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Jan 11
Beneath the blossoms of Sakura's grace,
Where petals dance in a delicate embrace,
I found myself under nature's sweet spree,
A moment that sparked a love so free.

Amidst the cherry blossoms, pink and white,
Our hearts entwined in the soft twilight,
Whispers of love, like a gentle breeze,
Caressed our souls under blooming trees.

In the garden of dreams, where passion sowed,
Love flourished, a tender seedling that glowed,
Underneath the petals, where dreams took flight,
Illuminated by the soft, ethereal light.

You, my dear, were the essence of spring,
A melody that made my heart sing,
Blossoms fell around us like confetti,
As we embraced the beauty of love's decree.

Through the open window, love wafted in,
Like the fragrance of flowers on the wind,
Inside my house, a garden of emotion,
Blossoming love, a sweet devotion.

Your laughter echoed like a songbird's call,
In the sanctuary of our love-filled hall,
As Sakura's magic touched our abode,
The walls whispered tales of a love bestowed.

So, under the Sakura, our love did bloom,
A vibrant tapestry in nature's grand room,
I ask you now, with a heart sincere,
Will you be my spring, year after year?

For as the blossoms fade and seasons turn,
Our love, like Sakura, will forever burn,
A timeless dance in the garden of fate,
Where our hearts entwine, in love's estate.
Written by
leeaaun  22/F/Pakistan
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