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frankie crognale Oct 2015
you've always been the hand on my throat that restricted me from breathing but you were so beautiful while you did it that i forgot about your hand around my neck and got my breath taken for a completely different reason
frankie crognale Mar 2015
i think of the romantics as the hippies of society. not that there's anything wrong with sitting in a VW van in a field of sunflowers listening to the Beatles and smoking blunts all day and night, im totally the advocate for that, but is that all there is? there's so much more, and it isn't all sunshine and rainbows like they teach you in kindergarten, and that's one of the biggest problems with the education systems throughout the world these days. we're sheltered. we're sheltered to no end. what would the kid that didn't know anything about police brutality or a drug cartel do the first time when he was ready to emerge into the real world? he would ******* **** himself because he was sheltered. and then the mental illness factor comes in, what would his friends do? they'd never been exposed to that, they didn't even know such a thing was possible. because they were sheltered. maybe the kids in his neighborhood would begin to get the same thoughts and **** themselves too because they thought they were ******* crazy for thinking the way they were because nobody ever told them that mental illnesses are nothing to be ashamed of and they're treatable and they don't make you a bad person. what makes someone a bad person is lying to someone by telling them everything will always be okay, because everything won't always be okay. and that's realism.
frankie crognale Mar 2015
i cannot wait for the older generations to die off and as awful as that sounds im so sick of being consistently judged for who i love or what i believe in and what i do in my free time, being told im going nowhere in life because i failed a math test is not how to go about a future in an art field and i swear if someone who is not an artist tells me or any other artist we will not make it in an art field one more time i will take it upon myself to produce the most beautiful art possible and shove it down every unartistic egotistical *******'s throat until every inch of their insides is as colorful as a cubic centimeter of my mind is
frankie crognale Mar 2015
i want to kiss you until your lips are raw
your mind is so beautiful and i long for it
i never dreamed of having someone like you with me
but now that you're here i want you to stay
a series of ten word stories
  Mar 2015 frankie crognale
Duke Dranko
One Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi four Mississippi five Mississippi six Mississippi seven Mississippi eight Mississippi nine Mississippi ten
She looks at the wall and laughs there's nothing there, and I wonder what's so funny as I lean against the wall with my hands folded in front of me trying to stay calm counting one Mississippi two Mississippi she continues to walk around the octagon starring at her feet with wide eyes as they land on the outer edge where carpet meets fake wood floors. The nurse is patiently waiting so am I my heart is racing I'm scared very scared but not this patient she seemed happy but the kind of happy that you know isn't right.
Her grin is big her blown eyes are so wide and empty she has pasted me 11 times before she stops to ask
"Why are you here did you try to **** yourself too?"
frankie crognale Mar 2015
before i ever met you i had no idea i liked blue eyes especially ones that resemble the crystal clear blue carribean sea and normally i'd never get anywhere near any ocean of any sort but the sea of your eyes is enchanting and it fascinates me to no end, it's what causes me to stay up past three am every night thinking about how heavenly it would be to drown in opulent sapphire serenity, but the weird thing is that i'm normally absolutely petrified of the ocean and when im around you i feel invincible, i guess the ocean is euphoric to some but to me any geographic or cosmic wonder could never compare to the inner and outer beauty that radiates off of you like a ray of sun or a wave through the sea of your irises, i may not have ever told you how beautiful i think your mind is or maybe i did but it's kind of hard to think about anything because im normally too busy wishing i was drowning in you
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