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Payal Dhiman Jul 2020
Pink lips, trembling heart
The blooming face, with fragile beauty
You are my Sakura and every minute with you is Hanami
Hanami is a Japanese custom in which people go out to watch and admire flowers blooming on Cherry tree. And Sakura stands for cherry blossom.
Eloisa May 2020
She hid away her colors in the frail,
fragrant flower petals.
Her radiance that once so bright,
forgotten and taken from your sight.
The long lost splendor,
the missed glorious moments.
Her brilliant wild joined the joyous,
unceasing winds.
🌸A Parting Gift🌸

"Hanafubuki" is the Japanese word that describes the beautiful moment when cherry blossom petals float down on the wind, like snowflakes in a blizzard.
“Hana” means flower and “fubuki”  means snow storm.
Eloisa Apr 2019
Your kisses felt as soft as the cherry blossoms,
as sweet as the smell of the grass and the woods,
as warm as the sunshine in April,
Yes, I truly love you and the beauty of spring!
~I miss you!
Eloisa Apr 2019
A quick change of weather brought me to stare outside the window
Standing near the porch, I was then surprised to see snow falling
Almost a month when cherry blossoms began to say hello
Here comes a chilling wind and a surprise snowfall in spring
Hearing its sound, a thread of sad memories began to flow
This pushed me back to the hour of pain, strain,  and self-blaming
Worried about the blossoms and  pretty wild flowers in the meadow,
I looked around and saw green grass and birds happily chirping
Oh! the woods smell sweet, snow becomes rains and the little stream flows
And everywhere I turn around, I see hope in everything
Plus who among us would not care, cherish and will not go
To admire a lovely tree where blossoms are hung with snow in spring
~A snowy day in spring!
Eloisa Apr 2019
Pink flow’rs, blushing cheeks
             A soft kiss to say goodbye
                            Just one perfect dance
Eloisa Mar 2019
She stood there naked almost all throughout the year
Enslaved by the chilling winds, captured by the gloom of winter
Though she never got tired of waiting for the sun to rouse from a lengthy sleep
Reaching up the clouds, she raised her tiny brittle arms and began to weep

I was a witness to her silent suppressed feeling and pain
But I was scared to show her that I also wallow in vain
Then I saw her yesterday with the warm breeze caressing her blushing cheeks
I just wished she felt my joy, the freedom from the frigid knot is indeed to celebrate

Her beauty now flourishes in her pink and silky gown
Her smile glitters and she glows like a princess with a gorgeous crimson crown
Again I am a witness to her glorious happiness and content
Though nervous of the ceremony that might soon begin to fade
Ceyhun Mahi Nov 2016
is what
these lovers
desire, not

— The End —