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Arthur Vaso Oct 2021
Pains me
pretty leaves
regrettable memories
wilted golden pathways
lost love
Lovers on the Rhum
childhood dreams
evil little teddy bears
ghosts chase me
night after deadly night
to eternity

a branch with no tree
leaves fall

one by one
you all left me
no answers not even a song

I hug the silence of a cold winter
Its been a long time!
Arthur Vaso Nov 2020
silk wrapped memories
at dusk I cry
drifting in clouds
I touch the melancholy
reflecting back

we each live another day
we also share the sadness
of things better forgotten
sleep steals the pain
a smile is always a smile
as fall takes the flowers
to the moon
For my friend
Arthur Vaso May 2020
I walk in museums
I see all the pretty pictures
hanging like dead dolls
on many faces
sadness within the walls
in a wheelchair
over there
he cant even stare
but he sees me I know
I smile
the painting was hidden
not framed
yet still within these halls
Arthur Vaso Nov 2019
Pyretic thoughts
sculptures fragmented
           unfinished paintings
empty museums
               bottle of hope
first snow
               last death

black night         white day
        by hollow visions

nothing else        matters
          horses graze

flakes fall
          life hindered
            I stow away
            in my hideout

brushes and words
          blankets and swords

all my secrets
        covered in snow
Life is a work in progress
Arthur Vaso Oct 2019
At the end of
I am in pieces

if  only my heart
           had a shield

intentions buried
            inside a tomb of fear

disguised torment
            where smiles lay hidden
Dedicated to a friend I have yet to know
Arthur Vaso Jul 2019
when words fail you
silence smothers you
fears surround you
you borrow inside yourself


                              till that special friend

                         brings you back

your heart and mind
Forget when I wrote this
Arthur Vaso Jun 2019
the odd couple
who is who
anyone s game
fame and lame
everything has its place
all muses dance in clouds
maze of confusion
when day turns to dusk
tranquil is the suns beat
as the heart longs
we know
we are one
brothers in arms
Dedicated to my brother, he is always there
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