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Ronald J Chapman Sep 2018
A bright night, the moon is full,
Looking at you; an Angel standing next to me.
Seeing our bright-dreams, reflected in your dark-eyes,

Your smile bringing hope into my life,

Dreaming of our days to come,
Days as bright as the morning sun.
Days as dark as storm clouds with love always chasing away the rain.

Standing here, holding on tight  to each other's Souls,
Our love overcoming all,
Feeling the winds of  fate, pushing us closer,

No power in the universe will ever separate our Souls,
We will always be forever one,

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
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Ronald J Chapman Sep 2018
See the kissing Prince,
True love at first glance.
A queen so bright, she shines like the sunshine.

Kneeling before his lover,
Under a dark starry cover.
Holding a thorny red-rose, near his beating heart, a gift like no other,

Please marry me.

She is but a Queen; not looking for diamonds or gold,
She is a beautiful spirit; only wishing for true love,
Admired by all, yet alone, longing for love,

Her heart belongs to,
Only one man, Her lover holding a rose with tears in his hand,
She needs no excuses; true love at first glance,

She's not alone anymore,
As hope, is born,
To a barren land.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
A Gift Like No Other text to speech recitation
Ronald J Chapman Sep 2018
A lonely September morning,
Summer has not quite ended,
Feeling the cold rains of fall on my face,

Sad tears falling, looking  around,
She isn't here.
To wipe away the rain,

My warm sunshine,
Who made the flowers grow, mending my heart,
With a smile, seen around the world,

Together we kissed one last time,
As the blossoms fell asleep,
Under a carpet of many colors,

She grew tired,
Fell asleep,
She flew away on Angel wings.

Our thoughts became dreams,

Waiting for her ghost,
To visit me, every year,
Beneath cherry blossom trees, in the springtime.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Waiting for Her Ghost love poem text to speech
Ronald J Chapman Sep 2018
Your heart glimmering…
With warm sunshine,
Sparkles and blue sky in your eyes,

Turning darkness into light,
And sadness into joy,

Walking along life's path,
Hoping time moves slowly…
When I'm with you,

A life filled with blue skies, sunshine, and roses,
Seeing happiness in front of my eyes,
Beauty in front of me is my only wish always,

Happy-sunshine warming,
My Soul,
I love you.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Sunshine love poem text to speech
Ronald J Chapman Aug 2018
Walking along a warm sandy beach,
Seeing a beautiful sunset in your eyes,
A fiery Seoul; enthusiastic flames burning in your heart,

Holding your warm hand,
Seeing you smile,
Dancing in the ocean waves; Laughing without a care,

Singing to guitar strings;
Floating in yesterday's memories,
Brightening my life,

Warming my heart,
Lifting me up,
With a Soul brighter than any sunrise.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Bright Soul love poem (text to speech) recitation
Ronald J Chapman Aug 2018
Falling asleep... on a warm seaside beach,  
Sun caressing my face,
Rippling waves singing me a lullaby to sleep,

A beautiful nymph, swimming;
Her golden hair sparkling with diamonds; under a starry sky,
Tickling my Soul with her smile,
Playing hide-and-seek; swimming through ocean waves,

Looking into her shimmering eyes,
Hypnotic sparkles,
Passing into an island of memories,

Sleeping on a sandy beach,
Waking under a misty-ocean sky,
Next to the love of my life,

Seeing her shining hair,
An inspiration, a seductive smile,
Making my life worth living again.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Enticing Dream love poem (text to speech)
Ronald J Chapman Aug 2018
Missing you all day,
Dreaming of golden sunsets,
Can't wait for the warm summer nights to come,

Looking at the heavens,
Following a river of stars,
Flowing with the tears of two lovers,

Two longing lovers,
Separated by time and space,
Lovers lost among the stars,

So many stars separate their hearts,
I don't like standing here alone,
Every star, falling from the sky, is a tear from my crying heart,

Thank you for your love again,
For granting me one beautiful wish,
On that special day,

A dream that has lasted a lifetime,
Standing here alone; under a river of stars,
Contemplating, the possibilities of creation,

I believe we will be together, again,
Holding each other close, dancing beneath the stars,
On warm summer nights...

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
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