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sushii Dec 2019
and what is justice in the face of adversity?
what is confidence in the midst of cowardice?
what is fine and what makes your throat tight?

i do not know, for i am simply a poet
but i wish for someone to guide me
so that nobody hurts me
so that i
no longer cry...
sushii Dec 2019
admire the blankness:

now feel the loneliness.

welcome to my heart, dear girl
it is blackness and blankness
please, send someone quick
to fill it
sushii Dec 2019
spikes and chains
i enjoy the pain
frilly lace
and satin space

you’ve got quite a pretty face
especially when it twists into a scowl
when you put me in my place
sushii Nov 2019

Staring down at you
It never mattered
What does it do?
You never mattered

You don’t have a future
Maybe you should give up now
You should be more like her
Well, it’s too late right now

Buried in roses
I’d vanish happily
For once, I know this
The actions I do are all I am, sadly

I wish to wither
I wish to splinter
I wish to fade with the winter

Please, just look at me kindly

for once.
sushii Nov 2019
My nerves have failed me yet again.

My senses are overwhelmed again.

My body can’t handle what it’s taking

My diaphragm is twisting and turning.

                     I’m scared.
sushii Nov 2019
so empty
so dark
so scary
death is far
which is good
but now i am left with nothing
and no one
just empty

so empty.
sushii Nov 2019
i smile
but the man in the corner
begs to differ
so i cry
and he, in turn

the floor is cold
as i sit naked on it
knees to my chest
crying, weeping for days

and the voices get closer
and it comes to a ******
and then i take my medication
and go to work

no more noise
no more men
i brought her home
but forgot my medication

i slipped up again
i answered their question aloud
she ran
i never wanted to scare her
i just wanted to love her
but she ran like all the rest

i stared at the door
and i saw him flash in the corner
i turn
but he is nowhere

so i beg them to come back
but there is silence
and nothing more
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