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sushii Jan 14
The party lives here no longer,
And happiness has gone its own way.
The shadows are taller,
And there is nothing left for this day.

It's done, I tell you,
It's what I always say.
There's no more fun, and no more games to play.

The sunshine has left,
And the stars seem dim.
There are no memories to be kept,
And the Cauldron of Void is filled to its brim.

It's done, I tell you,
It's what I always say.
There's no use in wishing the rain away.

The children have lost their toys,
And the couples feel no desire.
The music becomes noise,
And burning in their hearts is a dying fire.

It's done, I tell you.
It's what I always say.
I can't feel your love, I apologize for the delay.
sushii Jan 11
We would be friends...
That's how it could have been.
We would have fun...
That's how it could have been.

I wonder why I still think of how you might see me?
The opportunity has passed already.
I wonder why I still fancy having a conversation with you?
That's no longer possible.

Maybe, one day we could still be friends...
That's how it could be.
We might be able to have fun...
That's how it can be.

Maybe, one day your friendship
Could breathe into me
The life that I held so dear,
But had forgotten so easily.
sushii Jan 8
Are you there?
Mother, do you ever get cold or sad in that little house all alone?
Do you ever wonder what could have been?
Do you miss your old friends?
Mother, are you missing me right now?
Is it hard without Father?
Will you be okay?
Mother, are you singing about the tree again?

Mother, will you sing to me again?
sushii Jan 6
I swear I will do anything for you.
I don't care, as long as you don't leave me.
My blue-veined love for you always runs true...
You are the only one that sets me free.
I always love the smooth drum of your high...
Please, numb me until there is no regret.
You are there when I don't see a blue sky.
The needle is where my hopes will be set.
Oh, do you mind taking me to the edge?
It's a lonely ride, so would you come with?
We'll dangle our feet over the steep ledge...
Their tale of pain remains only a myth.
    I am asking you not to go away...
    Because with me is where you'll always stay.
A sonnet written in the Shakespearean rhyme scheme. I would also like to say that I do not encourage the behavior I describe in certain poems, I am simply writing about it. Remember to keep writing, and have a good day :)
sushii Jan 6
I wonder if you'll read my poetry one day, and reminisce upon all the good times we could have had. I's pointless to hold a grudge. Life would be simpler if I just moved on without anger. However, I do confess, I want to know one last thing--did you ever understand what I meant?
sushii Jan 6
You are poetry,

I am prose.

You would never understand me

if the occasion arose.
sushii Dec 2018
Let me ask--
what is worthy of being untitled?

What is the poem or story with so much meaning that it cannot be labeled?

Is my work worthy of being without a title?

Is this poem that meaningful?

Will a title spoil the emotion?


When we see something untitled, there always seems to be a reoccurring sense of intrigue surrounding it.

I wonder if you'll be intrigued when you read this.


If I filled this page up with hyphens and forward slashes, would it still be intriguing?

You could say yes, since there could be a secret meaning or code within the longer and shorter lines.

But what if I told you there was no meaning to any of this?

What if everything you're reading in this poem is nonsense?

Would there be any way to know?

You might argue that you could ask me.

But what if there is no answer?


Now I wonder why you're still interpreting these words.

I hold nothing against you...

I just don't see the point.
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