened with a loud crack,
'You must hurry, the guards will be back'.
I sat bolt upright, the apparition never lied.

Nose still bleeding, I took flight with haste,
looked back, they had dropped the chase.
It felt safe after a long time,
The world must know, of their wicked little crime.
They had to be stopped, the Doctor, the Nurse,
all of which were part of the crust,
which protected the whacko who experimented on us.

End of the hall, I noticed the Blue door,
It had to be the one, which will take me off-shore.
Head still paining, the doses that drained,
the vigor and strength, I couldn't sustain.
One last time, I had to draft
my will my power, from within.
To conjure up all my might,
before the shadows cave in.

As I drew nearer, towards the blue threshold.
I knew there was no looking back,  
nothing left to unfold.
I slowed down, one step at a time,
I could taste freedom, a taste so sublime.
My hand reached the door,
and gently turned the ****,
I pushed open the exit
and stared at the waiting mob.

Before I could assimilate,
with my failure and disappointment.
Someone jabbed a needle,
covering my mouth, crackling my vent.
Pushing me again, down the memory lane.

Insanity Pursued

The days were bad,
the nights equally worse.
A thin line existed between illusion and insanity,
indistinguishable they became, virtual and reality.
One could hear screams, begging for mercy,
Which the henchmen showed no sign of,
and continued to treat the already cured.

Those who betrayed, yearning exemption,
were treated with immense brutality.
Straightjackets, shackles and all sorts of gear,
were enough to put a man in psychotic fear.
The staff comprised barbarians and sadists.
Who lacked the basic sense of morality.

Shock therapy, voltage to its max,
bound and gagged, glued to the sacks.
The jolt of the lightning hitting them hard,
enough to churn up the flesh into lard.
They drugged the sufferer, the dupe would tranquil,
the fallout was horrible, it would make them frenzied.

For those beyond cure,
who lived for mere existence,
earned their own private, privileged experiment.
A special space, a hidden chamber,
well beyond, beneath the ground.
Defecated walls, layered flesh and blood,
****** fluids scattered,
in abundance, constituting a flood.
Human torture, vicious and cruel.

In a place so dark even the demons would fear,
how could I survive? This life to me was dear.
And the patients, the patients wouldn't help,
for them it was a game, live a day, reward for the next.
Some were quiet, lost in their own world,
speaking, whispering and talking to themselves.
Some looked sane, but stuck in paranoia,
for them the universe could any day cease to exist,
pertaining to their biggest phobia.
some were smart, they indulged in theories,
the real world mattered less to them.
And then there were the trigger-happy.
The truly maddened ones, violent with rage.
Every day was a battle, they fought within the cage.
They couldn't help me, for I wasn't crazy,
Just your usual guy, a victim of fate.

Magnolia was a place, where people ****** away their souls,
I wasn't ready to sell mine.
I had to escape, make an elaborate design.
There were no doctors at night, just the cruel handy-men,
had all the time in the world to formulate a plan,
question was, to execute when?

One night the attendant came,
wearing  a strange jumpsuit,
pen in breast-pocket,
woke me up and proclaimed, 'Get up you imbecile,
it's your turn in the lab today.
Stand up now, I ain't got all day!'
'HAH! You could try young man, to put me down,
but I ain't going to your lousy town'.
To this he smacked at my retort,
and laughed with a disgusting little snort.
'One more time you test my good nature,
and I swear to God I'll ruin your caricature.'
'Go ahead then give it your best shot,
You want me dead, do you not?'.
His laughter, this time, deafened the silence all around.
'You're dead fool! If it were up to me I'd skin you flesh and bone,
The amount of ruckus you create, the annoyance you hone,
But the good doctor has plans and once he's done with you..'
His unfinished sentence struck a nerve so strong,
my eyes rolled over,
what could possibly go wrong?

So the man with the strange jumpsuit,
dragged me all the way to the office.
The dimly lit room, ornamented a large crucifix.
Dear lord, you see how they mock?
Came back the degenerate with a big round lock.
'Oh yes, this is for you my friend,
chains aren't enough, straightjacket I will get.
Sit still you half-wit, else you'd regret'.
And I smiled and waited.
He returned as promised, with the piece of vestiary,
a twisted sense of humor, whoever built this monstrosity.

He stared where I looked, into his breast pocket.
'What's missing pal?' I asked in amusement.
He stopped everything and looked around.
With a motion so fast, it could only fly by,
gripping the pen, I poked him in the eye.
Ink exuded instead of blood,
the large man fell, loud with a thud.
The immense pain had him in shock,
now was the time for me to run amok.
But I kept focus, and ran for the door,
promised myself never to look back anymore.
Eloped with the only chance I foxed.

Insanity Reigned

The source of light was so strong,
I twitched a lot, just to see what's going on.
Caged in a room, no wait, a theatre!
****! I was so close to getting out.
The staff, I assume, were prepared all along.
Hatched a sinister plot, to show where I belong.
They had me now, tied to a work bench,
metal clasps around my wrist,
belted to the maximum limit.
For some odd reason they had me gagged,
the tape tasted foul, hygiene they lacked.
I wrestled my wrists with the wrought metal clamp.
But they were tight, wouldn't budge,
getting them off needed more than a nudge.

Alas the doctor came, with a frown upon his face,
With great ruefulness, he peeled off the tape.
'You caused us a great deal of trouble today.
None of our methods have impacted on you, what do you have to say?'
'Serves you right, you junk-less freak!' I was happy he was disappointed,
'That's not a very nice thing to say' responded the doctor, almost agitated.

He picked up an instrument,
a big long nail, the pointed end was so sharp,
I could feel it piercing through my brain.
Next he lifted a mallet,
which shone so bright it reflected upon my face.
To what devilish purpose could they serve?
The doctor took his time, and allowed me to observe.
He wore his mask, the mask of a surgeon,
at this time of the night? Surely he wasn't
planning to operate on me.
'Leave me alone, what are you doing?
Surely you know I'm not to be blamed, I don't belong here.
This is insane!'
'Wrong again 66, the society would never accept you.
You killed your wife and children, ******'s on you.'
It was at this moment the specter re-appeared, right behind the doctor.
Calling me, my name,
'They're all lying, you didn't **** anyone, they're framing you.'
'LIAR!' I spat at the doctor, 'You know she's is alive and waiting for me at the doorstep,
As always' I said.
'Yes she is waiting, but only at her death bed.'
'LIAR! You know my kids are sleeping peacefully at home!'
'Yes they are, but the sleep is eternal.'
'LIES! I can't **** a person,not even a fly!'
'And yet you poked my assistant right in the eye!'

The specter now appeared closer,
in a calming tone almost a whisper,
'Do not believe a word they said.
You're not a killer, just a victim of fate.'
Exactly, that's precisely what I meant.

With all the strength my voice box could muster,
I cried so hard the doctors ears could rupture.
' LIES! LIES! ALL LIES! You won't get away with this, the truth will come out.
Why would I ever **** them for crying out loud?'

'You're right, the truth shall come out, but not in this form, not from you.
66 has to die, a fact you always knew.'

No one dies today

'Hold him still.' The good doctor ordered.
A pair of hands inclined my head south,
Another pair, taped away my mouth.
I could hear music, a soft hum.
It had calmed me down ,that bass drum.
It kept beating at regular intervals.
The specter now, beside me,
placing her hand on my shoulders.
I looked up towards the sky, a light bulb
glowed right above my nose.
The doctor raised the nail,
a dot replaced the light source.
As the blot grew in size,
the light dimmed, luminance was minimized.
The music almost placid,
it made me smile, a smile so gentle.
The doctor enounced,
'This will only hurt a little.'
And as he struck, the spirit vanished,
the music stopped.

Insanity Triumphed
Part 2 of The 'Karma' trilogy
Shaurya Pal Jan 2014
On a very dark night,
in a frightfully dark place,
there's a dark alley,
where light has no trace.
But what do I see?
A pair of eyes,blinking rapidly
cornered in the darkness,
a small little creature,
whose face is hidden,
behind its darkened feature.

Its the eyes,those huge,watery eyes.
They call to me,for help,for aid.
The poor kid is alone,stupefied and afraid.
I cannot let him be devoured,
by total darkness,
unbearable the thought,
to leave it helpless.
So I further my step,
and prepare with grace,
for what lies ahead,
is a terrified face.

I cannot possibly imagine,
how he ended up,in this alleyway.
All by itself,its difficult to say.
Perhaps a lost soul,
or a troubled fate.
Whatever the reasons,
its unsafe to venture this late.
He could end up dead,for all I know,
I can't leave him alone,
further I must go.

I can hear soft sobs,
see the tears flowing,
frightened by the darkness,
the poor ****** is moaning.
If I don't help now,
it could fall prey,
the evil which lurks in the shadows,
is forever prepared to slay.
It feeds on the weak,
on the vulnerable mind,
those with a soft heart,
those who are kind.

In mortal danger,this creature could be,
saving this child,becomes my destiny,
hence I advance further and further,
deep within the blackness,
towards the beacon of eyes,
which have mesmerised me.

As I reach closer,
it senses me,now calm,
almost serene.
I'm glad it didn't panic,
it somehow trusts me.
Careful not to scare the whelp,
I stretch my hand to offer help.

As I feel its soft fur,
I see its shape,almost a blur,
but those eyes,they just went wider.
Replacing the tears,they show some vigour.
There's no movement,
neither his nor mine,
our moment here sort of divine,
but now an unsettling presence,
disturbs this tranquillity,
the eyes disappeared,
amidst the darkness,
the situation turns scary!

I feel my hand,its colder than before,
some sort of liquid,oozing from the core,
its Blood! Christ I'm bleeding!!
Rushing in a surge of pain,
I cry out in agony.
My consciousness begins to drain,
to the darkness all around me.

So this is it then,
I made a fool of myself,
failed to realize,
no creature could have,
ended here all by itself.

So much for the ironic twist,
a clever plan in the darkened mist.

I fell for it,fell for it bad,
and now my fate lies,
in the hands of the devil,so sad.
I search for those eyes,
where have they gone?
Guess they played their part,
smoothly all along.
For I'm trapped,
in this surmounting terror.
With no chances of redemption,
for my grave error.

Head spinning,eyes rolling,
mind completely going insane.
Its the sudden rush of adrenalin,
like a bullet coursing through the mane.

Suddenly the place lit up,
with eerie noises,creaking sounds.
Like the devil himself playing,
on his very own grounds.
The song of death,a requiem,
singing with a baritone,
is that really him??

The noises only get louder,
till they deafen me,
the sounds almost mocking,
laughing at my stupidity,
the laugh almost a sneer,
abusing my magnanimity.

With no energy left in me,
I sink down the ground,effortlessly,
plunged in the throes of darkness,
with just the blackness to see,
inducing the comatose of dizziness,
my heart thumping heavily,
a continuous sense of a presence insinuating,
the mere thought is killing me.

The sheer terror is overwhelming.
Feet numb,mind stopped discerning,
I look towards the dark sky,
no moon,no stars,just pitch black,
I wonder why.
Seems to me,this night will take me
to a place which hasn't seen,
the light of the day,
a place far from home,
a place where I'll be left astray.

The noises soon recede,
giving way to an eerie stillness,
with only my heartbeat to hear,
audible enough in the darkness.
I hear whispers,of someone,
calling me,my name,
They don't care how I feel,
for them its just a game
they play with their victims,
like the predator with its food,
they burn down their prey
with an oil so crude.

The idea alone is tormenting me
I'd rather **** myself,
than suffer this tyranny.
I can't let the devil,
savour his sadism,
there's only one way out,
from this wretched mechanism.
I can end my life,
with my own hands.
I need not wait for the night
to draw blood on this land.

Alas,I got no weapon,
I brought no siege,
I have no assistance,
nor any liege.
Man, its torture
in its extreme,
I can't live or die,
let alone redeem.

I have to think of something,
beyond me,out of the box.
Have to find a way,
to get rid of this paradox.
With whatever energy left in me,
I search my attire,
to find something worthy.
An ordinary shirt,with blood soaked sleeve,
pants which are torn,holes like a sieve.
I reach my feet the rugged shoes with their strong lace,
Sigh,there's nothing here
which feels out of place
HEY wait a sec! Lace, that's it!!
Think I've found a way to forfeit.
I could choke myself with the lace,
and die as a martyr,
to serve under God's good grace

All I need now,is the strength to endure,
the pain,more than that the urge,
to not go through with this cure.
Its not wise,to say the least,
but I'm left with no choice,
the darkness all around me,
will soon take over my body,
mind and soul will be gone,
the endless cruelty,
would make me wish I wasn't born.

So I must muster my strength
for one last time,
and give whatever it takes,
even if I have to play with the slime.

I pull out the string
and one glance at the creepy blackness,
I close my eyes as I cannot witness,
my own death.
I wound it around my neck,
ans slowly tighten it,
the pressure builds up,
the pain AARGHH I feel it.
With immense determination,
I keep pulling the lace,
it almost entered my skin,
a sort of paleness crosses my face.
The string now drenched with blood,
slowly submerges in deep,
lungs nearly bursting,breathing I cannot keep,
my eyes gauge out,eyes start popping,
surely my end is near,
I sense the devil slowly retreating.

From what I know,
I'm pretty close to death,
a little more to endure
and keep up with it,
till my last breath.
I begin to choke,
it feels as if my throat,
reached up my uvula,
tongue smacking out,
the last taste of the Nebula,
my mouth now wide open in shock,
my fears finally running amok.

With one last stroke,I pull harder........


A corpse lay,
in the dark alleyway,
accompanied by a figure,
not human,not animal,
just a pair of eyes and lips,
face kept to minimal.
The eyes widen their gaze,
towards the cadaver,
the face twitches,
the lips force a smile...............
Part 1 of The 'Karma' trilogy

— The End —