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Lyla May 2016
I was given the world,
scared of it all, watching from far away.
I am losing myself trying to compete,
With everyone else, Instead of just being me.

Yet I have lost my faith and strength in it,
Its been hard, I've fallen over the edge.
Everything is running like clockwork,
yet I am broken, bruised and misshapen.

I would like to say Im stronger than this.
Im a warrior, I have skin like armour.
Yet I grab pen and paper and go to write a goodbye,
You can call me, but the number is no longer in service.

I don't want to spin around in my head,
I wanna wake up feeling beautiful, know that i am loved.
The pain, the ugly, the truth I wear on my arms,
My sleeves are covered in it.

You can catch my tears and watch the sky pour from me,
but I know nothing will change.
I want to say I am a warrior, but I'm not.
All I am is something that I should have terminated.
Lyla Sep 2015
Go on, throw me to the wolves,
I dare you
just a warning though.
Tomorrow i'll be back,
clothes un torn and leader of the pack.

Don't forget those who look the weakest
have been the strongest for the longest.
Everyone needs a break
You will regret it if you take that as weakness.
just a though, inspired by Bring me the Horizon
Lyla Sep 2015
Cut me open and tell me whats inside,
diagnose me because i keep wondering.
Why my frequency is always off,
on a different pitch from the world.
Nobody to hear my cry, can anybody respond?

I need a cure, my circle doesn't fit the worlds square,
my corners missing, never fulfilled.
My brains wired wrong and I need a remedy.
Its not a phase it happens all the time.

The walls are desolate, a body full of ghosts.
No hint of movement or a sign of a pulse,
only a echo of skin and bones.

So come rain on my parade,
because I want to feel something.
Come shove me over the edge, tear me apart
because my head is in overdrive.

I know I'm supposed to be more,
Im not just another brick in the road,
more than just a spec of dust.
Life is supposed to mean more but i can't do this on my own.
Who will fix me now? Save me from myself?
Lyla Jan 2015
I hope one day I will fade
like the breath of a person,
or finger print on a clouded window
that disappears as fast as it arrived.

I am not brave enough to wipe away
my name smudged into the window,
or erase my existence from this world
as i cannot keep my thoughts straight.
Lyla Jan 2015
Stare at the sky and you will realise,
realise you forgot clouds move and suns shine.
They rush past while time spent is in your head.

Take a moment, to breathe, to listen,
listen to the stillness and allow it to consume you.
Allow yourself time to not think, not feel.

Its not often we appreciate the beauty of nature.

Listen to the orchestra the world sings,
sings for everyone to hear the beauty in the sounds.
Leaves falling in time to the branches groan in the wind.

Nature isn't just the outdoors,
it is everything on this planet, including you.
the sunrises upon your legs from a fall, your inner beauty singing.

*More often we need to allow out fingertips
dip into fresh streams, to feel the cool water
and take time to love ourselves as we love the beauty of our surroundings.
Lyla Oct 2014
What words to describe a person,
do you use words of love, or hate?
Words that distinguish one or standardise them?
I use these words describe you and our story.

Hum, the steady sound of your voice and being
that prevents me from being alone.

Hunger, that I crave
the only substance I need to keep me alive.

Grin, the smile thats grows
when I'm around you and disappears when we are apart.

Greeting, from saying hello
to good morning when we wake entwined.

Imprint, that stamp you leave
leaving your smell on the pillows long after you've gone.

Impetuous, those impromptu trips out
beaches, road trips, kisses, that show your love.

Frame, the moments we want to pause
treasure for ever in frames yet time ticks on.

Foul, for the bad days and moods we have
natural and made us stronger, for good and bad.

Apertural, the opening of our hearts
that lets in the light of us, love, hope of a future.

Absent, when sitting with friends or at work
I’m not there, I’m still in the morning in my head with you.

These words mean different things to people,
average words in dictionaries, but for us
these words have different meanings with more substance
a dictionary of us.
Lyla Oct 2014
They say “write what you know”

I want to write about love and beauty, but I only know ugly.
No heart has ever belong to me,
no hands have ever sparked at a touch.
Ugly lives with creative minds,
given courtesy of dreamy teen rom coms.

I want to write about fun family trips and birthdays'.
Joyous days spent frolicking on the beach,
but I only know secrets, shouting, spite.
Love that should be given as sweet as honey,
yet this family bee sting is laced with bitterness.

I would love to write about the moments of content.
wrapped in the light of the moon with someone,
breathing in synchronisation.
To tremor when I stand around you,
my heart racing to keep up with my shaky infatuation.

So i don’t write about these things.
I write about awkward fumblings,
ungracefulness of my ungainly movements.
dinners with no conversation,
the dullness of an everyday flat life.

I write what i know.
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