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Asominate Feb 2019
The thought of death, it pushes me harder
Because overworked bodies don't last longer
This equation backfired because now I'm stronger
Now I'll have to experience the pain for much longer.
Asominate Feb 2019
I don't want to hear
What you have to say about me
I already know
How to think 'bout who I am

It leaves me so scared
Knowing you'd notice the bad things
I already know
That you're going to lose your calm

I never asked,
I never asked!
I never wanted to be born
The way we treat me,
It leaves me feeling forlorn

I never asked,
I never asked!
I never wanted the hurt
I guess this treatment's
Showing me how much I'm worth
Sometimes I just want ot tell people "When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it!"
Asominate Feb 2019
"Go commit die"
That's what she said.
Guess that makes two of us
That wants me dead.
I never asked to be born, anyway.
Asominate Feb 2019
I saw them, I sw**r
Sometimes they were in line,
Sometimes scattered everywhere

I saw them around me
They were on the ground
Leave them alone and
They'll never make a sound

Touch them the wrong way
And if they’re close, they’ll crumble
In their downfall
In the end, they'll always lose their humble

I can’t see the difference
Is it just me or they are all the same
They’re just clones of each other
I can feel their pain

I couldn’t tell them apart
Without my fingertips
They’re all duplicates
A species of a looped never-ending clips

What if
I am just as bare,
Another domino
I can’t recognise my own reflection
So I guess I’ll never know.
These aren't the colours I should see! Black and white and black and white
Asominate Jan 2019
I never knew,
I saw her cry:
I felt her tears;
Pain liquified.

It isn’t real,
It’s all a lie!
A fantasy
Of crystal skies!

It’s all a dream
Of crystal skies!

She never died!
Asominate Jan 2019
I am a very LOVING person.
Any and everyone I see,
Even before I ever know you,
I love you to the ends of the world,
I'll love you to the end of your life.
Afterall, love is an action word.
Asominate Jan 2019
I’m hiding the hurt,
I’m hiding the pain.
I’m hiding the tears,
Although they flow like rain.
I’m hiding the fear-

Just let me brood;
I can’t tell you the secrets trapped inside my skull,
Don’t call me rude.

Let me
Protect you.

I’ll tear myself apart
To put you together
I’ll make it worse for me
To make you feel better

It’s all about you
Don’t focus on worthless things like me
These aren’t the colours I should see
Get it right:
You’re priority.

In layers I hide
Behind my mask
Maybe there’s a monster?
To remove it
Should you I dare ask?

I’d loved you while you lasted
I’ll love you through your plastic
I’ll love you when you’re finite
I’ll love you as fantastic

I know it’s not the best
I know it’s not that healthy
In this case especially
Because it is killing me!

But how can I tell you?
How can I deliberately disappoint?
How can I **** all dreams you have for me?
How to tell I need oil in my joints?
I don't have BDP, I sw**r!
Asominate Jan 2019
They keep laughing at me
Their noise flow forth from the DEPTHs of their throats
On their thrones they point their fingers
I see their diaphragms trembling in glee

So what if you don't like the real me?
I don't CARE
These aren' the colours I should see


They're not there.

I see the colours, the pictures
The words never come
Plot twist! (Actual scene): Just did bad on a test I give my all in and the teacher calls out my score in front of all the class. They stare in surprise at me since I'm one of 'those guys' that's perfection as I try not to fall apart in public.
Why does when I get tense, my vision loses colour?
Asominate Jan 2019
I don't want to be the chains
I just want to make and see a change
With whatever good judement's left
As priorities rearrange.
Asominate Jan 2019
I feed my habits
And ignore my needs
As distasteful as it seems
My plan succeeds
I plant the seeds
That grow the weeds
Won't feed myself
I starve, deceased.
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