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RhiannonMystique Jan 2018
I'm everywhere you are
Your everything I see
I'm under your feet
I'm part of the trees
I'm the leaves beneath your feet
Your running out of road
Your tripping over sticks
till you fall over my cliff
RhiannonMystique Jan 2018
The wood creaks beneath your feet
As you pass over me
My waves slow down just to crash against the shore
To touch your skin
To dampen your clothes
You stand in the meadow
Just out of my reach but when my waves get high
You ride my waves
Leaving your red dress on the beach
RhiannonMystique Jan 2018
You sit on my chest
Twiddling your thumbs over the makeshift text
That crushes my lungs
You bounce your legs over my brittle bones
When your scared you cut just a little to deep
Into the skin I wear on my knees
The Burden of you sitting heavy on my chest
I just cannot rest
So lay your head on my head and rest
The Burden of you is apart of me to
RhiannonMystique Apr 2017
I've thought about erasing my written past
But then who would I have to believe the story?
I never wrote to you all for entertainment
I wrote to you all to tell a story
A story that was badly written
A story that no one cried to
A story that so many died to
A story that you my dear
You reading this..
Know Nothing About.
RhiannonMystique Apr 2017
You lied to me all my life
You promised to be they're at my base ball game
but you never showed to a single one
You promised to never lie to me
But I guess I was the only one who ever got the bad side of you
I was your first little girl but you treat me like I'm nothing
I'm trying to be everything you want in a daughter
But it's so hard when no one is theyre to catch me when I fall over
You act surprised when you hear that I'm on meds and my grades are crashing down
But your the reason why

I hope you know your not my father your not a man
Your not apart of my life I hope you understand
You'll never be at my wedding
you'll never meet my kids
You'll hear from me on your birthday but that's the only time that i'll ever say

I love you daddy
RhiannonMystique Apr 2017
Your not enough
to re write me into everything you want
your not strong enough to whip me of everything I need
your not who you wanna be
This isn't the man your meant to be
someone who yells and screams
Hitting everyone you love...
Your not a man your a coward
Your not the man the boy in you planned to be....

But Daddy..I don't see you trying to change...
RhiannonMystique Apr 2017
I swear when you speak my heart skips 3 beats
My body shakes when I'm with you
It aches like a burn when I ain't with you

Your crying I'm tryna stop you from leaving
Baby please come back
I didn't mean for it to happen
Remember when I said You take my breath away?
I meant everything I said to you
Come on, Don't just throw us away
I thought you'd be a man and stay

But I'm stupid for believing it..
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