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Haruhi Dec 2017
They don't know.
They don't feel.
I wish I knew.
I wish I couldn't.
Your eyes are weary.
Your heart is a deep maroon
it's still trying to stay up.
Using the bare minimum to sustain itself.
They can't help.
You can't help.
You need help.
You can't find it.
The Girl in the Mirror.
Haruhi Jan 2017
Abandoned, left for self-determination.
Betrayed, sacrificed to inner demons.
Obliterated, a mind shattered beyond recognition.
Misheard, a brutal display of unspoken needs.
Iridescent, veiled feelings in one’s mind.
Nocturnal, midnights are the coldest.
Afterlife, we all get two.
Bent, once admired.
Lies, questionable.
Exasperated, done.
Haruhi Oct 2016
She is a Writer.
She writes of things that help others.
She writes for freedom.
She writes for fun.
Her style is unique in it's own right.
Her pens all drained.
Her thoughts expressed.
Not by violence.
Nor by explosion of the voice.
Just by paper, through pen.
She writes for friends.
She writes from life.
She writes for anyone who stops by.
She is a Writer.
An idea not at all new, but still as rare as ever.
Haruhi Sep 2016
I'm malleable, new dough.
I'm stained, old clothes.
I'm tainted, old soul.
I'm crashing, my life.
I'm thriving, my mind.
I'm something, nothing.
I'm safe, unfold the debate.
I'm happy, let the tears flow.
I'm grateful, surely this you know.
I'm disrespectful, to me we see different sides.
I'm thankful, soon we will all die.
Haruhi Sep 2016
Ahead of me are storm clouds gathering.
Gathering violently.
I can't escape this each time.
My time to leave.
My time to run,
I'm sorry I just can't outrun it this time.
But in the nic of time,
I get swept up.
There's no way to get out of it now.
These storm clouds are of a different variety.
Ones full of different emotions.
Ones full of hate.
No matter how hard you try,
You can't outrun family.
Haruhi Aug 2016
At night I dream of hugging you.
Kissing you gently.
Keeping you warm during winter.
Dressing up lazily during the summer.
Laughing through the day.
Taking care of one another through our darkest days.

You're my aspirin.
My bottle of *****.
I get drunk off of your body.

You're a candle on fire.
You're the sway of the ocean.
A beautiful masterpiece.
When I wake up and you're not beside me.
I start to think out loud.

"This is because of society."
Nothing is wrong with this.
I only wish to cuddle you.
Make sure you feel loved.

I need you to know I care, that I would never leave you.

You're so cute when you have that messy hair....

You're the love of my life!
People are far too rude when it comes to these things.
No one even stops to think.....
If you can love a boy.
Then why can't I love one too?
It's wrong to hate on people just because they love someone.
Haruhi Aug 2016
When can I reach you?
A separate land.
A place unknown to our universe.
When can I feel you?
Your sweet embrace.
The tender feel of your hair.
When can we meet?
A longing; forgotten by man, unrivaled by lust.
When can we kiss?
The kind images projecting into my eye.
The stories I make in my mind.
When can I stop?
The barriers, walls separating our two kinds.
You are nothing but an image on a screen...
Yet you mean so much to me.
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