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leeaaun 4d
he has the eyes that love someone
and that's not me

at that point
my heart realized
not every love call is replied back
like mine
leeaaun Feb 20
In the garden's dance, where roses sway,
I stood a white amidst red array.
He, drawn to crimson's bold allure,
I lingered silent, uncertain, unsure.

In the midst of petals, scarlet blaze,
He sought the red in love's wild maze.
Yet I, the white, in shadows cast,
Remained unnoticed, until the last.

When all the red had been picked clean,
His gaze fell upon me, serene.
But in his eyes, a love profound,
For another's glance, I found.

His passion for the red rose's fire,
Left me hesitant, my own desire.
For in his eyes, I saw a tale,
Of love that lingered, a vibrant kale.

Yet as he turned to me at last,
A moment fleeting, a love amassed.
I felt a whisper, a tender spark,
In his gaze, I found my heart embark.

In his embrace, I found my light,
A love that bloomed, pure and bright.
Though I was white amidst the red,
In his eyes, a love was said.

So in the garden's tender grace,
He loved the red, while I found my place.
In his eyes, where passion glows,
I found the love that my heart knows.
leeaaun Feb 8
she said look at the moon
and he looked at her

and the moon asked
whose gonna see him now

when all lovers are busy
looking at each other

they are two
but moon is single
leeaaun Feb 2
In shadows deep, where sorrows bloom,
A heartache lingers, a soul's dark tomb.
He asked me why I don't love myself,
Said, "I am tired of life, everyday."

A melancholy melody in the night,
Echoing woes, wrapped in pale moonlight.
His eyes, windows to a desolate sea,
Lost in the abyss of his own decree.

The world, a weight upon his soul,
Every step, an agonizing toll.
He questioned why self-love would stay,
In life's relentless, bleak ballet.

I spoke of dreams, like shattered glass,
Of moments gone, too fleet to grasp.
In the tapestry of time, threads fray,
A tired soul, in shadows, does sway.

Yet, in the weariness of his plea,
A symphony of sorrow, hauntingly free.
For love, a mirage in the distant mist,
A fragile hope, by pain kissed.

I painted verses in never ending rhymes,
Of beauty lost in the passage of time.
In nature's embrace, a mournful song,
Where the echoes of joy had grown strong.

"Embrace the self," I whispered, so frail,
In the silence, where heartbeats pale.
Life's weariness, an unending maze,
A tragic ballet, through sorrow's haze.

The soul whispers, the night descends,
A requiem for love, as darkness transcends.
He asked why I don't love myself,
I answered, "Dear friend, in sadness, delve."
leeaaun Jan 15
In fairytales spun with threads of gold,
Fantasy weaves tales, but truth untold,
Dreams painted in hues of perfection,
Reality's absence, a cruel deception.

Characters clad in virtues so divine,
Yet life's complexities, they undermine,
For in the real world, shadows persist,
Fairytales evade truths that exist.

In castles tall, love's kiss breaks the spell,
But reality's truths, a harder sell,
In flawed hearts, love's journey is strife,
Fairytales deny the tumultuous life.

Happily ever after, a whimsical notion,
Life's challenges scorn such devotion,
For happiness waltzes with sorrow's song,
Fairytales mask the struggles lifelong.

So, I loathe the tales with happy endings,
Reality's narrative, it keeps transcending,
In life's tapestry, flaws are an art,
Fairytales, a facade, keeping us apart.
leeaaun Jan 11
Beneath the blossoms of Sakura's grace,
Where petals dance in a delicate embrace,
I found myself under nature's sweet spree,
A moment that sparked a love so free.

Amidst the cherry blossoms, pink and white,
Our hearts entwined in the soft twilight,
Whispers of love, like a gentle breeze,
Caressed our souls under blooming trees.

In the garden of dreams, where passion sowed,
Love flourished, a tender seedling that glowed,
Underneath the petals, where dreams took flight,
Illuminated by the soft, ethereal light.

You, my dear, were the essence of spring,
A melody that made my heart sing,
Blossoms fell around us like confetti,
As we embraced the beauty of love's decree.

Through the open window, love wafted in,
Like the fragrance of flowers on the wind,
Inside my house, a garden of emotion,
Blossoming love, a sweet devotion.

Your laughter echoed like a songbird's call,
In the sanctuary of our love-filled hall,
As Sakura's magic touched our abode,
The walls whispered tales of a love bestowed.

So, under the Sakura, our love did bloom,
A vibrant tapestry in nature's grand room,
I ask you now, with a heart sincere,
Will you be my spring, year after year?

For as the blossoms fade and seasons turn,
Our love, like Sakura, will forever burn,
A timeless dance in the garden of fate,
Where our hearts entwine, in love's estate.
leeaaun Jan 2
new year
yet i carry all the same
wounds and bruises
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