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Tony Scallo Jun 2015
You are my sun
You are the warmth that gives me life
And when the night falls
I'll always be there
Right underneath your glow
Blissfully chasing away from the darkness of night
Tony Scallo May 2015
The sun shines brighter
The hell's all this yellow ****?
Tree **** everywhere
Happy Spring!
Tony Scallo May 2015
Contrary to some belief
The Earth is not flat
Although, I wish it was like that

Cause then I could fall off
To escape all the sound
But the Earth is round

So now, gravity has me
Stuck in a cell with see-through walls
And all that I tried escaping, is still here

I can hear
I can see
I can feel
I can smell
I can touch

Have I no luck?
My act of escape
Has only gotten me stuck

Living the same life
I tried running from
But, that's not the problem

If I fell off the Earth
Yet it still stays the same
Maybe I'm the one who needs to change?
When you fall off, it's the same life lived as when you stay on, except lonlier. Stay on top, and live life to the fullest. It gets better, but you have to make it that way!
Tony Scallo Apr 2015
Everything is in chaos, but lasting us
A split second, you blink your eyes
Take a breath
Credulous, yet benevolent
Mind chasing

Awaiting new thoughts, like meteors
To explode across your cerebrum
Feelings in eardrums
From the sounds around you
Constant axon arousal
Enticingly guides you
On the path to feel

With an adrenaline skeleton
Complex, trying to fit in
But really, "who are you?"

Because sometimes thoughts succumb
Beyond your grasp, and they numb the way you feel
And in those moments, we define our ideals
Soley based on the bad things
Instead of realizing

We should not define ourselves for the chaos and chatter we internally ramble on with

About half of us
Cant mold an identity anyway
Cause we don't understand
The word is not meant to be
What it's said to be

Identity's definition
Is not definite
You see

It's more like a clumsy representation
Of what you want to be
Since you are ever changing
With the vibrations of thought

Think of identity being more associated with how you adapt
To everything thrown your way

What defines you is how you display yourself
When chaos itself
Comes into your life

Everyone has strife, cause life is not easy
Just don't think you're alone
Or have a mental disease
Thoughts come in and out of our lives constantly, and sometimes we completely change our perception of ourselves if we think of something we believe is unmoral or not right.

For the most part, we cannot always control what our brain may throw at us. But what we can do is learn how to adapt to whatever is thrown at us, instead of defining or questioning ourselves in those moment indefinitely.
Tony Scallo Apr 2015
Running, he's at the point of no return
He slipped through the barrier
The atmosphere tried to hold him back
Lacking gravity, his feet float aimlessly for a ground
Slowly plunging into the darkness of void, rope in hand
Proves to be useless when there is only nothingness around
He put himself too far out of reach from another souls now

He felt weightlessness

A rocketman, shooting for the moon
In a mood that lacked momentum
Now floating, stuck in the darkness of space
Realizing it was all a mistake
To take a chance on reaching all the way for the moon
When everything he ever needed
Was in front of him on Earth all along
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