With you, always in my dreams,
You and me standing, at the edge of a
bamboo forest,

Listening to the sounds of a thousand
flutes, as the wind blows softly,
singing a lullaby at sunrise,
carrying soft memories, from a distant land.

As the sun rises, I look around.
Where have you gone, my dream?
Have you gone home to where fantasies live?

A sad but beautiful place,
of snow-capped mountains
and fields of golden grain,

Where rainbows shine, all day,
And thunder sounds, all night?

A place where you dream of you and me
standing tall at the edge of a blue ocean, looking west
with ocean waves singing a loving lullaby, as the sun sets…

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Trail of the Angels - Bamboo Flute Chinese Music ( Xiao )https://youtu.be/ABOxTtxJxNw

Eight cups of coffee,
A long night, waiting for love to come home again...
A cold moon is looking down on a bitter Soul,
Dust bunnies are making love in the moonlight.

Always waiting, never seeing you,
Bitterly cold, lonely nights, looking for your ghost at the
bottom of every empty cup,
Painting love poems with bittersweet, coffee grounds.

Still looking back,
asking, when will you come home?
Looking at a closed door,

Should I remain here waiting, with an empty heart?

Still unable to forget you,
can't leave this place,
eyes are always searching, cannot see past my broken heart.

Or move on,

Opening, a closed door to a new life and new dreams,
filling my heart with new love, new hope,
and say goodbye to my lost love, forever...

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Soundcloud poetry recitation

Spending my whole life, looking down,
with tears falling on God's acre,

Hoping flowers would grow,
never seeing roses bloom.

Never realizing,
you left this place long ago.

Until that fateful day,
God gave me the gift,
to see a short glimpse of Heaven
with you standing there with Angel wings.

Your love, waiting for me in Heaven.

Today I look up at Heaven's stars,
sharing your love with others,
through words and pictures, every day.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Looking Up (text to speech)

Beneath a crescent moon,
flows a curved river,
where I stand, looking at reflections from Heaven.

Under the night sky,
stands a lonely person,

Amidst my dreams,
I follow the stream,
gathering memories,

All my life,
looking for you,
you who touched my Soul long ago.

Fate has sent me,
on a long journey to find you,
It's my destiny to meet you
once again at river's end.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

The Classic OST

Traveling, the long dark roads
every long night,
to faraway memories…

Looking for the woman,
I adore, lives in
distant thoughts…

Seeking her Soul,
looking up,
at the heavens,

Asking her with words,
from deep within my heart
to come to earth from paradise,

"Please, spend a loving night with me, my Angel."

Opening up my Soul,

Asking her; the love I miss so very much.
Please end my pain, wrap your wings around me,
and bring my Soul home, with the magic of your love and beauty.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Looking for Her (text to speech)

Seeing the first snow,
With each flake falling,
A warm memory from my sweet Angel melts my heart.

Brushing the snow from her hair,
Kissing the lonely crystal on her nose,
Ice crystals are sparkling on her lips.

Holding her in my arms,
Warming our Souls,
Never being cold in life.

The snow covering the world in white,
Brings back memories of you,
My beautiful Angel in Heaven, dressed in white.

I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved

First Snow (text to speech)
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2017

You covered in a veil of white,
You and me dancing,
on clouds of love.

A dream that would not come true,
God took you away from me too soon.
Still missing you every day,

Living a long life of loneliness,
Only having love replaced.
by dreams of a distant time and beautiful place.

Looking behind the veil of time,

Living with you,
in the Kingdom of Joseon.
Is my only dream these days,

Hoping every day,
God brings me home,
to you and love.

To be together with you for all of eternity,
is my only dream,

And this time praying God allows me to marry you.
I love you; I miss you, every day.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved

Lim Sun Hae  - Will Be Back FMV (Moon Lovers OST Part 9)[Eng Sub]https://youtu.be/sXgtRtn-izs
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