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Poolza Apr 2021
Lying to me like it's nothing
But I know who you are

I see through your lies
No more deception

You're nothing more than Walmart bag memez
Poolza Sep 2020
He just left me there
Standing Alone in the Rain

Like Pond Snails
Crying in the saucpan.
Poolza Sep 2020
There is a bright side
to being broken and hurt

Without all the pain
One wouldn't be able to express anything
to the world

Through Poetry
Poolza Aug 2020
I smell a familiar smell
when I'm with you

I feel my heart jump a little
when I'm with you

I don't hear the voices in my head
when I'm with you

I taste a portion of paradise
when I'm with you

I can see my future
when I'm with you

I'm alive
when I'm with you
Poolza Aug 2020
I lie awake in the shadow

Then it struck me like thunder
That I have awoken 6 feet under
Poolza Aug 2020
You think I'm talking to you?

I ain't tryna talk to your
Poolza Aug 2020
The blind speaks words of wisdom
but the deaf cannot hear

The deaf asks the man a question
but the mute cannot speak

The mute signs to the blind
but the blind cannot see.
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