I'm on this side,
You're on the other,

Dreams of life and love rush by,

You are my beginning,
You are my ending.

I dream of you and wander through life,
Searching ways to touch you,

I lost my way,
I remember you clearly,

Asking for blessings,
Please, God, show me the way on life's journey,
To walk together with love once again.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Lyn - Song for love (English version) Lyrics

The story of a kind, loving mother, and a good friend.

On a beautiful sunny spring morning.
I met an island princess living far to the east.
The place where sunrises are born and cherry blossoms shine.

Her eyes were sparkling with kindness and trust,
a new friendship that would last forever was born.

Looking into her eyes seeing a bright sparkle, brighter than the sunshine.

Even back then I saw new life in her eyes,
I knew a beautiful Soul was waiting in Heaven to come to earth.
Never knew God was about to send her a daughter of beauty.

She is my good friend.
She is a kind friend.

She is the most tender loving mother.

She is my dear friend, my kind, friend, a loving mother.

She shines brightly every day. Even on the rainy days, she cries with love and kindness.

She is the brightest star in Seoul who kisses an Angel, her daughter every day.

She hugs her daughter with love and patience.

She is my dear friend, and she is beautiful, amazing,
and lights up the world with sunshine every day.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved

Like blue ice in August,
Blue roses glowing in the moonlight,

Always look twice at,
Such impossible beauty.

Like two old friends walking on an empty street,
A full moon shining,
Having no words to say, tears falling like cold rain,

Until, both turn to each other,
Looking twice into each other's eyes,
Saying, I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved

BEAUTIFUL (Goblin OST) - Crush (English Version Cover by Kristel Fulgar)

Eleven thousand kilometers apart,
A thousand years separating their Souls,
Lovers are waiting to hold each other in their arms,

Looking at dusk waiting for dawn,
As loneliness traps their hearts,
Remembering cold, snowy winters,

Holding each other tight, two Souls with one heart,
Dreaming of cherry blossoms,
Falling asleep in the springtime,

Can never forget to love.
Their hearts open to capture dreams,
From across a vast ocean of loneliness.

Dreams that leave them at the first light each day,
That leaves them,
With only emptiness and pain.

Living in this earthly place,
Unable to fly into each other's arms,
Two Souls are missing their lovers from across an ocean of time.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

SoundCloud Poetry Recital

I believe you live in my past,
You and me floating on a rippling lake,
A warm summer breeze caressing our bare feet,
Surrounded by a mirror reflecting stars.

A long way, from today,
A long time, dreaming,
A long time, waiting,
To touch love once again.

Looking up each night at the heavens,
Struggling to see your spirit,
Looking for a bridge across time and space to your heart,

Seeing fiery stars,
Flying through space and time,
Messengers carrying memories,

Wondering if they are sending prayers to me,
From a thousand years past,

Never giving up hope,
Looking for your Soul,
In this time and place.

Seeing a ghost behind every cloud,

I raise my hands to the stars each night,
Praying my final destination is kneeling,
Before your Soul,

Floating on a silver lake,
Hearing the laughter,
From our children playing in the sunshine.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Lake Poem Recital

My dear love,
Don't' cry,
Everything I gave you, can never be taken away.

Hush now,
Be happy,
Our Souls touched,

An impossibility that only fate would know,
That two hearts needed to meet and lift each other up,
After falling so far.

The things I gave you will remain with you forever,
They will never be retaken,
My love will be with you forever.

I only wish I could give you more of my heart,
To carry with you after I'm gone,
Stay strong my princess.

And when we're apart,
I will hold tight,
The treasure of our last kiss goodbye.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Lovers - it's not goodbye

Morning summer sun,
Shining on a cold, empty bed,
A lonely day comes again.

Every day is the same,
Missing waking up in your arms.

A cold light shining on my Soul,
It seems happiness only comes when falling asleep,

Traveling to our past,
And dreaming of happy sunny summer days,
Both of us sleeping together in our warm, loving bed.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Kei [Lovelyz] - Star and Sun ) FMV (Ruler: Master of The Mask OST Part 4)[Eng sub+Han+Rom]
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