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Methmi Mandara Feb 2022
Why just one day for your lover
To take her among flowers in a rover
Limited for one day and be over

Chuckling couples with chilly chocolates
Red roses represents romance
Lips laid, long licks


Don't bound to the February Fourteenth
Make everyday as a quarantine
Alone with your valentine
For the Month of February
Methmi Mandara Dec 2021
'World Wide Handsome' you are making us smile
Gorgeous you are with all your style
A flying kisser you are for the violet wave
Making them full of crave

Boy, you are shining so far
From the car door you went to a star
Cheered by the purple crowd
"He is my son", your mama is proud

Defeat sapphire your eyes are
Losing fire your warmth pass
"ARMY!" your voice echoing in our ears
Fading all our pathos and fear
Happy Birthday Jin!
Methmi Mandara Oct 2021
In the purple ocean deep
You came to us serendipitously
Became a filter of our lives
Took a promise as "Love Yourself"
Seeing our universe from your smile
Gazing at your unique style
Cuter and sweeter than honeyed mochi
Or warmer than the sultry sun
The ability of your duality starts
By melting all the ARMYs hearts

You are the Prince of Busan Jiminah!
Wrote it for the BTS member, Park Jimin
Methmi Mandara Oct 2021
A box full of train tickets she saw
With her mother at the station door
She saw it belongs to the ticket man
And wanted to be as so
With a dream of a secret agent too
Ding ****, the desk is awesome
Open, Book out
Open, Book in
Open, Pencil out
"Lid it is, not a drawer" she wondered
The children learn the book
But she leans and look
Through the window to the virtuosos
Enjoys them sing and dance
Stays and stays or she'll miss the chance
"What are you doing"
"Where are you going"
She cries through the window
To the flying sparrow
"She is terrible,
******, out of control
Find a new school"
The teacher lets her out
Her mom finds a new school
For the girl, she knew it will be cool
A school in a train, is what she found
Of Sosaku Kobayashi, the greatest one
"Mom, new school is wonderful"
She was amazed and truthful
Chatted with Sosaku six hours
No one ever listened so much
"Something from ocean"
"Something from land"
It was and interesting lunch
of crunch
Once her little purse
Fell to a toilet pit as a curse
Dig the pit until she found
More value was it that dozens of pound
In the summer, perfect for a swim
Cool to be in the pool
No swimming suits were at all
Girls and boys, naked no rules!
One sided love to Tai-chan
Dreamed of being his bride forever as the sun
Seven years old girl was fallen in love
Love is a sacrifice, she taught to bow
A rejected girl from a school of nerds
'Tomo' made her a free bird
Testsuko Kuroyanagi she is
Who won the world, a role model
Based on the Japanese biography, "The Girl at the Window"
Methmi Mandara Sep 2021
Autumn came with wind
Removed the leaves from trees speed
An orange pumpkin
Methmi Mandara Sep 2021
Sakura in spring
fell from the tall tree so high
It was chopped and trampled
Methmi Mandara Sep 2021
A prince from the heaven
Who was Fallen to Busan
Melting worldwide heart
With your magical arts

A nightingaleous voice
Taking us to our utopia
A bunny smile
To make our euphoria
Wrote this for the birthday of the BTS member, Jeon Jungkook
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