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Poolza Sep 6
I just want to go to sleep
But my mother weeps
So I guess I'm not sleeping
Poolza Sep 6
She's down and about
Walking the same path
Everything seems new

But She's seen it all before
She knows her way around
But She still gets lost
Hoping to be found

She makes it out alive
She's happy to survive
But she walks into the forest again
A poem about getting lost in the mall (jk)
Poolza Sep 6
That lipstick
Rosy Red

That Foundation
Not match that neck

That Eyeshadow

That makeup be whack

Jaiymez Sharls queen
Poolza Sep 5
China is short for Chinatown
Poolza Sep 4
You owe me kiss kiss smooch smooch smoochie
Poolza Aug 28
Hey there cutie
You owe me a smoochie
Poolza Aug 23
It's sharp like a needle
It pierces our eyes
blinding us from seeing the truth

It makes us hopeful
for the impossible
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