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Caitlin Sales Jul 2010
The Ace of Spades
Queen of Hearts
Deuce of Diamonds
It's just the start

Can't turn the corner
Can't double down
Out of money
No bank around

I need that card
Need it like a drug
But odds are against me
It doesn't look good

I outran them all
But they got me again
Tried to talk my way out
But I tried in vain

No way to get out
Stuck in this spot
Left me with cards
Said play until I rot

The Ace of Spades
Queen of Hearts
I played my cards wrong
And they tore me apart
Caitlin Sales Jul 2010
Tiptoe through the minefield
Careful not to set one off
Dot dot dot
Caitlin Sales Jul 2010
Lots of cheese
Tomato sauce
Can't help but think
It softens loss

Take a whiff
Flavorful bite
Starting to feel
Nirvana's in sight

Can't put it down
One slice then the next
And when it's gone
I'm thoroughly vexed
Caitlin Sales May 2010
I've stopped crying
I've deleted your number

I've calmed myself down
I've allowed my brother
To consider hurting you

But he will never act
Because I still won't hurt you,
My  private pact

It's not righteousness
Or my own little show
It's just that you're a human being too

And I've finally let it go
Caitlin Sales Mar 2010
Insanity Is the comfort of a pillow, used for suffocation.
Insanity Is the warmth of a gun, used for a death shot.
Insanity Is the enabler,
The barrier breaker,
The undertaker.

Insanity Is a safety zone.
Insanity Is a shield.
Insanity Is a guard for all to take part in it,
All who brush with it,
All who dwell in it.

Insanity Is the abstract thoughts, the rotund ways.
Insanity Is the thought that you can do anything.
Insanity Is the fact that people can question, can insult, can pry,
And they never seem to affect you,
And they never will.

Insanity Is a soft room, padded with cushy walls.
Insanity Is a group of people, who try to figure out what's wrong.
Insanity Is not quite knowing what's going on,
Having that privilege,
Having that power.

Insanity Is engulfing, a single being in itself.
Insanity Is the process of losing yourself.
Insanity Is the way you go when you just seem to snap,
Lucky enough to see nothing,
Lucky that everything goes black.

— The End —