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god i hate you
just one look
and i melt like  butter
to your
hot steel knife gaze
you are my
red rose sky
after the rain
i have found that delicate balance
after all these years
the even keel , the north star
as it were
that exchange of surrender
going on to do more damage
to myself
no, by no means am i giving in
to being old
but a more convenient
outlet of my desire
it exists
yes in all it being
i have found love
can i take off this mask now
the one i have worn
    for so long
its the one i found
when i was alone
then, it was new
nobody knew yet
the rotting flesh of truth
existed beneath all the lies
how i wanted to be gentle
but the mask
demands its dues
i am through paying
   i am an artist
did i ever tell you
  you saved me
from myself
did i ever tell you
  i will never be the same
did i ever tell you
   the day i saw your face
it was through the portals
  of my soul
and i wished i could have seen you
with a hundred eyes
  did i ever tell you
that knowing you has
brought the mercy of God
upon a humbled heart
and the house of love
has opened its doors
and its fragrance follows me
all the days of my life
you are my
red rose sky
after the rain
i wish you could see your face
eyes rolling in ******* ecstasy
lips wet with words
i will never understand
   i am tasting
all your passion
watching your delicate hands
grabbing sheet
with the strength of steel
    and now
the planets align for you
   and now
if only
   you were mine
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