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the undiscovered petals of the cryptic stemless magnolia
scattering in the effervescent breeze
just like our bodies assemble and deconstruct
at irregular intervals we perpetually yearn for breath
wich may instill in us the desire to dream a dream within a dream
as dusk shapes itself gently into dawn like weaving poetry
we heave and shudder beneath the unspeakable intricacies of the mocking skies
interlaced with ancient stars and sacred light
deep in the darkness they exchange secret ciphers with hermetic lips far-flung
unlike your own as we speak in hidden tongues
we may never unravel the singularity
behind their riven frequency
in perfect metric form
even shouldst we prevail upon the dark with our will to power
the endless listlesness of our immortal coils
will in time reveal to us the sublime putrefaction
and we will no longer hear the music of the stars
and every lavish note wich passed us by
will haunt and torment us til dark becomes darker still
though i am but a shadow my love strook pure and true
for i wept at your side throughout the anguish of your life
and i gently persuaded the moonlight to bathe you while you slept
its gentle beams flowed through the gaps in the autumn leaves
falling lifeless and withered from the earthly pillars of life
twixt your bedroom window
a thousand-and-one umbral nights may pass
but the imprint of your countenance engraved upon my heart
like ancient secret hieroglyphs dying to be cast like spells
loud and ardently into the twisting narrow dark
so that our eldritch love may manifest
in the ultraviolet of my heart
often do i think about that day when we first met
on that strange and alien shore
nothing but the silence and illusions faint
of battleships battered and broken
beyond the hazy light in your eyes
we walked along its pale and desolate banks
hand in hand like young wild things do
entranced by the shapes of the strangest seashells
our bare feet oblivious in regards
to the ephemeral depressions of the pathways we crossed
in the wet and cold crystallized sand
white, glittering and gleaming
in the fading misty morning
we may have made love that following night
but we are no longer here to remember anyway
if there exists another plane somewhere beyond
i hope to retrace our steps there once more
and fall in love again and again forevermore
our broken aetherial astral boats
that once crossed some otherworldly stream
may cross oneanother yet again in a dream
all the variations of myself
they live beside me and within
they yearn for breath
they yearn for touch
phantom desires, phantom dreams
all these writhing ghosts i made
through a life unfulfilled
i gave them each a crafted star
fashioned from my broken heart
now i suffer with a plethora of spectral winds
this one blow this way
and that one blows that way
i don't know wich way to go
my imagination burst through my body
and forcibly prevails upon the world
this one wants to be a dancer
this one wants to be a girl
this one wants to be an addict
but i just want to be loved
one thousand and one sepulchre's
each containing a piece of myself
sustains these twisted variants
that i myself have made
sometimes i try to fulfill wishes that are not even my own...
i am a wandering comet
a long forgotten star
drifting listlessly through
some eldritch darkness

the stuff that dreams are made of
sustains my formless husk
as i drift and drift and drift and drift
towards that wyrd and faint light

i want you to call my name
i want you to say it!
even if those words did expell
from those lips that i long to kiss
i would not know...
the void pilfers greedily all sound
no matter how powerfull the meaning behind them

there are endless stars and planets
in this symposium of emptiness
one day i will crash somewhere
and, it might not be on your planet...
it might not be where you are

will i live for eternity alone?
searching fervently in vain
through ancient smog and blackest rain
that melts my mortal coil
and tears away at my lungs

until i am truly but a husk
a vestigial being, devoid of light
call for me
i am drifting away
made to accompany  a piece of music i wrote...

please listen :)
what a beautiful ruined world
if i seal these mortal instruments,
render binairy apertures of flesh unmade
your prescence like a tempestuous fever inside
'neath this mockingly empty starless sky
you are an apparition, and an agony boundless
i am your stalwart sepulchre
so prevail upon me thine anguish
and torment me from within mine own shell
for a thousand moons i have stalked
through a hundred and one nights
a gaunt, dark and wild aberrant
looking for a single star in a chasm of earth
but my memories, shattered into eldritch geometries
will not converge upon themselves, and i know not your face
but my heart knows your heart
so i will brave onwards...
we we're made when this world was made
for a million aeons we watched it's countless civilizations grow and bloom
and inextricably wither
and now, at the end of all time, we wander listlessly as aching wraiths through it's strange and wild precipice
to percieve, in apathy as the unspeakable beauty of mortal art crumble and transmogrify as dust and smoke, is an agony that would shatter the heart of the universe, if infinite darkness had a heart...
the beautiful cities and lights and words and stories
all gone
all turned into ephemeral embers, flickering in vain as they die in a sea of ash
the ash of a thousand burning souls
longing for the warmth of another
and now, they are all gone
no bones remain
but our love is eternal
i have traversed the ruins of an ancient cities
i drifted past the forbidden palace in the east
through Dubai, and a strange drowned metropolis
i looked for you in the deep dark of the dying Moscow
were the fires still fall as rain
and the silence is only abruptly put to rest by the shrieks of mad ravens
i went on to St. Petersburg, i know you loved it so, but i saw no traces of you
i thought i glimpsed a shadow of you through the fog in the remains of London
where are you?
no matter where you are in this ruined world
i will find you
do you remember?
we sat by the shore
drunk on moonlight
and bitter starlight

we stumbled in the wet sand
collecting strange seashells
and i wept at the terrible sight
of the end of the world

cheap wine burning inside
veins both young and old
our bicycles laid in the tall grass
like ancient metall lovers dead

i counted a thousand stars
not in the midnight sky
but in your hidden eyes
you counted thirteen battleships
inside my heart

and thus we made love
like foolish wild things do
on a beach with strange seashells
and we wept at the terrible sight
of the end of the world
Once upon a time i fell in love
he didn't want her to know
about the bodies he stole at night
the lights he took from others
absorbed and snuffed out with his lust
the kisses he gave to cold strangers
and the listless caress he secretly yearned for
he loved her true, but inside he was empty
an inverted soul
desperately gasping for air

she knew so much more than she wanted
she saw him in her minds eye
stealing into the dark
devouring even the starlight
laying in the deep ground
with the cold people of the earth
but her heart shattered long ago
now she was only waiting
for the calamity in the sky
to kiss her homeworld
and make it rain fire

but he came home before the end
just in time for the sky to disintegrate
in time for one last truthfull embrace
two lovers in vestigial embrace
'neath a black sky
vomiting ash and dying birds
no prescence but the silence
no color but the red and the black
no life left in the universe
gaunt creature that wounds with bitter prose

it is thee, the 13th wraith of wich i speaketh to

no exorcism may deprive thee of thy demons

thine hatred is a monstrous behemoth

and thou art the architect of thine own madness

i have given thee songs and music

to accompany thine addictions

thou art fire and fire blackens

i am murky waters and thou drownest in mine dephts

i shouldst have let thee drown, but i loved thine timid soul

our boats have parted forevermore

you sit by some shore, praying to thine vaporous goddess

i am some secret ocean, you cannot dream to fathom
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