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LC Oct 2019
I am complete -
with or without him.
he is not the glue
for the cuts
on my heart.
he stands by me
as I heal them.
you are not a void to be filled by someone else. you are whole just as you are. don't put someone on a pedestal - it's not healthy for either of you.
rgz May 2019
I enjoyed living alone
a lifestyle all my own
if I don't feel like it
I don't need to pick up the phone
I don't see how you even got in my home
when I lived in my dome
for so long

A place for the dead
and for you now, it seems
won't you at least get out of my dreams?
There's barely room for me in this bed
why did you plant your feet in my head?

Why did I feed and water the thought
why didn't I realise I'd end up caught?
Like a spider trapped in a heart-shaped box
I've tried climbing out but I can't reach the top

Kurt lasted for weeks
and we know how that went
It might be time to move out of my head
get a nicer place, maybe a bigger bed
try for some dreams that aren't stained red
from the blood and the clothes you so readily shed
I might even sleep with you out of my head
Landlord of the year
Osiria Melody Apr 2019
Grief is a river that ebbs and flows
My heart’s screaming indefinitely

No words will ever encapsulate
How excruciating the silence within
Consumes me when told, “I’m sorry
for your loss.”

Why, of course you’re sorry
I’m sorry for myself since I can’t
Feel any speck of anything

Being resilient is my craft, but I need
To let myself rest emotionally

I lost a loved one due to a terminal illness this morning. Given that this piece is a poem, I am not, in any fashion, belittling the grieving process or any cause of death. Also, I am not being insensitive about life in my poems that are morbid. Regardless of whether each poem is based off of fact or fiction, all of my works contain inspiration from personal trials and tribulations. (I know that art is art, but I just wanted to put that out there.) As I write these words, I feel void of emotion; I acknowledge that grief cannot be eradicated instantly. I will pull through.
JC Alvarez Jan 2019
At night
When scars flare out
When nobody can hear you breathing
No one checks on your dreams
You feel beaten and sore

Life tied your arms behind your back
Blinded you with despair at night
Leaves you bleeding from your heart
Broken and sore

I still have my teeth that bites
My deside that keeps me warm
My growling grows
Inside of me
Flame that consumes
All pain and imperfections

Another day had pass
Still standing inside
Broken pieces, missing memories
Ready to love

What the night has left behind
Still standing
Hope that never leaves
Heart that never stops
Tomorrow never comes
Today is always yesterday
Time is forever on the run
Becoming lost; Wasting away

Surrounded by the void
But darkness not why I am rattled
From this question, can't avoid
Do I belong amongst the shadows?

Back and forward I will peer
While staying blind to what's ahead
I am engulfed and filled with fear
Unsure what's real or in my head
Written: June 10, 2018

All rights reserved.
Anno Oct 2014
It's on the bottle,
On the lit cigarette,
The ***** sheets
And sweaty bodies
That are tangled
Within the emotional
Textiles and figures
That dance on the walls
With each passing car.

It's the cats piano
And the manic that follows.
It's the mouth that opens
And the sound that lingers.

The terms and conditions
Which form when entering into
A loft that isn't yours,
But someone else's.

It's chocolates and cigarettes,
Whiskey and
Of course
A solo sunrise.
It does not span too long
Just a night or two or so
But it swallowed us whole, I see it clear

It lasts only so long as a night
Catch it while you can
But don’t cry when it’s over
It was meant to be like this
You have to learn to let go…

It’s ephemeral love
Springs and withers so quickly
Fades away as it burns and stings but just tonight
Don’t be sad, because he really loved you
Even though just once in his life…

This sip of life I never had
I’m drinking it up
Beds and love, love, love
that will die soon…

Hot feeling, heavy breathing
but not only that
It was when you held my hand
It was so much stuff
It shone, so bright, that only night.

It’s ephemeral love
The universe knows it
And you’ve been waiting ever for this
The stars conspire above
You gotta learn to let go…

And it could be anything
You could have been playing with me
but I don’t think so… I know
What a world is and what is its real flow
Every one carries a Satan in his shadow
No one bothers unless encounters a blow
Hypocrisy dangles and dances in its show

One face carries but very many false faces
Humans in their all hatred go along races
All graces just carry real inherent disgraces
Morally corrupt people go along stray paces

Tricks have taken over all valid commands
Market just swarms Tom **** Harry brands
Lust has crossed all illegal, illicit demands
But virtuous soul plays very well and stands

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Tex Dermott Aug 2015
The Elephant
Stands Mighty,
*Until he sees the tiny mouse.
gabby dial Apr 2015
ive never had anything but a one stand
I don't even understand how its easy to give yourself to people who will say anything then leave.
I know how these things work.
affection and attention, slight attraction
sometimes cause a *******
my feet hurt and im tired of leaving before they wake up.
I hold my pride like I want them to hold me
its easier to give in than it is to give up.
im a impatient little ****.
so ill kick my shoes off
take some shots and pretend like I cant feel this because this isn't feeling its slightly dying.
my feet hurt and im tired of one night stands but ill be gone by morning.
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