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Cold bitterness in bleak displays.
Apathetic dreadful days.
Self destruction heal the sick.
Cold is this wrist that’s slit.
Taunted by demented beings.
Cryptic codes Thant are deceiving.
Reality entities alter.
Laughing as it does not bother.
severe depression.

In chaos purity was found.
Mornings in mourning
Illness in stillness
In stagnant sedation
Narcotics are on it.
Deep this despair
As well as psychotic.
Remember dancing with shadows
And piercing through realities so many times.
Remember sleepless nights
Remember mornings sunrise with violet cold skies.
Inside such a hysteric state.
Laughter spiraling like Pyrex glass.
It’s cold and miserable as should be.
Right arm as many times bleed and then freeze.
Isolated in a destructive craving.  
Maniac like acts with sharp tools for filleting.
Draining blood for sacred paintings.
Haha haha.
Once more psychosis floods all life.
As chaos storms like razor sharp knives.
Onorthodox oddities will please.
Like a mistress of dreams.
Sickly as this being.
Thy amputee queen.
Urinate and ***** upon thee.
Immortal dance with purity.
Together to freeze.
Forever light in blackness dark.
Masters of sacrificial arts.
With Faces  appearing closer to dead than alive.
Pale cracked lips.
With yellow in the white of eyes.
Still eternally alive.
***** cold on soil they lye.
Tearing down the sane perception.
Lay out blades for insition in moons glisten
Sad and weak in human forms.
What a time for masked moments to mourn.
Empty starvation and alcohol purging.
Burning the hands with zero hurting.
Like electric chair victims the brains left surging.
Chemicals coursing the systems insertion
Imagine figures of sanitation.
Drenched in ammonia and urination.
Insane perceptions purge in disfiguration.
Imagine ***** beneath blisterd bloodied feet.
Rest on alter sharpend blades.
that cut flesh quaintly deep.  
Sick at sights of dreaded sheep.
In the woods once more to be disdained.
Pleasure be the self inflicted pain.
Druged up and floating far away.
**** everything.
Despair and anguish ****** up all things.
Rhyming words with words cause **** creativity.
Just pet the duck with that tweaked out sad lady.
It’s all just jokes that leaves even the ill laughing.
Yet once more reality and mockings become blurred in such confusion.
Living life laughing while crying in delusions.
Hypomanic transgressions and smirks.
Hiding again from paranoia that lurks.
A synthetic stomach is nauseous and hurts.
Need that ****** script.
Or at least a drug  fix.
It’s been two ******* days.
Colazapine awaits.
but **** there endless games.
Laughing and mocking is all people do.
Left one ravishing in rue.
The ******* television is reading minds with murdering demeanor.
Crave chemicals and drugs that you can make with bleach and cleaners.
Alcoholic bulimia.
Empty out your insides.
Hardly anything within you.  
Still purge all of it out.
Leave a synthetic stomach As Barren as the lost at sea.
Puking until  weakened by vicious dry heaves.
exhausted and now pleased
Tile rubbing raw the knees.

Alcoholic bulimia.
Put cold fingers down your throat. Alcoholic bulimia.
Laughing as one chokes.
Alcoholic bulimia.
Bronze hair in ***** soaked.
Put cold ******* fingers.
Down your cut up throat.
Put cold ******* fingers.
Down your cut up throat.
Put cold ******* fingers.
Down your cut up throat.
Alcoholic bulimia.
Alcoholic bulimia.

Finger nails cutting the asofogis.
Head in toilet stains with
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