"Sakura blossoms short lived but fair,"
Evan G 


into the swaying silent shroud,

Pink petals passing

Where spring begins,

Sighs a wind from lovers vow,

Romance renewed as flowers spin.

Sakura blossoms short lived but fair,

A fluttering grace upon my heart,

Tracing fates breeze in the air,

Swaying love to my soul impart.

Please forever kiss my skin,

Cherry blossoms fully grown,

I never want love to begin again,

Passion commence, now gone, they’ve flown.

Semerian Perez 

Pink and white
Flutter to the ground
To form a gentle blanket
That gently rustle
In the cool spring breeze
I watch in awe
At your beauty
As I leave this world
My mind will fall to you
Oh magestic
And delicate one
Whose name is

"Sakura trees"
Semerian Perez 

A woman
Dances alone
Among the trees
In white
Against the pink petals
Of the ancient
Sakura trees

Her raven black hair
Swirling in the gentle breeze
As the petals dance with her

Branches sway in the breeze
As if conducting
Music to her heart

Her love flowed with her movement
Her soul sang out
Her voice carried on the breeze
Until night fall

Clouds roll in as it rains
The gentle rain falling on the blossoms
But where was she
She was crying
Her tears were the rain

A stone rested among the trees
A gentle rustle moved the petals
Revealing her name
Her body rested there
Her favorite place

So she is seen dancing
By day
By night she cried
As the trees
Contined to play
To her dance of her heart.

"Of the sakura trees"
Semerian Perez 

He walked the hall
Deathly quiet
With a black book in hand
He wore a black floor length robe
He knew the times
When each life ceased
You see he was
The soul collector
But you know him
Best as the grim reaper.

He was on a mission
To take a soul
On its journey home.
A soul of his choice.
And there she stood
Looking out the window
Her skin pale
Contrasting her raven hair.
Jade green eyes
Looked almost lifeless
As she watched the blossoms
Of the sakura trees
blow in the breeze

She smiled seeing him
As he reached for her
"You came for me..
I am glad..."

She died as she took his hand
As he led her away
He cherished her soul

So he sat on the throne
Waiting to start the next mission
However he wont be alone
The soul he took
He chose for his bride
His angel of darkness
The only comfort
For his  eternally tormented soul.

"Sakura trees"
Semerian Perez 

Closing my eyes
I drift off to sleep
Unbridled thoughts
Cloud my mind

I walk among
Sakura trees
Thier bases glowing
With kanjis barriers
To ward off evil
But something is off.

The petals are wilted
The grass around is brown
Instead of green and alive

As I make my way among them
I hear the flutter of wings
Not to sure what to expect
I climb one of the trees

At the highest point
I see two figures
One white winged
The other black
They seem to be circling
Around something or someone

I climb down
Venturing forth
Not understanding why
Are they here for me?
Why in my safe haven?

The closer I got
The more I saw
Between the two
Layed a body
Hovering just above the ground
Raven black hair
Hung as a halo
Underneath her cold
Deathlike skin.

She layed there
In a soft white
Satin gown
As if in an eternal slumber.

The two fighters
Commensed the attack
On each other
As I watched
The body began to glow.
A bright white energy
Followed by a black energy

I realized then
They were fighting for her.
I came close to the body
As I looked at her face
I froze
My whole body went cold.

I was looking at myself
What wad going on?
As I looked at the two angels
My eyes widened in horror
What was so special about me?

I tried to wake myself up
I shook my body
As they fought
And the ground beneath me
Shook violently.

I screamed
As the swords clashed
I shielded my body
As the final few blows
Were delivered
As the ground rumbled

Opening my eyes
I look down
My body was still glowing
Only white
Accompanied by a red light
From the chest.

He picked up my body
And cradled it close
As he did
White wings formed
On the back
As she opened her eyes

She smiled at me
As she opened her wings
Embracing me
She whispered something in my ear.
I smiled..
Both took to the sky
As a sunbeam
Shined through the clouds
Showing them the way home.

I understood
Ive awakened
I spread my wings
And fly
Where I belong.

"ind whispers the rosy delirium from the sakura tree at the far side,"

Lazily, a boy with silvery hairs muttering requiem aeternam
lifts his neck at the piercing radiance skimming off the eyeglasses rim,
and there looms the glory, the spotless sea of blue,
varnishes of spring gloss fuming out of the French coronation robe.

The still-brisk branches hung bent at the weight of vivacity,
sight of maidens whose eyes and grace bath in the full warmth of light,
the kisses on the face of the river by the shower of half-bloomed petals,
just as the stillborn thrills of the beating heart to the splintered fingers of Moirae.

The time of adieu,
the season of life.
The mourning procession amidst the lustily caressing May breeze.

-Primavera, thou name be the sweet irony of the dying flowers

The evening wades in, and the coy face of the mountain blushes;
Thence strides away the man whose gaze speaks of premature nostalgia

Here the wind whispers the rosy delirium from the sakura tree at the far side,
the faintness lushly hazed away by the cloudy veil of bittersweet grey.

"Sakura in the moonlight."
Timmy Shanti 

I bet she’s beautiful,
Though I can’t see her, -
Sakura in the moonlight.

Friend, come, rejoice!
I know, you miss her -
Sakura in the daylight.

Reflections I see
When looking in her eyes, -
Everlasting spring.

Old master once said:
“Satori doesn’t draw lines ‘tween seasons”.
So what are you waiting for?

"(as a sakura flush"

rolling in the rosy dish of my tongue
it returns in my mouth to
its most basic elements
a primordial alabaster foam
of corn syrup and gelatin
and unpronounceable would-rather-not-knows
i think: marshmallows
are the juxtaposition to my quaker pallet
microwave tap water&Fry;'s Cocoa
awash and dissolve
my saccharine oral fixation
in jealous slurps of heat
that radiate down
down down
heat, you see-
(as a sakura flush
blossoms 'cross the
pale of my throat)
-has always been the key
here's a secret:
in solitude i
i'm a homunculous girl
all lips and all hands

"Because you forever awaited underneath sakura trees,"
Andrea Diaz 

Surrounded by falling stars,
Walking on water in the dark~
This must be a fantasy
Starrs dropping from the sky doesn't happen too often
Walking on water just seems like something a god would do.
Is this real?
Or is this a dream?
Someone PLEASE pinch me.
I am,
Surrounded by falling stars
Walking on snow in the dark,
I was lying in my bed just a moment ago....
So, how did I end up somewhere so cold?
Only to see you in the glimpse of darkness,
Smiling a soft smile,
Wearing golden halo and fluffy wings,
Running up to me,
Holding me ever so tightly.
This is nothing more but a mere dream,
For you don't exist in this world of reality,
For you always existed in a world of make-believe
So, can we play make-believe?
And, make-believe you were real?
Someone like you doesn't exist in this life,
Someonelike you is hard to find,
So, can I just dream of you tonight?
Because you live in my fantasy,
Harsh reality threw you away,
Because this fucked up reality
Did not want to see me this happy,

So I awaited for the night to fall
Awaited for the moon to grace itself with its magnificent presence,
So I can at least dream of you,
Because you forever awaited underneath sakura trees,
That bloomed ever so darkly.
Finding you is just the cruel reality.
Because every time I look for thee,
I end up finding myself in a lost dark corner,
With no happiness nor glee.

Surrounded by the brightness of my dreams,
Because I am only dreaming of you tonight,
Do not let me be awakened by frightful reality screams.
I don't ever want to wake up,
I am happy just leaving this fale world...
Where its is only just you and I...
I am lost in a world of fantsasy,
Barely holding onto that tiny string of reality...
Falling into the world of illusions....
Wandering around in confusion.
All because
I wanted to dream of you,
All because...
I wanted to be with you.
I don't want to go back to the first stage of sleep,
Leave me be in the fourth stage of sleep,
Because all I want is this tiny bit of glee..
So please....
Just please allow me to be happy...
No matter how much I wish to stay..
I am forced to leave this world of "happy"
I am forced to go and search for true happiness on my own...
I am thrown onto a star,
Wishing it would take me  to you..
In a place very far~
Instead it took me into a familiar room...
I'm riding on the falling stars,
Falling into a sleeping child in the dark,
Crashing onto a soft warm bed,
Waking up feeling like I am dead,
Not dead on the outside, buy dead on the in.
I felt like I was in this far away dream,
Taken away from a cruel fate,
Wanting to escape back,
Back to taht world of happy!
Back into that world of glee~!
Unable to escape into the wonderful fantasy,
Alwayscaged up by cruel reality,
Always knowing why the caged bird was singing..
Singing to be free....

Surrounded by falling stars,
Walking in the endless dark,
Never awaken me from this fantasy,
Allow me to escape the cruen reality~

Jayme M Yaroch 

Floating on the wind
Slow and gentle
Their beauty known
The world over
So much fuss
For just a flower
An end to winter
The start of something new
Symbolize prosperity
And feminine beauty
To mean so much
On such soft small petals
I wish to be as beautiful
As you.

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